Hunter Herders – A Complete Guide to Border Collie Weimaraner Mix

The Border Collie Weimaraner Mix is a mixed breed type of dog. This hybrid was bred to be intelligent, active, and loyal to its owner. It is a popular hybrid breeds around due to its strong qualities which make it a perfect companion for both humans and other pets.

Temperament Alert, protective, intelligent, stubborn, loyal, fast-learner, energetic
Energy High
Good for family and kids Yes
Pet friendly Yes
Stranger friendly No
Grooming Every 4-8 weeks
Shedding Seasonal

Border Collie Weimaraner Characteristics

Border Collie Weimaraner’s dominant characteristic is its intelligence. They got this characteristic from their parent Border Collies and Weimaraners, who are known for their intelligence, drive for work, and patience. They can easily be trained as they love working with humans and considered to be one of the most social dogs around. They love attention and crave to work as they are very adaptive to their environment.

History of Breeds

Border collie Weimaraner is a breed that has the need to learn more about its background. The parent breed is probably a border collie and Weimaraner. However, there is no definite information on when the Border Collie Weimaraner was used for their hunting skills.

Some people refer to the Border Collie Weimaraner as part of an effort to create hybrid dogs with stability and intelligence from both breeds. Others reference the creation of this new breed as an attempt to recreate the work ethic and successful hunting ability that these two breeds have historically shown.

Appearance of a Border Collie Weimaraner

This dog’s general body shape and temperament vary depending on which parent breed they are descended from. There are a variety of different variations between purebred dogs, some looking exactly like their parent breed while others have slight variations in color or appearance.

Size, Height & Weight

The size of the Border Collie Weimaraner Mix varies depending on the parent breed. The Border collie is a medium-sized dog between 18 to 22 inches, and a large-sized dog between 23 – 26 inches for the Weimaraner. Border collies weigh 30-45 pounds, while Weimaraner weighs 55-85 pounds.

Mixed-breed dogs are more likely to grow into larger or smaller sizes than their parents. These differences in size depend on their parents’ sizes and other factors such as genetics and nutrition. The parent’s size can be a rough estimate of how big their offspring would be.

Coats & Colors

Dense, straight, and short can mainly describe the coat of a Border Collie Weimaraner mix. The color of their coats can vary greatly depending on the breeders. There are many shades of blue, brown, black, grey, white, and yellow present in this breed. Depending on the color, they tend to have short straight coats that are very dense.

Personality & Temperament of Border Collie Weimaraner Hybrid

The Border Collie Weimaraner hybrid is a cross between intelligence and stubbornness with incomparable energy. These dogs can make excellent guard dogs because they are vigilant to everything around them and have excellent hunting capabilities.

In addition to a distinctive personality, these beautiful dogs have some other unique traits, such as being fast learners, energetic, loyal, and instinctive protectiveness towards their family members.

Intelligence of Border Collie Weimaraner Mix

Border Collie Weimaraner Mix is a hybrid dog that has been bred from the best and most intelligent breeds to have the most desirable qualities of both.

The intelligent parentage of this dog has made this hybrid breed very popular in the pet industry and among people looking for a highly intelligent companion. They are well-known because of their intelligence and ability to understand complex commands.


Border Collie Weimaraner mixes are full of energy. Their high energy can be attributed to the presence of some two-time champion lineages. It also comes from their daily need for exercise and the active social requirements that make them more active than most other dog breeds.

Family & Kids

Border Collie Weimaraner mix is a loyal and energetic type of dog that makes an exceptional companion for a family. The dog’s intelligence is well-developed so it can learn new tricks quickly. It’s not very prone to being stubborn, but it needs plenty of physical activity.

The breed can be seen as a good family pet for those who want a companion that is willing to listen like most dogs or is a great hunter who is attentive to their needs.

Other Animals

The Border Collie Weimaraner Mix makes an excellent family companion and can be trained as well. With training, this clever animal can also become an excellent hunting dog when paired with other breeds of dogs.

Some breeds of dogs may have problems interacting with other animals in their homes due to their behavior or size. They may insist on being the only one in the house or nip at smaller pets that they see as threats. The Border Collie Weimaraner Mix will do well with most types of animals but keep a watchful eye on them at all times because it may try to take over your pet’s space.


Border Collie Weimaraner Mix is a breed that has become more popular for its intelligence, agility, and natural ability to work with people. However, many owners worry about the breed because of its unfriendly behavior towards strangers. The answer depends on the personality of the dog and its previous experience before meeting the stranger.

Do Border Collie Weimaraner Bark A Lot?

Some can be very vocal, but others are surprisingly quiet. This is what makes dogs so intriguing because it depends on the personality of the individual dog. For example, one parent which is the border collie rarely barks, and the other parent Weimaraner is vocal. This is because their personalities are different, and this also shows in their offspring’s personality.

