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The 7 Best Dog Treats For Senior Dogs

Senior dogs needed the utmost attention because of their fragile body structure and their level of emotion is dwindling. What they need is an excellent and delicious treat that will surely make them active and happy. You can offer them some of the best dog treats for senior dogs. They still need compliments and positive reinforcement to keep them from being anxious and bored. But a caveat first, not dog treats are good. You will need something that contains nutritious contents and is designed especially for adult senior dogs.

This article will review some of the best dog treats for seniors wherein we have carefully curated so you will know what to buy.

Old Mother Hubbard Classic
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Smartbones Mini Peanut Butter
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Greenies Dental Chew
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Nature Gnaws
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Blue Buffalo Blue Bits
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Premium Care Calming Chews
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Benefits of best dog treats for senior dogs

A dog treat is a way of commendation for any accomplishment that your dog did. It could be from the outdoor activities, training (which helps them to know the correct behavior), and just because you love them so much, you give them dog treats. But be careful about the number of treats you are going to give. If you give them too much dog treat, they will have the tendency to choose a dog treat instead of their regular kibble food. Don’t spoil them too much. The adult dog only needs 2 1/3 cups for a dog treat beyond that will potentially lead to obesity.

Purposes of dog treats

Because we love them

Sometimes when you are feeling bored, and the dog is near you, you can’t help but to give them dog treats just because you love them. And if the owner is happy and healthy this also goes for a happy and healthy dog. Even though pampering is potentially harmful, you are still giving your pooch a treat. But luckily, there are dog treats that are low carbs and packed with nutrients. But please, don’t overdo it.

For comfort

If your dog is experiencing separation anxiety, boredom, or any other mental health issues, the best way to counter those sicknesses is to give them decent dog treats. Especially for senior dogs. They become less enthusiastic and sometimes feeling lethargic. Giving them their favorite dog treat may uplift their spirit, so to speak. They needed extra care and understood their condition. Sometimes they are experiencing the age of senility which is totally normal to both humans and animals. A dog treat can alleviate negative moods and it can also bring comfort which is a sign that you love them.

For training

Another prime example of dog treat is it is used for training. Dogs needed positive reinforcement for motivation to learn the proper behavior. Giving a dog treat is a proven technique for dog trainers. It helps the dog to complete a series of training with the help of giving them dog treats especially if it is long training sessions. It is important to cut the treats into smaller pieces so dogs would not exceed the required amount of calorie intake.

What to look for when buying the best dog treats for senior dogs?

All dog treats have the same function but what differs is how they are being made and the quality they possess. This is where you are going to think carefully. Selecting the high-quality dog treat for senior dogs is essential the fact that your dog reaches its ripe years and chances are, there will be signs of aging coming out slowly. Sometimes, a dog treat can alleviate some potential risk specifically if it’s filled with nutrients that can combat any diseases.

And here are some qualities that you needed in looking for the best dog treats for senior dogs:

Natural ingredients. We are under the impression that dog treats are usually made of synthetic ingredients such as preservatives, fillers, food coloring, and artificial flavors. But right now, dog treats are making a comeback and winning the hearts of dog owners. This is mainly because some manufacturers understand the value of dog’s health which makes them produce all-natural ingredients. So check out for those (hint: most of them are on this list). Never buy treats with tons of sugar or fats. Look for treats made from whole grains and single-source protein like beef or lamb.

Look for treats that are energy boosting

Of course, you want your senior dogs to regain some energy level despite their old age. It’s fairly easy to spot these kinds of dog treats. Look for ingredients like sweet potato, coconut oil, and chia. Moreover, look for antioxidants on the label with the ingredients like blueberries, dark leafy greens, and cranberries. These are the high-level source of energy and it’s great to have this for the benefit of your senior dog.

Go for high-quality brands

Never sacrifice your *ahem* budget to your dogs wherein the cheapest dog treat is what you always buy. Please have mercy on your loving dog, especially if it’s a senior. Instead, kindly slightly upgrade your budget in order to buy some affordable, yet high-quality dog treats. Usually, prominent dog treats brands are: Whole Earth Farms, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, to name a few. Sounds familiar right? Well, they are also the best brands in producing premium-grade dog foods. There’s a reason why they stand out among its competitors, among them is well-received feedbacks from their customers.

