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Top 5 Best Dog Food for Border Collie Puppies

To support your puppy’s healthy growth, you will need more than tender, loving, care. What you need is healthy dog kibbles to support and to have the best growth for your puppy. Take the time to invest in one of the best dog food for border collie puppies

Maybe you are on the verge of buying low-quality dog food with insufficient nutritional value. Please. Whatever you are doing, pause for a moment and think again. You must give some time and try reading this for the betterment of your pooch. Throw away your mindset about getting just the budget dog food and aim for high-quality dog food.

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What is a Border Collie breed?

A Border Collie breed came from the border region between Scotland and England. The name collie is derived from the Scotch word sheepdogs. Hence, the name, because of its place of origin and because it is a sheepherder.

Moreover, they are bred as a herder of sheep. They have a high amount of energy level, stamina, strength, and work ethic. They are known for their intimidating stare which gives the flock chills even when taking a glance. Besides herding, they are also great for search and rescue.

Interestingly enough, they are extremely smart dogs and it has a strong work ethic. They have the ability of learning commands, can recall words, and are very active at work every day. It’s no wonder why farmers and ranch owners love this cuteness overload dog.

Border Collie Puppy’s Nutritional Needs

The Border Collie belongs to the medium-sized breeds of dogs. During their puppy stage, like most puppies, they are very energetic and needed outdoor activity because of their natural herder of sheep. They needed to be fed with high-quality kibbles, and it’s okay if they will not eat it or not. You are in the process of getting to know what’s the suitable kibble for the young Border Collie.

Also, it is best to ensure that the Border Collie puppy has a specific puppy formula. You can visit your local vet and get some recommendations for further knowledge.

According to experts, puppies such as Border Collie needs to have at least 22 percent of protein content in their food. But when they reach adulthood, they will be needing at least 26 percent. For the fat content, it is suggested that the young pooch needed about 8 percent together with omega fatty acids which helps their skin and coat to become healthy. All they need is proper dog food for border collie puppies.

Feeding chart and calculation of Border Collies.

Top 5 Best Dog Food for Border Collie Puppies


Product Name: ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

Product Description: You know if it's ORIJEN puppy fry dog food when the ingredients and the overall content of the product are on a premium level. The product itself is simply irresistible one of the highly-reputable brands in the dog food market and many dog owners are a testament to this excellent and well-formulated food for every dog of different life stages. They absolutely know what the pooches need. This product from ORIJEN has diet rich and came from different fresh animal ingredients such as wild-caught fish, chicken and turkey, and cage-free eggs. This means that 85 percent of the ingredients came from premium-grade meat. That said, ORIJEN puppy dry dog food is full of minerals, vitamins, and protein. This is what your puppy wants. Plus, it has a very meaty taste that will surely satiate the craving of your border collie puppy. Because dogs and puppies deserve a better taste and quality of food, this is simply the ultimate kibble for your border collie. Until now, they are still one of the reigning dog food brands when it comes to top-notch quality and high nutritional value.

Brand: Orijen

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All in all, there are no better words to say about ORIJEN other than premium quality. They have always engineered with greatness and carefully used the advice of expert veterinarians just to make a wholesome meal for dogs. In addition, this comes in different sizes. Undoubtedly this is by far the best dog food for border collie puppies.


Diet rich Fresh ingredients High fiber content Very tasty and organic


The puppy may suffer from diarrhea during the initial stages of feeding (which is normal)


Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

The primary ingredient used in this kibble food is red meat. Wild dogs and their wolf cousins have a knack for red meat flavor because it’s the number one dietary supply of their body. With the Blue Buffalo Wilderness, your puppy is able to get a taste of meat coming from the wilderness which helps build lean muscle.

Moreover, the dog food is packed with high nutritional value such as DHA, ARA, fatty acids, and vitamins supplementing retinal health and cognitive development. Also, it has rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which is carefully selected by expert veterinarians and dog nutritionist. So you have nothing to worry about its nutritional value.

Suited for picky eater puppies who have a distaste for chicken and other poultry by-product meals, even wheat, soy, corn, fillers, and preservative are excluded from the ingredients.

Overall, why not go for a higher price point for dog food? Besides, you will only add a few bucks to get premium quality kibble food for your border collie. Don’t sacrifice cheap dog food just because it’s inexpensive. Have some decency for your dog. So, consider this option. Blue Buffalo brand is a highly reputable product check their reviews on the internet.

Annamaet Dry Dog Food

Coming right in dog food for border collie puppies, this brand is a family-owned brand that caters to both foods for cats and dogs for nearly 30 years. Imagine the years of dedication and continued excellence? Not to mention its well-received attention in the market both pet owners and distributors.

You must consider this dog food especially for working dogs like the border collie. Because this consists of 32 percent calories that largely came from protein. Premium nutrition that is designed for specific dogs. Moreover, the careful selection process of ingredients and the fresh ingredients of meat source coming from herring, chicken meal, a fish meal which gives this a taste of premium that dogs deserve.

For the nutrient-packed content, these are Omega 3 fatty acids, prebiotics, and chelated chemical for a healthy immune system. Like any other premium grade kibble food, this has no wheat, soy, and corn. With these ingredients, your puppy will have a better puppy stage growth and all his nutrition needs are packed in this puppy food.

