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Best Dog Nail Trimmer Review — OUR TOP 5!

It’s important to regularly groom your Border Collie. The fact that this type of dog breed has a thick double coat, it’s important for them to be groomed and brushed more often. Aside from that, pet owners should also trim their pooch’s nails. Although, most pet owners often neglect to trim their dog’s nails, but it’s really important. And it’s time for you to see the best dog nail trimmer review, so you can trim your dog’s nail.

That said, choosing the perfect tool for your dog is never an easy task. That’s why we have provided you the best dog nail trimmer product review. We have carefully researched and tested each of these products just to see its capability. So you don’t need to spend so many hours weighing options, because we already did just for you.

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Surprising benefits of trimming your dog’s nail

Almost most dog parents don’t trim the nails of their dogs because it can be nerve-wracking. Be that as it may, you still need to do it, but it’s a difficult grooming process that should be overcome by every dog parent who is struggling with it.

That said, there are surprising benefits when you are using a dog nail trimmer, and it can do more good than harm. Here are some of the benefits you need to know.

Dogs are happy when they have short nails

If your dog can talk, he will thank you enough because he has short nails. But as a way of thank you, he will love you even more. Dogs with short nails are likely to cause any pain and discomfort.

Because they are comfortable enough to run and play safe with you without any hindrance on their paws. And spending quality should be maximized. That’s why dogs are happy when they have short nails.

Keep your house intact

Maintaining your household’s beauty is never easy especially if you have a dog who has long nails. Long nails mean more chances of damaging your bedding, carpet, or furniture. When your dog is resting, there’s a tendency that he might rip your carpet or his bedding. You don’t want to replace his bedding with a new one because that will be extremely costly.

Instead, you need to make sure that your dog’s nails should be trimmed regularly. That way, your house will remain intact more particularly your valuable belongings. It’s inexpensive and more beneficial for both you and your dog.

Prevents infection

Long nails for dogs can be a pain for them literally and figuratively. Dogs with long nails can cause inflammation and break skin if it’s really overgrown. This can also become dangerous especially if they have the habit of scratching excessively. This may be the beginning of infection which can lead to disease and other health conditions.

You don’t want your dog to suffer from a serious disease or other health condition just because you didn’t trim their nails. Trimming nails is simple yet it’s powerful enough to prevent any health issues.

Less stress for you

The nail trimming process for dogs can be a long and tricky process and it’s hard to do. But it will be harder for you if you just let your dog have an overgrown nail, especially if you have a hyperactive or antsy dog. Dogs with erratic behavior will jump on you and will be completely overjoyed whenever he’s excited.

Of course, it will be stressful for you if your dog jumps over you with his long nails. But it can be stress relieving if your dog has trimmed nails

Quality nail trimmer works better

If you have a better quality nail trimmer, will cleanly cut your dog’s nail. That’s why we showcase our best dog nail trimmer review to make sure that what you are getting works best in trimming your dog’s nails.

Also, with the best nail clipper, you have the leverage to properly groom your dog’s nail with the right size, quality, and efficient performance of the product. Because it’s important that you have a decent, if not the best quality nail trimmer, so there will be no difficult task.

Also, professional groomers know best and they have the proper grooming supplies just to fit your dog’s needs.

Comfort While Walking

Dogs with an overgrown nail will probably have a hard time walking. It’s hard for them because overgrown nails start to curve inward this can be extremely uncomfortable even if it’s just a simple walk, what more if they run. Besides becoming uncomfortable for them, it can also inflict some serious wounds on them.

This can cause poor posture and injury for them. It will also lead to an awkward gait. Besides that, it will also put some pressure causing the joints and the muscles to strain. This will result in discomfort and will likely become unsteady on his feet.

Best Dog Nail Trimmer Review — Best of 5!