Low fat

The most important aspect of it all is considering low-fat-based dog treats. Your senior dog is past its prime, their metabolism is slower. They needed an ample amount of fats in order to prevent obesity which can possibly be linked to heart disease. Consider opting for a low-fat-based dog treat with high-quality ingredients on it.

Easy to eat treats

Your senior dog can’t possibly eat hard food because of its waning teeth and weakened jaw. What they need in dog treats that should have soft chew features. This kind of dog treat can easily be broken up as well as cut into smaller bite-sized for the senior dog to enjoy.


OUR TOP PICK: Old Mother Hubbard Classic Dog Treats

Product Name: Old Mother Hubbard Classic Dog Treats

Product Description: Low sodium and in fat, well-crafted homemade-style cookies, and of course, made with wholesome ingredients. This is what the Old Mother Hubbard can offer to its avid patrons and customers who want to try this out. If you want well-suited dog treats for your special senior dog, well, go for the best. Definitely, even finicky dogs will eat this. You will never go wrong about this because of its finest selection of ingredients from all over the world just to master the taste and to make them taste good enough for your senior dogs. And hey, this is grain-free. No preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavors hinder the natural flavors.

Brand: Old Mother Hubbard

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All in all, choose for the best and all-natural when it comes to any dog food treats and even in kibbles. This is an excellent choice if you want a homemade style and promotes health for your senior dog.


Homemade style
All natural
Made from whole ingredients


None so far


Smartbones Mini Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Probably you are buying dog treats with rawhide without even knowing it. Ditch that dog treat because it’s not safe for your dogs. They are harmful to their digestive system and can block their esophagus. You are going to need to be smarter than before and that’s what Smart bones have to offer.

This is completely safe without even using any rawhide plus it’s easy-to-digest so no worries with your senior dogs to eat this. Smartbones mini comes with vegetables, and of course, peanut butter as a coat and real chicken inside.

Oral care is present in this product as it keeps their teeth to stay healthy and efficient for chewing.

Overall, it’s nice to have dog treats without rawhide so it’s completely safe and healthy. Comes in two packs for an affordable price so you don’t have to buy immediately. No wonder this comes second in our best dog treats for senior dogs.

Greenies Dental Chew Dog Treats

Most senior dogs, despite their golden years, have also golden teeth. Although it looks like bling on their teeth, you must prevent that “bling” in order to save their precious teeth. Fortunately, Greenies brand makes a way to mix dental care with dog treats giving the yummiest and healthy dog treats that they can taste.

Plus, it’s not all about the dog’s oral care, it also supports improved mobility in their hips and joints. What’s more interesting is the texture is soft that designed for senior dogs.

Less golden teeth and improves mobility are what the later life stages need. They are approved by expert vets so it’s perfectly safe. It’s also easy to digest so no worries about their digestive health issues.

Overall, oral care and improved mobility are what your senior dog will often need. Just buy one of these and treat them with a small portion and you’ll be amazed over time how Greenies can significantly improve your dog’s lifestyle and overall health. Give these dog treats to senior dogs.

Nature Gnaws Dog Treats

Nature Gnaws focuses its product on health-conscious dog owners. Their smoked salmon jerky bites are one of the premium dogs treats that dogs can munch specifically the older ones. What they offer is pure salmon with various sources of vitamins and minerals.

Made primarily from high-quality salmon and sweet potato. Nothing beats the nutritional value if the ingredients are fish and sweet potato which is good for senior dogs. With the salmon inclusion, this also contains omega three fish oil for healthy skin and coat. The sweet potato ingredients make is good for digestive health due to its high dietary fiber.

All in all, is this worth buying? Definitely! Not because it’s not a famous brand doesn’t mean you will not buy it. But hey, this is all-natural, organic, this is what your senior dog needs and it’s worth a try. Give it a go.