Overall, the best dog food comes at a fairly expensive price. But you shouldn’t be surprised about it. The reason why it has a high price point because of the quality process it meets and the fresh ingredients it includes for a more healthy and energetic dog. Goodbye to your substandard dog and hello Annamaet kibble food.

Canidae Wet Dog Food

The Canidae PURE wet dog food offers a ton of nutritional value. This dog food is made with real meat, poultry, and fish that has simmered in broth to improve the “umami” flavor for the dog’s taste.

An excellent selection that prioritized six key ingredients. With the limited ingredients recipes, they are packed with high-quality ingredients. Rest assured that the recipes are free of fillers like wheat sot, corn, and even animal by-product meals.

Canidae wet dog food is well suited for your puppy. You know why? Because it has balanced food with carefully selected natural ingredients which your lovely pooch will love it. Also, in every bite, there includes antioxidants, glucosamine and chondroitin, probiotics, and omega fatty acids of 6 and 3.

Also, Canidae has a wonderful slogan that deeply cares for pets. The slogan read “pet food made by pet people”. This is also one key component when you are looking for dog food, its love for dogs. That’s why it’s included in the best dog food for border collie puppies.

Overall, this Canidae brand is an awesome dog food brand. Built with high quality and safely assured healthy nutritional values, what more can you ask? Moreover, if you have a picky eater puppy with food allergies or any stomach issues, Canidae PURE wet dog food maybe your dog food companion.

Acana Dry Dog Food

Last but not the least, the Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Dog Food. This is an excellent option because it’s packed with low carbohydrates level and protein. The formula for this kibble food contains ducks, quail, lamb, and trout as a source of protein.

Designed for protein concentration filled with premium grade animal ingredients, the ACANA dry dog food uses specific parts such as organs, cartilage, bones, and meat resulting in a rich source of nutritional value. That said, 34 percent are protein which favorably supports the overall health of the Border Collie puppy

A grain-free, no potato, gluten, or any tapioca included. There are even no artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives added that can ruin the overall nutrients and natural taste of this kibble food.

What makes this product stand out is this is made from fresh and raw ingredients. Also, ACANA dog food boasts its state-of-the-art kitchen that adheres to the food industry standards ensuring maximum quality and safety.

All in all, ACANA dog food offers a perfect recipe for your Border Collie. It got balanced nutrition which is perfect for your puppy’s need and fresh protein source which supports the improved health and to live a well-built body. Moreover, there are many flavor options to choose from and also come in different sizes. Why don’t you try it and see for yourself? It’s one of the best dog food for border collie puppies for a reason.

Common health problems of Border Collies

To think that the Border Collies are one of the healthiest dog breeds, but they are still not exempted from health issues such as various diseases passed from the genetics. Although their life expectancy ranges from 10-15, with proper care and maintenance, they can achieve these years. All the more, these are the common health issues that Border Collies can possibly face.

Eye problems

The common problem that most dogs are having is the degeneration of eyesight. Sometimes it’s due to genetic illness, and the symptoms can appear at early stages. To combat this problem, you can give your Collie pet kibbles that are high in Beta Carotene and vitamin A which improves eyesight for both animals and humans.

Joint Issues

Joint issues develop during their later adult life especially the highly active canines. This is due to their constant high-level activities which cause to put stress on their joints. Also, hip dysplasia is a common illness wherein dogs can acquire. To prevent or at least alleviate from getting into serious health issues, make sure to give them dog food that has calcium.


Though not common, Border Collies can still suffer from epilepsy which causes them to have seizures. They highly come from genetic that have been passed on. The early signs of epilepsy development are hard to tell but the proper help from your local vet will at least shed a light. Collies with epilepsy usually treat with special medication.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why go for high quality than cheap dog food, after all, they taste the same to dogs?

Although they taste the same, the cheap dog food offers nothing but synthetic flavorings and byproduct meals which may become harmful to your dog’s overall health. While the high quality uses a standard process that has a strict guideline and quality control to ensure that the kibble food is nutritious and free from any synthetic meat ingredients. Also, what you are paying is the high quality and freshness of each ingredient which complements the price which, in most cases, fairly high price point.

How Much Should A Border Collie Puppy Eat?

Usually, puppies will need more food than regular adult dogs. Border collie puppies should be fed more often every day. They must be fed at least 4-6 meals a day, then reduce the number of meals to 2-3 when the puppy reaches 6 months. Also, to get an accurate and more reliable dietary recommendation, just go to your local vet and discuss any diet plans for a more accurate meal plan and a calculated number of meals that should be fed.

Should You Feed A Border Collie Puppy Supplements?

Yes. It’s better to give your Collie puppy during his early stage of puppyhood. They require a decent amount of protein, fats, omega fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Also, don’t forget to feed him probiotics to aid the puppy’s digestion. Giving them these nutritional needs in the early stage of their puppyhood the better. However, if you have high-quality kibble food, there’s no need for additional supplements because the dog food has already included a good amount of nutritional value.

Final Thoughts

The Border Collie is one of the best dog breeds due to its strong work ethic and extremely high energy. To complement their energy level, they must be fed with premium-grade kibble food regularly. It’s better to introduce them to high-quality dog food during their puppy in order to meet their nutritional needs. But what’s more important is to love them very much which makes them special and much more healthy in the mental aspect.


Wondering the life expectancy of the Border Collies?

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