Everything About Border Collie Pomeranian Mix

The decision to get the proper dog is crucial. Going after the right dog breed might incorporate an additional layer of difficulty. Fostering a crossbreed adds to the confusion.

Crossbreeds of “designer dogs” are becoming increasingly popular. Some people believe that crossing a herder Border Collie with a toy Pomeranian is a bad idea. But, discovering more about two purebreds that produced your future pet can provide useful information.

Read on to know more about the Border Collie Pomeranian hybrid and whether or not this designer breed is right for you.

What is a Border Collie?

The Border Collie is the canine top student. These hard workers, considered one of the brightest canine breeds, have a long list of extracurricular activities on their profile, including herding, running, and search-and-rescue. The Border Collie is the epitome of the phrase “keep working, play hard.”

They are high-energy workaholics who enjoy being busy. And, yeah, fetching counts. Border Collies thrive in a range of roles, yet being your canine buddy is the most important for them.

Border collie sitting outside

This average-sized dog is athletic and powerful, and he emanates power. Their almond-shaped eyes frequently have an ardent, expressive look. They have feathery tails that rise proudly when they are delighted or aroused. Moreover, their ears are just as communicative, frequently flipping between alert and semi-alert postures as they take in the area around them.

The Border collies have double-coated fur that is available in different hues such as red merle, merle, and blue merle. They also have multi-color and lilac colors that come in two types: rough or standard size coat and sleek or short coat.

What is Pomeranian?

Pomeranians are distinguishable by their lustrous thick layered coat and foxy face with vigilant, prick ears. The spongy tail coils up sometimes over the back, and the body is pretty straightforward. A large fur around the neck wraps up the appearance of a dog capable of surviving northern Germany’s snowfall. Pomeranians have a pronounced muzzle and a fairly rounded head.

Pomeranians are available in a wide range of colors. There is a close link of this dog with a deep red, but all shades of black, sable, white, and shades in between, including chocolate, are acceptable.

Pomeranian on a brisk walking

Pomeranians are often happy, outgoing dogs. These are energetic dogs who require regular activity, particularly if it is only a short walk everywhere around the block. Despite a tiny independent streak, they are highly clever and perform great in obedience competitions.

Pomeranians are frequently good alert and warning dogs, yet they can bark excessively. They get along well with youngsters, however, children should be aware that these are small dogs who are not as tough as larger breeds.

What is a Border Collie Pomeranian Mix?

A new designer furry buddy in town is the Border Collie Pomeranian mix. The creation of this cross is through mating an extraordinarily intelligent Border Collie with a lovely and compassionate Pomeranian.

Border Collie Pomeranian hybrid dogs are often known as Border Poms or Borderanians. The Border Collie Pomeranian cross is an outgoing, engaging, and compassionate family dog. This intelligent and willing-to-help breed is simple to train for both new and seasoned owners.

Border collie puppies

These puppies normally inherit their Border Collie parent’s exceptional cleverness and tremendous energy, while preserving the hardiness of the Pomeranian. However, Border Poms can bear too much after one breed or be a great blend of both parental breeds, so there’s no way of knowing how your puppy will look or act. It is interesting to note that Border Collies and Pomeranians are drastically different in size.

While their coats are not as thick, they do require a good brushing twice a week to maintain them lustrous. This standard size dog will require plenty of stimulation and may struggle to live in an apartment.

Is Breeding Ethical?

Dog breeding might be a contentious subject. Purebred dogs were originally seen to be a prestige emblem in American society, but they are now more of an individual preference. Some people get into the breeding service because they adore a certain breed.

Dogs in a breeding facility

Unfortunately, not all breeders follow the normal breeding process and act as a respected breeding organization. Some will even vanish after releasing disease-prone puppies. There are restrictions in place to prohibit “backyard breeders” or even puppy factories from engaging in such unethical behavior.

There are still some people who will always operate beyond the law.

The single most crucial assurance for optimum health aside from knowing the collie breed facts is proper breeding methods. However, because appearances are so crucial, some breeders keep reproducing to develop exaggerated characteristics. Breeding puppies too early and breeding dogs with undesirable qualities are two further issues making the breeding process unethical.

Training & Care of Border Collie Pomeranian

In terms of training a Border Pom mix, the major requirement is a strong training program. This is because the Border Pom hybrid originates from two potentially lively parents. Take the time to learn what positive reinforcement training is.

Training a Border collie

The week you welcome your new furry buddy home, begin working on her recall. Moreover, a Border Collie Pomeranian is not a breed for a family that spends the majority of the day outside.

Having a dog and caring for it takes considerable time and effort. As soon as you carry your puppy home, you may have to establish a regular care regimen and pay special care for this hybrid’s health.

This enthusiastic and hardworking mix necessitates a minimum of 30 minutes of daily intense action. Bicycling, hiking, jogging, and agility are all excellent ways to keep your dog fit and active.

Your Border Collie pups will have an exceptional learning capacity. This means that you must be prepared to educate your dog on other skills, such as rolling over and shaking hands, with some time and effort.

Remember to play around with your hybrid every day. Pomeranians can get bored easily, so keep them mentally stimulated with puzzle toys and fun activities like tug-of-war, fetch, and Frisbee.

Border Pom Temperament & Behavior

The Border Pom cross puppy can acquire qualities from both parents in terms of disposition. However, your mix may behave like more of a Border Collie instead of a Pomeranian and adopt after one of its parent breeds. With this in mind, you may anticipate a highly clever, curious, and alert Border Collie Pomeranian hybrid.

