Border Collie Vs Brittany: Looks, Persona, Training, Health & More

Some are having a hard time in finding the perfect dog for them. Whether you like to adopt or buy from a breeder, your focus must to ensure that the one you’ll get meets your lifestyle. This is true especially if you’re planning to get a Border Collie or Brittany.

Characteristics Comparison of Border collie vs Brittany

If you are torn between a Border Collie and Brittany, a quick look at their characteristics may help you out.

CharacteristicBorder CollieBrittany
WeightMale: 30 to 45 lbs. or 14 to 20 kg.
Female: 30 to 42 lbs. or 14 to 19kg.
Male and Female: 30 – 40 lbs. or 14 to 18 kg.
HeightMale: 22 in. or 56 cm.
Female: 20 in 51 cm.
Male: 19 in. or 48 cm.
Female: 18 in. or 45cm.
CoatDouble coat, straightWavy
ColorsBlack, white, white and red, tricolor, bicolor, solid color, sable and merleTricolor, white, white and orange
LifespanUp to 14 yearsUp to 13 years

History of Border Collie and American Brittany

These two dogs have a long history of its own. Brittany or also known as Brittany Spaniel got its name from early settlers and Spaniels. Many believed that they’ve been bred in the Bretagne region of France. Hence, its name, “Brittany”.

Brittany has been known for about 10,000 years. It was such a time when man began domesticating dogs. The first breed of Brittany’s were brought by Senor Juan Pugibet to North America in 1928 in Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Border Collie was first known in the Border Regions of England and Scotland. They were originally known as “Old Hemp”. It was Adam Telfer who got ownership to such. Since then, Border Collies were constantly improved throughout the centuries by Shepherds. Their end goal is to develop a dog that has excellent working abilities than typical breeds.

Appearance of Border collie vs Brittany

Brittany has a medium-sized, compact built. It has a long leg appearance that complements its agility and ground coverage. These dogs could have a tail that could be roughly four inches or be tailless if you like.

Like Brittany, Border Collies or BC has a medium-sized built. It has a lean body frame that supports its exceptional agility. They can also have two kinds of coats, rough or smooth. Regardless which type of coat your BC has, it is going to be a double coat. Coat patterns and colors vary a lot with the most common being tricolor pattern and black and white.


It’s typical for Border Collies to weigh around 30 to 55 pounds. For a mature female, they can weigh 30 to 45 pounds while male can be at 40 to 55 pounds. Per the American Kennel Club (AKC), mature male BC can stand anywhere from 19 to 22 inches and 18 to 21 inches for female.

With regards to Brittany Spaniel, male and female are practically the same in size and weight. They can grow an average size of 17 to 20 inches and weigh around 30 to 40 pounds. This dog breed reach their full maturity between their 12th to 16th month.

Coats & Colors

Border Collie got more color patterns and/or combinations than Brittany Spaniels. There are 17 and 11 acknowledged colors respectively by the AKC.

With Border Collies, the 17 standard coat colors are white ticked, white, white and red, white and blue, white and black, white and blue merle, red merle, sable merle, red merle, blue merle, blue, black, gold, lilac, red, brindle, sable and saddleback sable. Nonstandard colors that are acknowledged as well by the AKC are white and sable, white and gold, white and seal and seal.

With Brittany, they often have bicolored, patchy coats. But the 11 most common colors as per the AKC are:

  • Liver and orange
  • Orange and white
  • White and black
  • White and liver
  • White and orange
  • Orange and black white
  • orange roan
  • blue roan
  • liver roan

Personality & Temperament of Border collie v Brittany

Border Collies will take on any chance it can have to use its energy. This makes it so common for these breeds to be remarkably fast and agile. They excel in active lifestyle and anywhere they could be in action. In general, this dog enjoys being in the company of other animals and befriends with cats easily. This only happen though if they’re introduced at a young age.

Brittany’s personality has different levels. They can be mellow, stubborn, soft and active. Its temperament will vary by gender too. If you want one that is sweeter and calmer, neutering them, especially male ones is the trick. Yet again, different dogs will have different personalities. One thing is for sure though, Brittany Spaniels loves attention and their family.

