Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew: Tough Beds for Tough Chewers!

If you are searching on the market for a new dog bed yet again, you must be becoming frustrated. You have probably purchased numerous beds for your dog or puppy only to have them destroyed after a few days or even under a few minutes. You are now resolved that it is time to get an indestructible best dog bed for dogs that chew. It will last more than just several months.

But since there are numerous products available, you may be wondering which is the perfect one to invest in. To help you, we have come up with this guide to help you know the market’s best choices.

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Things to consider while searching for a dog bed that is chew proof

Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew

Top materials

For an indestructible dog bed that is truly chew-proof, you will require materials that will last your dog through several life stages. It is ideal if this bed will withstand the chewing phase of your dog and into the future. In this case, polyester coverings with subpar stitching are not likely to last very long. What you will be needing are hardy materials such as polyethylene plastic as well as waterproof nylon rubber and steel. These materials are likely to withstand wear and tear over time. Firm fabrics that are strong such as velvet can work optimally too.

Do your dogs find it fun to chew a bed?

How satisfying would it be for you to chew on the steel as compared to a bed that is soft and comfortable made of foam?

In some cases, taste preventions are used many times to stop a dog from chewing destructively. The same aspects can be applied to the comfort of chewing on objects such as a bed.

The materials utilized in the lining and exterior can be enticing for dogs to chew. In many cases, the softer the bed, the likelier your pup will try to dig their fangs in it. Because of this, orthopedic dog beds which utilize memory foam mattresses are not perfect for this reason.

However, it is not to say that only beds with hard surfaces are best for dogs to chew. You will see in the reviews that you can also have soft options as well. Some soft dog beds have tough stitching or a waterproof exterior that can protect the mattress that is placed underneath. This makes sure that even if your dog does try to chew on their beds and destroy it, it will never damage its integrity.

Will the bed be suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Of course, this fact will entirely be contingent on the main function of the bed you are searching for. If you just want a soft and comfortable spot for your dog to lay its head on while you’re at home, then you must not look for water-resistant properties. It may not be so important. However, if you are frequently camping and need a more flexible and versatile bed, it is worth searching for a dog bed that is waterproof.

A buying guide for dog beds that are indestructible

Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew

Finding the optimum chew-proof dog bed can help mitigate your dog’s destructive habits while also saving you a few dollars on replacements in the long term. The following is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the market and purchase the best dog bed for dogs that chew.

Why do dogs chew on their beds? Top reasons

If you find yourself constantly replacing your dogs’ beds far too often, it is critical to figure out why they are chewing on their beds. There are several typical reasons your dog might be exhibiting destructive behavior.

Lack of stimulation

When a dog is feeling bored or has too much energy inside, they will feel that they will need a way to raise the stats buildup of energy. Because of this, as a dog owner, you must ensure that your dog is receiving the optimal amount of physical as well as cognitive exercise to mitigate boredom. It will lead to less destructive behavior.


Keep in mind that if you are not providing your dog food on a regular schedule, they will feel that they aren’t fed enough. You might find that your dog will try to eat everything because of this. Try to consult with your vet to make sure your dog is getting sufficient amounts of food for its weight and size.

Stress and anxiety

It is typical for anxious dogs to chew as a way to soothe their nerves. If you think that your dog’s joints habits are a result of stress, it is critical to figure out the cause to minimize any triggers.

Teething phase

The initial phase of the puppy life your dog will go through is the teething pace. The chewing sensation helps relieve the pressure they are feeling in their gums. To mitigate this, introduce them to chew toys or treats to sidetrack them away from destroying their beds.

Lack of sufficient training

Don’t be hassled if your dog isn’t fully trained. It is possible for them to work on general commands that can help improve your relationship with them and improve your dog’s confidence, which will result in less destructive behavior.

Several benefits to purchasing an indestructible dog 

Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew


When they rip up the material of their dog bed, your dog might take the opportunity to eat the stuffing inside. They also will be chewing on the zippers. They might also bite into hard pieces of plastic. A bed that is indestructible makes sure that your dog won’t swallow these materials.

No mess

With an indestructible bed, you will not be coming home to a mess of fluff tossed around your living space. Indestructible dog beds remain firm and intact even with the strongest chewing and digging.

It is more affordable in the long run

The materials utilized to make indestructible dog beds are costlier than other fabrics. However, it would help if you looked into the purchase as a form of investment.

Several things to look for when purchasing a bed


The most critical factor to consider is the dog bed’s durability. It needs to be able to endure destruction. It must also be able to endure the brutal force your dog decides to subjugate it. Regardless if your dog is a scratcher or chewer, you will need to purchase a dog bed made of tough materials that can stand up to your dog’s need to destroy.