OUR TOP PICK: Safari Dog Nail Trimmer

Product Name: Safari Dog Nail Trimmer

Product Description: If you are an experienced or a professional in trimming dog nails, then you exactly know the capability of a Safari dog nail trimmer. We make this our number one spot because it's very affordable, it has a decent quality which really matches the pricier trimming tools. In addition to that, its overall performance will make your dog's nail cut neatly as if nothing happened, and the dog's parents are a testament to this. The blade is stainless steel, very sharp, and it's sturdy enough to last long for quite some time. If you happen to have a dog who is squirmy and doesn't want its nails to be cut, then the answer is the Safari nail trimmer. The handles are designed with padded rubber grips for your in-hand comfort. Works perfectly for all life stages. The product dimensions are 0.5 x 2.55 x 10.5 inches weighs about 1.6 ounces. It's lightweight and fit for your hand.

Brand: Safari

Offer price: 13.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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Valid until: December 31, 2025

  • Durability
  • Maneuverability
  • Value for Money


Overall, we choose this because it’s very affordable, safe, and the overall performance of this is very efficient. Added that professional groomers have been using this.

So, if ever you are going to consider this, it’s definitely worth your investment. We definitely love this and considered it the best dog nail trimmer in our review.


Very sharp and sturdy
Non-slip handle


None so far


GoPets Dog Nail Trimmer

The last thing you want with your dog is to damage their nails. Because it is extremely painful for them. Good thing that there’s a product that is specifically designed for the sake of the safety of your dog’s well-being.

Maybe your nail trimmer is dull and doesn’t have enough safety features to ensure a safe trimming process. What you will need is to go for the extra mile like considering this GoPets dog nail trimmer.

Made from premium quality 3.5mm thick stainless steel, the blades neatly cut and stay very sharp after a long time of usage.

Besides that, this offers a great design that greatly minimizes the risk of getting your pooch injured. Among the safety features includes a quick sensor, a safety guard which prevents overcutting, lock blades for safe storage.

Product dimensions are: 8 x 3.3 x 0.5 inches and weigh about 4 ounces. It’s relatively light which makes it more handy and effective to cut the nails.

Also, the added safety features make this a valuable tool for your grooming needs. That said, this is our second best dog nail trimmer in our review.

All in all, if you want something that will surely last, you can safely bet on this product. This is something you should have especially if you have multiple pets.

Resco Dog Nail Trimmer

Resco is among the best brand when it comes to nail clippers, and this manufacturer dates back to 1937. With those long years of running, you know that company has a high reputation and well received by the customers.

The nail clipper is guillotine style. Although be careful when using this. It’s ideal for experienced users of guillotine clippers.

Resco do nail trimmer is very sharp with micro honed blades making sure that your dog’s nail won’t shred or split, but will have clean-cut and polished nails.

Also, you don’t have to worry about getting a dull blade, because you can just easily relace this with Resco blade kit replacement.

The grip’s handle design works flawlessly because of the non-slip features allowing you to cut your dog’s nail neatly. The product dimension is 5 x 3.75 x 5 inches weighing 5.28 Ounces.

All in all, if you don’t know what brand to pick, and you are already experienced in trimming your pooch’s nail, you can safely start with this brand.

After all, this is among the highly reputable manufacturer because of the quality it offers and also with the amazing features it posses. This will do the job very well. That’s this is among the best dog nail trimmer in our review.

Zen Clipper Dog Nail Trimmer

Zen Clipper offers a valuable asset to your grooming needs. Carefully designed with blades that are adjustable which limits the nail being cut so that you can use this to other different dog breeds.

This is unique because of the adjustable feature. You don’t have to worry about getting your dog’s nail cut because it offers something that other nail clippers don’t

The adjustable nail clipping allows you to cut other pet’s nails. Also, this greatly reduces the risk of the dog’s nail being clipped.

Aside from that, Zen Clipper minimizes the danger of overcutting nails especially if your dog is sensitive. In addition, there will be no stress and even injury when using this because of the safety feature.

You don’t need a professional groomer when you can just safely trim your dog’s nail using this nail trimmer. This will be your ideal tool especially if you own multiple pets in your household.

The blades are very sharp and made from stainless steel blades. The handle is nonslip so you will get comfortable using this.

Product dimensions are: 9.5 x 7 x 0.75 inches weighing 5 ounces

Should you really buy it? We strongly recommend it given its overall design and features. Plus, it’s the one size fits all which you can greatly save money here. You will never regret buying this because it posses quality attributes that are able to last long.