Family with Border collie and American Brittany

outdoorsy characteristic of Border Collie

Brittany’s are such wonderful pets and they have an exciting outlook in life and they have strong attachment to their owners. With enough exercise, they are actually gentle and patient indoors. After all, this breed is known to be gentle.

On the other hand, if you lean on a more active and adventurous lifestyle, you and Border Collies will make a great team. These dogs need an outlet for their energy and always want to be in action.


There may be a little challenge for Border Collies to live with kids, particularly small children. These dogs have strong work ethics, deep herding roots and lively personality. If left with kids, there may be a chance that they may overpower them. With proper socialization and training, many BCs have managed to live harmoniously with families, even those who have kids.

Brittany’s welcome kids. They are happy and affectionate around them. But due to their excitement, it may knock over small kids by accident while playing. This is why constant supervision is a must to avoid mishaps.

A gentle reminder, dogs have unique personality. Being the adult, you must always be in supervision when your dog and kids are playing around.

Other People

It’s common for dogs, particularly puppies to be close even to strangers. If you see otherwise, it is not because they’re being protective, rather they might be scared. If you notice that your Brittany is super friendly around strangers, it could be because they have not received proper training. Normally, Brittany dogs will protect its owner at all cost.

In essence, Border Collies are friendly with strangers. This same characteristic is the reason why they are great family pet too. As a rule of thumb, keep your hands off from these dogs until the owner has given its permission. Because there are instances when Collies become overstimulated or hyperactive when someone is around.

Dogs & Other Animals

If given with proper training, Border Collies are going to be loving and intelligent creatures. It can also make them sensitive and well-balanced dogs. These qualities would make them good friends with other dogs and animals. Otherwise, it can be the opposite.

Brittany Spaniels on the other hand have this strong prey drive. As much as possible, they must not be kept together with small animals that are new to them. As for cats and other animals that they’ve been raised with, they are friendly and very welcoming.

Behavior Issues

Brittany showing some attitude

It’s rare to see aggressive Brittany Spaniels. If your dog shows unfriendly behavior, don’t think twice to talk to a professional. A trainer that can enforce positive reinforcement can help in fixing this. Border Collie’s behavioral problems could be traced to several reasons. One is that they’ve been kept in an environment or situation that contradicts their natural instincts. Perhaps, it may have failed its working ability and intelligence.

There are instances in which owner’s is at fault why these dogs are showing behavioral problems. They might have lacked in providing what their dog needs, thus, resulting to poor behavior.

Training & Exercise of Border collie and Brittany

Border Collies outrank every other dog breed in terms of intelligence. They can be trained in as early as 3 months old. You are basically molding the pup’s abilities. During the training period, make sure to lay the foundation of a dog that will trust and listen to you. While there are going to be challenges along the way, patience is the key.

If you adopt an adult BC, they’re still trainable. In such a case, what you can do is teach them new commands. Older dogs are like humans. It’s more difficult to break habits they’ve grown to. Fortunately, this is a Border Collie and these dogs can adapt to new environment. Much like with a puppy, you have to be patient and committed in training them.

To train a Brittany, it is imperative to recognize their natural instincts especially while as a puppy. This helps in establishing a strong relationship between you two and a dog that trusts you at the same time.

Training a Brittany: Do’s

  • Be consistent and firm
  • Use positive reinforcement
  • Be patient
  • Gain their trust
  • Give them enough exercise outside of training
  • Training must be set

Training a Brittany: Don’ts

  • Shouting and using harsh tones
  • Showing inconsistency with commands or training
  • Using squeaky toys

Taking Care & Maintenance of American Brittany vs Border Collie

Border Collie’s maintenance is more about its work ethic. You must find a way to give them an outlet for their energy. At the same time, make sure that they will not get bored by it. Care and maintenance for Brittany is easy. Just be sure to give them enough attention. Not to mention, a nice place with a medium-sized backyard for them to run or walk.


You must be careful with Brittany’s short coat. They shed lightly. Using a soft slicker or pin brush should be enough to keep loose hair from falling. Bathing them can be done only if when they get dirty. Don’t forget about their ears, especially after you go out for a walk. Nails must be trimmed too to avoid scratches. Their teeth must not be taken for granted. Brush it regularly as they might develop unwanted dental problems.

