Welcome to Border Collie Talk! We are pet owners who are in love with this energetic breed ever since we were children. Now that we have our own family, we continue to care for Border Collies while sharing our knowledge to fellow dog owners.

In this blog, we discuss common Border Collie topics and problems to help you raise a well-rounded canine. From diet, behavior, grooming, and so on, we provide practical tips and tricks for every dog owner. We also curate and review dog products that we personally use on our pets.

There’s something unique about Border Collies that made them a standout breed. We’ve had many dogs before, but nothing beats a Border Collie’s intelligence, versatility, and work ethic.

As much as Border Collies are amazing pets, we aim to help aspiring owners decide if it’s the right breed for them. We discuss it in our blogs, so you’ll be informed even before you get a puppy. We also took the time to scout legitimate breeders you can contact once you decided to become a Border Collie mom/dad.

For us, our Border Collies are part of the family. They are loyal, affectionate, and protective if you give them enough attention.

When we decided to start this blog, we never thought we could have such a massive reach. We’re glad to share our knowledge and experience for whatever it’s worth for you as a fellow dog owner.

While we have some useful tips here, nothing beats the expertise of a veterinarian. Make sure that your Border Collie visits the vet regularly for routine checks.

If you have topics or issues you want us to discuss in this blog, feel free to reach out to us. Our furmily will get back to you as soon as we can. Until our next blog!

From a Border Collie owner to another,
The Border Collie Talk Team