Millers Forge Nail Trimmer

Last but not the least, Millers Forge offers great performance and overall experience. It looks like normal pliers but it’s absolutely more than that. This nail trimmer is easy to use and sturdy.

This is actually decent knowing that it’s produced by a surgical tool manufacturer, which you know what you are getting. Successfully trim your Border Collie’s nail with this amazing product.

The nail trimmer itself is stainless steel. Colored with orange making it pleasing to the eye.

An excellent tool to trim down your dog’s nail with its superior cutting power. Professional groomers and veterinarians strongly recommend this because of its superb capability.

The handle design works fantastic because it features non-slip rubber handles just to make your hand feel the comfort without slipping when you are about to trim your dog’s nail.

The overall design is simple yet powerful enough to cut clean, plus, this will also last long given its quality material.

Product dimensions are: 6.5 x 2 x 0.63 inches and weighs 4 ounces.

All in all, if you want your dog’s nails to be trimmed clean and safe, make sure you use the Millers Forge dog nail trimmer. It’s super affordable, the quality is decent, and it’s easy to grip allowing you to be extra careful. However, this nail clipper doesn’t have any sensor or quick stop.

Best Dog Nail Trimmer Review And Buying Guide

Before you go to the market or order from Amazon if your ideal nail trimmer, you need to look for some consideration first. After all, you want to choose the right tool for your dog without any difficulties. That said, if you really want the best nail trimmer, you will need to consider some factors first.

This is to ensure that you will narrow down your selection until you make up your mind. On that note, here are some of the main attributes that you need to look for when buying your nail trimmer.


A good nail trimmer is able to cut your dog’s nail very efficiently. Aside from that, it should feel very handy and comfortable. Also, the materials should be made from quality materials and it has great design and features. All parts must function correctly.

Most dog parents often buy the cheapest one. Even though it’s cheap, the most common problem with the inexpensive product is it’s poorly made.

Often the nail trimmer is not functioning well, besides that, it doesn’t last long which makes you buy a new one. This also makes you cost more. That’s why quality should be your utmost priority.


Although some people will take into consideration buying a nail trimmer without a safety guard as well the built-in locking mechanism, which allows for you to store for safety in the closed position. But, these features should be included if you want to have the best dog nail trimmer.

This allows you to prevent any injury for yourself and your dog whenever you are getting his nails trimmed. Because even the feeling of how safe it is to use can be a big factor for the ideal product.


How are you going to cut well if your dog nail trimmer is dull? Inferior blades often splinter or shred the nail rather than cutting it clean through. Although over time nail trimmers will inevitably become dull, one thing you need to look at is how sharp it is and how its sharpness will last long. As they say, “it is more dangerous to have a dull weapon compared to a sharper one.”

Handle design

Another thing you want to have in your dog nail trimmer is the handle design. Decent quality nail trimmers often have comfortable handles which makes it easy for you to cut your dog’s nail.

Go for the product where it features a nonslip grip. This is for added factors just to make sure you cut efficiently and clean. If you have sweaty hands, make sure to consider this attribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need nail clippers for dogs?

If you own a dog, make sure they get the best and utmost care. That means, give him an adequate diet, getting a scheduled check-up with the vets, and also grooming, specifically trimming your dog’s nails.

When it comes to trimming your dog’s nails, you should use nail clippers that are designed for dogs to painlessly trim their nails. You should avoid using human nail clippers on your pooch because it might damage their nails or cause any splinters or fractures.

How often should you cut your dog’s nails?

There’s no actually definitive answer. However, if you notice your dog’s nail reaches the ground and making a sound, then it’s time to groom your dog’s nails and trim them down.

Because if it left unnoticed, chances are there are many potential risks that may be involved. These risks are infection, strains, and others. So, you need to trim your dog’s nails when necessary.

Final Thoughts

No pet parent will say that trimming their pooch’s nails is easy. Each one of them must have gone through a difficult grooming process when it comes to trimming.

However, with our dog nail trimmer product review, your trimming process will have leverage because you have a great and powerful tool that can efficiently cut and nail your dog’s nail smoothly and without any pain.

That said, make sure you know what you are getting and hopefully, this comprehensive guide will make you choose the right dog nail trimmer for your dog.

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