With a Border Collie, experts suggest brushing the coat at least 3x a week. This prevents knotty or matted coat. While as a puppy, better introduce them to grooming right away. This eliminates problems in the future if ever you have to groom them by a professional.


Whether you like it or not, your Border Collie will shed moderately all throughout the year. That’s why brushing them every two or three times per week is recommended to get rid of dead hair. If you think that’s worse, wait until fall and spring. This is when their shedding really bumps things up. Border Collie blows away its coat. It’s to prepare them for the coming season.

Just as with BCs, Brittany Spaniels also need brushing on a weekly basis. This should be enough in removing dirt and excess hair. They may potentially shed twice as much during warmer months.

Health of Brittany vs Border collie

sick Brittany Spaniel

There are dog breeds that are prone to genetic hip problems as a result of subpar breeding practices. This is not an indication that these dogs will have such conditions and diseases in the future. Though it puts them at a greater risk. This applies whether you are getting a Brittany or Border Collie.

Now, if you have plans of adopting a puppy, it is wise to know about its genetic illnesses. Like for Border Collie and Brittany, these breeds are prone to eye disease and hip and elbow dysplasia. You might want to ask the shelter or breeder for further information about the dog’s overall health.

Life Span

These two breeds are often healthy dogs. With proper care and attention, Border Collies and Brittany Spaniels can reach their expected lifespan of 14 and 13 years respectively. This can be more or less depending on how you care for your dog and its genetics.

Diet & Nutrition

Since Border Collies are a herding dog, it is recommended to feed them eggs, chicken breast, eggs, organic meat, lamb, fermented dairy products, cooked grains and vegetables as its diet. Adult Collies must be fed at least twice per day, depending on their level of activity.

Brittany Spaniels are hunting dogs. If we’ll trace to its roots, their diet consist of high protein diet with some fats thrown in. This is essential to sustain their body’s needs. And just like other breeds, Brittany’s need a good combination of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are all important to help them maintain a healthy skin, build strong teeth and bones.

Health Issues

Both Border Collies and Brittany are healthy dogs. However, they can’t escape genetic diseases that their parents may have passed on them.

  • Hip Dysplasia – this is a very common condition among dogs that are physically active making Border Collies and Brittany Spaniels are prone to this. This condition concerns abnormal cell growth. You can talk to your vet to have your dog tested for any signs.
  • Elbow Dysplasia – this is the abnormal elbow joint development. It typically affects large and fast-growing dogs. This involves cartilage development, joint stresses or abnormal bone growth.
  • Eye Disease – a condition that is very common between these two breeds. To preserve eye quality of your dog, it is highly recommended to have them undergo yearly eye exam. Do this from dogs that are aged two to eight.

Cost of Brittany and Border Collies

basic coat color of Border Collie

Buying Brittany and Border Collies will depend on different factors. Some of which may lie on the breeder’s reputation, the dog’s bloodline, quality, characteristics, and host of other things.


Buying Border Collie puppies will set you somewhere from $700 to $1,500. Some even pay as much as $3,500 for higher quality breed. The cost of buying a pup is dictated by the age, pedigree and gender of the dog.

If you want a Brittany that has the right personality and temperament, that would cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,000. The advantage of buying such pup is knowing to get what you’re expecting from.

Breeders & Centers

If you want to get a puppy from a reputable breeder or center, you can do so through word of mouth. You can directly ask your vet for references, perhaps your friends who have beautiful dogs on where they got it. Besides, reliable and respected breeder have established a reputation for delivering healthy pups as a result of word of mouth too.

Conclusion: Which Is Better, Border Collie or Brittany?

should you get a Border Collie or a Brittany

There is not much difference between a Border Collie and a Brittany, except to the number of colors their coat has. Both these dogs are friendly, loving and has packs lots of energy. These breeds are extremely intelligent and highly trainable dogs too. The question of which one is better will fall on your personal preferences and maybe, on what color you want your dog to be.

At the end of the day, it’s how you will raise these dogs that will fully maximize its traits and potential. These dogs may not be able to meet your expectations if you fail with your responsibility.

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