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Best Brush For Border Collie – My Top 3 Picks!

As double-coated dogs, Border Collies shed all year round. However, a massive ‘coat blow’ will happen right after winter. In this case, you need the best brush for Border Collie to manage the tumblefurs that will wreak havoc in your household. This breed is also fond of the outdoors, which makes their coat dirtier than other breeds.

Take note that Border Collies come in two coat types: smooth and rough. The rough variety has an evident feathering, similar to that of Golden Retrievers. Nevertheless, both coat types require proper grooming to keep them healthy and parasite-free.

One of the first and most important grooming tools a pet owner should get is a trusty dog brush. For Border Collies, I highly recommend these three options:

 Our Top Pick! 
Kenchii Slicker
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Furminator Slicker
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Best Brush For Border Collie – My Top 3 Picks!


MY TOP PICK: Kenchii Slicker Dog Brush
best brush for Border Collie

Product Name: Kenchii Slicker Dog Brush

Product Description: When it comes to the best brush for Border Collie, I always swear by the Kenchii Slicker Dog Brush. This slicker brush has polished, rounded pins that will not scrape your dog’s skin. It’s also made for double coats, which is perfect for every Border Collie. Aside from that, this has a textured grip that makes it easy to hold and use. With a brush head size of 3.5” x 1.75”, you’ll cover a large coat area in every pass. Another thing I like about this brush is its wooden handle and brush head. It’s far more durable than its plastic counterparts. Also, the wood material adds a nice weight that makes brushing much easier.

Brand: Kenchii Grooming

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Valid until: December 31, 2025

  • Material
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


The tips of the pins are also angled so that you can pull loose fur easily. It doesn’t snag, and the bristles/pins are flexible enough without being too flimsy.

You can choose between a small, medium, or large size. But for a Border Collie, I recommend a large, though medium ones are also ideal for those with smaller hands.

My only gripe over this brush is that it’s not the easiest to clean. I think you can expect that from a slicker brush. Other than that, I can say that this is fairly priced, considering the material and overall quality.


Wooden material

The wire bristles have rounded tips

30-day free return guarantee


The color of the wood finish varies, but not really a big deal


Petbyrn Slicker Dog Grooming Brush

best brush for Border Collie

Another slicker brush that I love using on my Border Collie is the one from Petbyrn. This has a stylish bamboo wood handle and brush head that lasts for years. Also, bamboo has an antiseptic characteristic, so it doesn’t harbor a bad smell.

Aside from that, this has wire bristles with round tips to prevent hurting your dog’s skin. It can make your dog’s coat 90% shinier as compared to using pin brushes alone.

The Petbyrn slicker brush has an angled handle, which reduces the hand strain while grooming your dog. Also, the metal bristles are connected to a spongy bed that conforms to the curves of your dog’s body. It makes brushing much easier, especially for a long-coated breed like Border Collie.

Moreover, the brush head is wide and covers a lot of fur in every pass. If your Border Collie is currently on a heavy shedding season, you should have one of these brushes at home. I actually got two for my dog: one at home and one at the car.

I also tried using this slicker brush on myself, and my scalp didn’t feel any pain. Just a tip: if the slicker brush hurts your scalp, it will likely hurt your dog too.

Furminator Slicker Dog Brush

If you’re on a budget, you should definitely get the Furminator Slicker Brush. Furminator is the leading brand when it comes to dog grooming tools, so you’ll never go wrong with this choice.

Their slicker brush has a unique design featuring the Dual-Flex brush head that conforms to the dog’s body curves. It also positions the brush optimally so that you wouldn’t strain your hand.

I also like the textured handle that makes it easy to use. This brush is designed for long, curly hair to separate tangles and knots easily. Whether it’s removing surface knots or managing your Border Collie’s shedding, this brush is a champ.

The highlight of this brush is its dual bristle side. One side has firm bristles to tackle heavy shedding, and the other side has softer pins for finishing touches. Such a design also makes it a versatile grooming tool if you have multiple dogs at home.

Lastly, this Furminator brush is made with antimicrobial plastic that minimizes bacteria and germ growth. Nevertheless, you should still clean it regularly to remove stuck fur and dirt.

For this price range, I’m more than happy with the quality of this brush. I bought this a few years ago, and it’s still useful to this day. Just keep it away from nippy and aggressive chewers.