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo is among the popular brand that excels in quality and ingredients in every product they make. Another product from Blue Buffalo is the soft-moist Bits. Made with real beef for dog training or simply for the love of giving them treats.

If your senior dog can’t get enough of the taste of meat, this is a winner for you. Each soft-most dog treats are tender and bite-sized made especially for dogs who are having a hard time to chew

Features real beef first as their primary source of ingredients. Only made with wholesome ingredients with no by-product meals and free from wheat, soy, and corn, not to mention the artificial colors and preservatives. What it contains is full of vitamins and minerals such as fatty acids of omega 3 and 6.

Overall, as the name suggests, it’s “bits”, meaning it’s smaller than usual and the texture is soft which makes this Blue Buffalo another worthy of consideration especially for dogs who have problems with chewing.

Wellness Wellbites Dog Treats

This is special because it comes in 5 varieties of flavors. More options mean more ways to make the dog treats more enjoyable for your senior dog. In terms of the dog’s overall health experience, the Wellness products will never let you down especially these soft Wellbites dog treats.

The flavors included are Lamb and Salmon, Chicken and Venison, Beef and Turkey, Beef and Turkey, and Turkey and Duck. I bet that these flavors will satisfy your dog’s palette, each one of them; the fact that dogs love these mouthwatering flavors.

Above all, this product qualifies in the factors that you need to look at first specifically in all-natural ingredients. Plus, it excluded soy, corn, artificial flavors, and colors. Also, the texture is somewhat moist and meaty containing vegetables and fruits in each soft chew dog treat.

Overall, the Wellness Wellbites is a great option to consider. It has different flavors to choose from that your dog will surely munch. It is flavorful and filled with nutrients thereby this is good for training and for plain pampering.

Premium Care Calming Chews Dog Treats

Last but not the least, Premium Care calming chews. Senior dogs are sensitive to many things such as thunder sounds, firecracker sounds, loud noises, and separation anxiety. Good thing that Premium Care formulated an organic dog treat supplement that has a calming effect whenever the dog intakes this.

As the label says, it “relieves 99% of dog-related anxieties”, it certainly can relieve any anxieties that your senior dog is having. If your pooch has shown some symptoms related to unsettling behavior, you can just offer this treat to them and comfort them at their side.

This has soft chews so your dog can easily munch this at ease. What is more fascinating is the contents of this dog treat supplement. It is duck flavored and its ingredients came from hemp seed powder, chamomile extract, valerian extract, and ginger root. No wonder this can give a calming effect on your dog’s condition.

All in all, it has a great power of calming effect which is an absolutely excellent option for senior dogs. An all-natural ingredient so you don’t need to freak out about its preservative inclusions. What’s great about this is that it can alleviate stress, hyperactivity, and aggressive behavior once the dog gobbles these nutritious dog treats.

Signs that your dog is in senior years

Behavioral changes

These behaviors vary from every dog breeds even for a Border Collie. But generally, your dog will become less enthusiastic and often lethargic leading to more napping time. Sometimes senior dogs will not greet you. Moreover, there is some cognitive dysfunction that is worse and some are mild depending on the dog.

Gums and teeth issues

Tooth loss, infected gums, yellowish teeth are common problems for senior dogs. Some symptoms display bad breath, swollen gums, and loss of appetite. These may be minor issues so alleviating them through dental fixtures and oral care supplements can fix their oral issues.

Joint pain and stiffness

Although it seems difficult to notice at an early stage, over time you will eventually notice your dog’s hips and joints worsen when they walk and becoming less mobile. In some cases, dog health supplements can improve your dog’s overall bone health especially the crucial part of joints and hips. Look for supplements that feature chondroitin and glucosamine.

Final Thoughts

Senior dogs need the utmost care and should be scheduled for regular checkups to avoid any serious disease that may harm them. Also, they must remain amused and feel that you are there for them. Give them the best dog treats like the reviewed products above because it’s uplifting to them and they know they are being valued. More importantly, don’t give a second thought if you are considering these products. These are carefully curated products suited for senior dogs so you don’t have to research aimlessly. Hopefully, this guide is helpful to you.

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