Are Border Collie Weimaraner Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

There is no right or wrong answer on what breed of dog to get if you are a new dog owner. However, new owners would be better suit certain breeds.

Suppose the owner is an experienced and knowledgeable dog person. In that case, the Border Collie Weimaraner may be a good choice because it’s more challenging than other breeds and must be actively moving. However, as long as the newbie owner are dedicated to providing the best care possible for the pup, no one can limit them from owning one.

Training & Exercise of Border Collie Weimaraner Mix Breed

Border Collie Weimaraner Mix Breed is an energetic breed that requires training and exercise to maintain its body condition. They are active than other breeds and need good socialization with other pets or humans.

Taking Care & Maintenance

When caring for dogs, the most important things you need to know is the type of dog you’re dealing with. A Border Collie Weimaraner mix is a challenging breed to take care of and requires a lot of specific attention because it’s such a unique breed.

One aspect of this personality that makes them different and more challenging to care for as a pet is their intelligence levels, which can range in terms of how much energy they want.

The Border Collie Weimaraner mix breed is also known for its high energy levels, so be prepared to give them plenty of mental and physical exercise when taking care of them.

A Border Collie Weimaraner mix breed requires constant stimulation, so they should have toys to keep them entertained. They generally like playing chase games or having other fun activities with their owners around the house.

Health of Border Collie Weimaraner Hybrid

According to our study on how the Border Collie Weimaraner Mix Breed is doing health-wise, they have no specific breed preferences. They are just as healthy as any other dog in general, and having a pre-existing condition does not make them sick more often or even at all.

Diet & Nutrition

The Border Collie Weimaraner hybrid diet is balanced, including raw meat, raw vegetables, eggs, fish, and low-calorie fruits.

Due to their active lifestyle and high energy needs, these dogs need a nutritionally balanced diet to keep them healthy. The Border Collie Weimaraner hybrid uses exercise daily and is an active breed that will outlive most other breeds. This breed may need a higher protein content in their food compared to most other breeds due to their high energy needs.

Life Span

Border Collie Weimaraner mixes are a type of dog that can live for an average of 12 to 13.5 years. They are a large breed that is healthy, active, and intelligent. Some dogs in this breed live much longer. It all depends on the health, nutrition, and care given to each individual during their lifetime.

Health Issues

While the health of a Border Collie Weimaraner Mix Breed is generally good, some potential issues need to be addressed.

One of the most common problems with dogs is dental disease. The teeth of a Border Collie Weimaraner Mix Breed can wear down and need attention. This can result in the dog needing to have its teeth removed or extracted.

The other common issue usually seen with this type of dog is arthritis or joint problems. This means that as the older dog approaches old age, they could get arthritic joints and experience pain during movement.

Grooming a Border Collie Weimaraner Hybrid

A Border Collie Weimaraner Hybrid must be groomed every 4 – 8 weeks to keep its coat and skin healthy, tidy, clean, and soft. An important part of grooming is clipping their nails regularly. They should also be bathed frequently because this helps reduce shedding immensely. Bathing them more often than usual can also help reduce shedding and keep the pet cleaner for longer periods.

Does Border Collie Weimaraners Shed A Lot?

Border Collie Weimaraners are considered seasonal shedders. They have a thick, wiry coats, so typically, they don’t need to be brushed or taken care of as much as other breeds of dogs. However, they still require regular grooming and brushing to keep their coats looking healthy and shiny.

Cost of getting a Border Collie Weimaraner Mix

Border Collie Weimaraner mix puppies can cost anywhere between $500-$1800 depending on the breeder’s reputation, location, and other factors determining their price tag. It also varies depending on the age, gender, size, and coat color.


Border Collie Weimaraner Mix is a mixed breed of dogs that come in at 40 to 50 pounds. The average litter size of this mixed breed is 4 to 8 puppies. This lovely puppy has the most energy of all breeds, so you’ll need plenty of room for them.

Breeders & Shelters

Responsible breeders & shelters provide lifelong care for their dogs by keeping them healthy, happy, and loved. They also offer a lifetime of love with the opportunity to adopt a rescue dog or foster one at no cost to the potential adopter.

If you’re planning on getting a dog, it is imperative that you pick a dog from a responsible breeder or shelter who knows how to care for animals properly. This not only ensures your own peace of mind but also ensures the safety, health, and well-being of your new four-legged friend.

Conclusion: Is a Border Collie Weimaraner Right For You?

The Border Collie Weimaraner is known for being active and energetic. They require a lot of time and energy to care for them properly. This isn’t the breed for someone who doesn’t have the time nor the energy to dedicate to them.

Is this dog right for you? If you have previous experience with dogs, can spare plenty of time, and enjoy an active lifestyle, then yes! But if you cannot provide all these things necessary for this type of dog, then it would be best to reconsider owning one.

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