How to choose the best brush for Border Collie

If you’re looking for the best brush for your dog, you should consider the following points:

✔️Choose the right type

The very first thing you should check is the type of brush you’re going to get for your Border Collie. The following are the common types used by pet owners and their purposes:

  • Slicker brush. This brush has metal teeth with bent tips. It helps rake loose fur without pulling too much. Also, the tips of the teeth have round silicone covers to prevent scraping the skin. It’s perfect for Border Collies since the thin bristle-like teeth can reach through the undercoat.
  • Deshedding tool/rake. This tool is designed with larger teeth to rake large amounts of loose fur. This can work for Border Collies, but it’s not supposed to be used daily. Overusing a deshedding tool will lead to bald spots and damaged dog coats.
  • Pin brush. Pin brushes are suitable for general use. It’s the daily brush I use for my Border Collie. It helps remove dirt, and it also boosts the sebum production on the canine’s skin. The good thing about pin brushes is their gentler effect on the dog’s coat.
  • Comb. These are similar to the comb we use. It has teeth, which can be wide or dense. Like pin brushes, combs are suitable for daily use as a maintenance grooming tool.
  • Glove. For dogs that are reluctant to be brushed, a glove brush is an excellent option. You can brush while your dog feels like he’s getting pets. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

✔️Pick the proper size

Once you’ve picked the right brush type for your dog, you should check the size next. Border Collies are medium-sized canines, so a medium or large brush will be a smart choice. While smaller ones will also work, it will take you more time and effort to finish grooming the dog’s entire body.

✔️Check the material

The material of the brush will dictate how durable it is. Plastic brushes are affordable and can last for a long time if stored properly. However, plastic will become brittle, and it will crack if dropped from a considerable height.

If you want a dog brush that’s built to last, you should invest in wooden construction. Aside from the durability, wooden dog brushes are also stylish and easy to clean.

Whatever the material is, make sure that all the parts are secured and connected properly. You wouldn’t want a brush with a head that falls off. 

✔️Ergonomic design

Another important thing you should consider is the design of the brush. It should be ergonomic to reduce strain on your hand and wrist. This will save you from strain, especially when grooming an uncooperative Border Collie.

✔️Price and warranty

Lastly, consider the value for money of the brush. While some dog brushes are more expensive than other options, it has better quality than cheap ones. Nevertheless, it’s all about finding the right balance between the price and quality of the tool you’re going to get.

Tips in grooming a Border Collie

To make the grooming session with your Border Collie much easier, you should keep these points in mind:

  • Trim the claws first. The golden rule of grooming any dog is to trim its claws first. This will save you from nasty scratches later on.
  • Brush before and after bathing. Never bathe a dog that’s not brushed. This will result in the worst tangles and knots you’ll ever encounter. Brushing your dog before bathing will make brushing after the bath much easier.
  • Go for a walk first. Before grooming or brushing your Border Collie, consider taking it for a short walk first. This will drain the canine’s excess energy, making it more cooperative during grooming time. A short playtime will also do the trick here.
  • Start early. It’s important to get your Border Collie used to grooming as early as possible. This will make the pooch more cooperative as it grows older. You can start by touching your dog’s ear, paws, legs, and snout.
  • Use rewards. Dogs are food-driven, and you can use this same weakness to encourage them to cooperate. Give your dog a treat if it sits still for brushing. After that, give more treats until you’ve finished the session. Just make sure that you don’t overindulge your dog too much that it already ruins its diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should you brush a Border Collie?

A: You should brush your Border Collie at least three times a week to remove shed fur. On other days, you can use a pin brush to work on minor tangles and remove dirt. Remember that you should never use a slicker brush and deshedding tool too often, as it can damage your pet’s coat.

Q: Do Border Collies shed badly?

A: Like any double-coated canine, Border Collies will shed moderately all year long. However, the heaviest would be after winter when the dog sheds its thick winter coat. Another bout of this heavy shedding will happen after summer as the Border Collie prepares for the cold season. Regular brushing will help manage this occurrence.

Q:  Is it a good idea to shave a Border Collie’s coat?

A: No, unless the vet needs to perform a treatment that requires shaving a portion of the coat, you should never do it on your Border Collie. Shaving your Border Collie’s fur may damage its coat. It may not grow back as it usually does.

Q: Do Border Collies behave well during grooming?

A: The answer to this depends on the specific dog. Some Border Collies are used to being groomed than others, which will affect how they will accept brushing and other grooming procedures. If you want a cooperative Border Collie, you should get it started with grooming as early as possible.

Q: Can you ‘over-brush’ a dog?

A: Yes, it’s possible to over-brush a dog, which will damage its coat. Your pet will also sustain brush burns on the skin. This is why you should always use the right tool and keep the brushing session in less than 15 minutes. If your dog is reluctant to be brushed, you should check how you’re going it. You might be hurting your dog inadvertently by brushing too forcefully.

Final words

The best brush for Border Collie will make the grooming task much easier and faster. On the part of your dog, it will be more comfortable and pain-free. The three options I reviewed above will come in handy for your dog’s shedding. I also hope that the tips above will help you get through dog grooming without bites or scratches.

How is your dog grooming going? Share your experience with us in the comment section!

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