Well-behaved Pomeranian

The Border Pom is a friendly and fascinating dog that gets well with others and makes an excellent companion. They develop a strong commitment to their owners and can easily become irritated if ignored or left alone frequently.

However, brace yourself for a bunch of barking if your dog takes behind its Pomeranian parent. While constant barking may be annoying, a Border Pom hybrid makes an excellent alert dog.

This hybrid, like its parent breeds, is an extremely active and athletic dog who enjoys playing and excels in canine competitions such as agility. Keep your cross physically and mentally engaged with toys and games, and you’ll be compensated with a well-behaved and affectionate furry friend.

Health of Pom Collie Mix

You can expect fewer health difficulties in the mix because Collies are perfectly healthy dogs. However, there are some issues to be aware of. On the other hand, Pomeranians have a ten-year life expectancy. As a result, your mixed breed puppy might have an average life of around 12 to 15 years. Upon proper care, some Border Pom cross breeds may generally live longer.

Food & Diet

People are frequently perplexed about what they should and should not feed their dogs, particularly first-time dog owners. However, you should be aware that a typical hybrid dog food appears to be different from a typical purebred dog diet.

Dog food in a square bowl

If you want to provide a Border Pom mix with a decent diet, then consider giving raw food. Raw food diet is a good dog diet, according to the rule of thumb. However, wishing to feed a Border Pom commercialized dog food like some others, be sure the food you choose undergoes a manufacturing process with high-quality components.

Dog food must always comply with the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein, and calcium requirements. Furthermore, you can offer them fruits and vegetables, but the recommended feeding schedule for this is only on a limited basis. About that, it is important to know how much they should eat.

Chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, salmon, and other meats are constantly present in high-quality meals. This type of component ensures that the Border Pom mix is always healthy and that it meets its calorie and protein requirements.

The optimum food for tiny or average-sized canines with high energy should be created according to their size. Your Border Pom’s dietary demands will shift as they get older, just like everyone else’s, so ensure your dog is consuming age-appropriate dog food.

Health Risks

Another factor to take into account when purchasing a puppy is the possibility of health issues. Due to a bigger gene pool, mixed breeds may be healthier. They can, however, pass on diseases from both of their genuine parents. Each parent must have a health examination.

The following are the most prevalent health issues encountered in this mix:

  • Hip dysplasia

It is the most prevalent condition for this dog crossbreed, based on the most recent data. As a result, the hip scores of your puppy’s Border Collie parents should be good.

  • Alopecia

Alopecia is a skin condition that causes coat loss even in healthy dogs. Generally, Alopecia X has a great impact on Nordics, such as the Pomeranian as well as other toy breeds. Yet, the search for a diagnostic biomarker for Alopecia X is still going on.

  • Epilepsy

Another inherited issue to be concerned about in Border Collies and their crossbreeds are epilepsy.

  • Luxating patella

The “trick knee” or luxating patella is a congenital disease in dogs caused by obesity that is common in most toy breeds like Pomeranians. Surgery may be required. The approach is partially associated with the magnitude of the disease. Climbing assistance is provided via ramps or steps.

  • Hereditary methemoglobinemia

It is a specific mutation that causes sickness in Pomeranians. The dog may experience weariness, faintness, or gastrointestinal issues as a result of this illness.

  • Merle Health Concerns

Merles, especially those with dominant whiteheads and a pair of blue eyes, are prone to deafness. For example, one study found that 2.7 percent of canines with a single merle gene were deaf unilaterally.

  • Collie Eye Anomaly

A DNA test for Collie Eye Anomaly or CEA is now available. Vision loss is not always the result of this eye disease. Furthermore, the test’s availability aids breeders in preventing CEA transmission across the litter.

Grooming of Pomeranian Border Collie Mix

It is critical to groom the Border Pom properly since it will not only guarantee that they look their best but will also keep them healthy. Grooming a Border Collie Pomeranian mix properly may make a big impact on how they appear and how healthy they are. Regularly examine their ears and teeth of the Border Pom. Clean and trim their nails as needed using a dog nail trimmer.

Shedding of Pomeranian Collie Mix

Both breeds, the Pomeranian and the Border Collie shed and require grooming regularly. Since both parents have thick coats, it is essential to bathe the Border Collie Pomeranian mix every two months or as soon as their coat becomes smelly and filthy. Moreover, the following tools may be very helpful to your Border Pom grooming requirement.

Brushing a dog

  • Detangling Spray

Detangling spray makes the brushing and grooming of the Border Pom’s hair much easier.

  • Undercoat Rake

Double-coated pooch like the Border Pom needs this grooming tool to get rid of dead hair.

  • Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is highly suitable for Border Collie Pomeranian mix that has a longer, thick coat.

  • Metal Comb

This grooming tool is good to use prior to brushing the dog’s coat. Metal comb is helpful in checking any presence of mats and tangles.

Should You Get Border Collie Pomeranian Mix?

The Border Collie Pomeranian hybrid is a unique dog breed developed by combining the two breeds. It is one of the smartest and most trainable crossbreeds available, making it an ideal companion for busy families or office workers looking for a well-behaved dog.

This crossbreed does require grooming from now and then, but if you have allergies, you can get away with only brushing somewhere between baths. If you are seeking a distinctive companion, this dog breed combination might be ideal!

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