High-quality construction

If your desire is to have your dog’s bed last over the next few months and even years, it is critical to purchase a sturdy bed made of high-quality materials and fabric. Never opt for a cheap dog bed with slightly subpar quality. If it cannot handle your dog’s wear and tear, you’re going to find yourself purchasing a fresh new bed every few weeks or so.


Depending on the dog bed style, you want to choose one designed with a thick material. It is typical for dogs that like to chew to tear up their beds. Because of this, you need a bed with a durable protective layer that is difficult to penetrate and chew on.

Chew proof guarantee

If a dog is advertised as indestructible, it must come with a chew-proof warranty. Make sure you purchase a dog bed that guarantees its integrity and provides customer support should the bed get torn and destroyed. A majority of warranties will cover a free replacement within a specified time or even provide a full refund.

Top 3 best dog bed for dogs that chew



Product Name: Memory Foam Bed for Dogs

Product Description: This best dog bed for dogs that chew is engineered with structured fabric, which is hard-wearing enough to stop the most voracious chewer. There is a perfect option for every chewer of every size. It is super comfortable that you might even want to lie on this amazing product and wish it had a people size counterpart. It is designed with a mix of memory foam as well as gel. This provides optimum comfort and support. It can yield awesome health benefits for your dog as well, such as soothing sleep and relief of body aches. The topping is also soft and waterproof and utilizes soft layers that give your pup’s sensitive area warmth, such as their paws and nose. Additionally, this bed is engineered with humans in mind. The plush fabric has the ability to hide dirt, fur, as well as hair. Accidents are easy to clean since it is waterproof and has a machine washable cover. It is one of the most durable and long-lasting beds available on the market. You can never go wrong with this purchase for your beloved dog.

Brand: Barkbox

Offer price: 44.99

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Availability: InStock

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Valid until: December 31, 2025

  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Comfort


This product is waterproof and machine washable. It addresses any accidents and keeps your doggy bed looking Spic and span as well as fresh and clean. Say no to messes. The zippered cover can slide off easily for convenient cleaning. Just toss everything in the wash, and it will look as good as new.


  • Waterproof and machine washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Relieves body aches


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Tough Bed for Canines

Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew

It may seem like a tough name for the best dog bed for dogs that chew. The back cover is made of seriously tough but rather cute ballistic patented fabric. The toughness of this material will mitigate persistent chewing. This product considered every tiny detail with this bed. This bed has reduced the exposed surface seams and utilizes a special type of stitching on every corner. The design is reinforced, making sure your dog’s new bed strong.

Additionally, this bed is super convenient. The foam mattresses are engineered to factor in optimum comfort as well as sleep quality. Additionally, the waterproof washable cover makes cleaning effortless.

This product is a virtually indestructible bed. It is designed for diggers, scratchers as well as nesting dogs. It utilizes durable ripstop on the covers, which are scratch-resistant, waterproof as well as dig proof. It has a comfortable design that can be removed and machine washed. It is effortless to clean.

This product is proudly made in the USA from non-toxic shredded foam mattresses made in safe facilities which provide optimal support and comfort for every dog size. This brand has exceeded not only in improving the quality of dog mattresses but made huge strides in improving the quality of sleep of dogs.

Ortho Bed for Dogs


This best dog bed for dogs that chew will surely transport your canine friend into cloud 9 with its fluffy pillow top. This product is specially designed to support the body of even the heaviest dogs. Additionally, this fluff is guaranteed not to flatten or turn into a flat bed over time.

It is made to withstand the most robust canine chewer. This product only utilizes fabrics that high on the standard of abrasiveness tests. This test measures a fabric’s ability to endure surface wear and tear.

In a clinical study conducted by experts, owners reported that this product was able to successfully mitigate the joint pain and stiffness of their dogs. It improved joint function as well as gait and improved nighttime restfulness in a huge dog suffering from arthritis.

In the study, the researchers try to examine if the bed can indeed mitigate pain and improve mobility in big dogs with arthritis. The researchers gave 40 dogs who are at least three years old and weighing more than 70 pounds this bed. They monitored the dog’s activity and their sleep and movement.

Final thoughts

You love your dog and want to give them the best accessories possible. But in many cases, your dogs might be destroying the stuff you give them through no fault of their own. Aside from training your dog to behave appropriately, it would help if you also gave them indestructible stuff. It is especially critical to purchase the toughest beds for them. You must choose the best dog bed for dogs to chew. Dog beds that are chew-proof have guaranteed indestructibility and often come with warranties making them great investments.

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