Border Collie Bulldog Mix: Detailed Breed Comparison

In the canines world, there are lots of amazing dog breeds that you will have to encounter. Each dog has a unique personality that makes it stand out from the rest. Hailed as one of the smartest dog breed, the Border Collie has numbers of followings. Moreover, gaining its reputation in dog sport shows, the masculinity of the Bulldog takes it to the spotlight.

The combination of these two outstanding canines will, no doubt, provide a sociable and affable furry companion, the Border Collie Bulldog mix!

History of Border Collie Bulldog Mix

The Border Collie Bulldog mix is none other than the offspring of the well-known and reputable dog breeds in the canines’ world. By breeding a herding dog into a sturdy canine with a powerful reputation in canine sports, you will have an excellent hybrid from a Border Collie and Bulldog parents.

England is the home of the Bulldogs where they originally came from the ancient mastiff canines. Because of the popularity of bull baiting in the area during that time, the development of the Bulldogs came out for that purpose. However, because of the controversies intertwined with it, bull baiting was eventually outlawed in 1835. Having that in mind, lots of people who admired the stamina of the Bully assumed that this dog would also disappear.

Yet, their endurance and persistence saved them from the bull baiting reputation. And that paved the way to the re-engineering of a strong, muscular yet sweet and gentle Bulldog. Finally, in 1890, the American Kennel Club recognized this powerful dog breed.

Running black and white coated Border CollieAnother local settler of England and also one of the parent breeds in the mix is the Border Collie. In the midst of Scotland and England, this excellent herding dog became a great asset of shepherds.

Their agility and great performance as working dogs led them to the heart of Queen Victoria. Until then, their excellent herding skill is a major element for continued breeding of this canine. The American Kennel Club already recognized the Border Collie in 1995.

Appearance (size, weight, color)

Since the Border Collie Bulldog mix came from mating a BC and a Bully, its appearance may generally fall in between its parent breeds.

The Border Collies are medium-sized dogs that weighs up to 42 pounds. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs, which are also medium-built, an adult female and male have a weight of 40 and 50 pounds, respectively. Upon standing, their height starts at 12 to 15 inches at the shoulder of the Bulldogs and 18 to 25 inches for the Border Collies. So, expect to meet the size of the Border Collie Bulldog mix within the above-mentioned size range.

Obviously, one can never go wrong by looking at the stance of the Bulldogs. They have fine-textured coats that are short-length and really smooth. The color spectrum of the Bully comes in brindles, fawn, solid shades especially white and red. You can also see some Bulldogs in solid black but it is not really usual.

Meanwhile, its Border Collie parent is famous for its two types of coat, the rough and the smooth. Aside from that, they are double-coated dog breeds in which the outer coat feels coarse and the undercoat has a smooth texture. Usually, you can see them flaunting a black and white-colored coat. Perhaps, the other colors that they may boast for are the solid color, bicolor, tricolor, and merle.

That means that you can also see a Border Collie Bulldog mix wearing any of those color shades.

Personality & Temperament

Because of the innate sweetness of both the Border Collie and the Bulldog, this dog breed will give you an affable personality. Plus, it also provides you with a fun loving and sociable furry companion as a bonus. A family-oriented dog, no members of the family nor the kids will be aloof from the Border Collie Bulldog mix.

If the Bulldog breed runs strongly in their blood, the dog will showcase a strong personality and tend to be a leader. With that, prepare yourself to be an autonomous and dedicated owner. They always want to be in control but with proper introduction and early socialization, mingling with other animals will never be a problem.

The Border Collie Bulldog mix is a highly independent dog breed. They are affectionate and spending more time with you is one of their desires. However, leaving them alone for a long time will result in destructive behavior.


The coat of the Border Collie Bulldog mix is generally short. Yet, despite it, this dog breed is a moderate to heavy shedder. Weekly brushing will be a big help in reducing the amount of shedding.

Bathing them is another good step to make, but make sure that you do not do it frequently. Frequent brushing will dry their skin out. It is also important to schedule their nail trimming on a once-a-month basis.

Health & Diet of Border Collie Bulldog Mix

Black and white Border Collie looking at veggiesBoth of the parent breeds are healthy dog breeds. Yet, they are still susceptible to experiencing some genetic issues. The Border Collie Bulldog mix, being a mix breed, is more prone to some health problems.

Hip dysplasia is a dog’s disorder that is commonly affecting the Bulldog and the Border Collie. So, as a mix breed, there is a high probability that the mix will also suffer from this dog’s health concern. Aside from that, there are other health problems that the parent breeds may suffer from. And, the mixed breed will also have the possibility to experience it.

Here are some of the health issues that a Border Collie Bulldog mix may also have to deal with:

  • Epilepsy
  • Skin and Ear Diseases
  • Obesity
  • Collie Eye Anomaly

Feeding of Border Collie Bulldog Mix

Speaking of obesity, this mix breed has a higher chance of being obese as it is a common health issue of one of its parent breed, the Bulldog. While being energetic coming from its parent Border Collie, feeding this breed with a high quality commercial dog food is necessary. Raw meat is also a great addition to their diet because it will help to ward off any skin problems that may occur.

However, having the blood of the Bully, be very cautious in feeding them. As much as possible, try not to overfeed them because of the probability of being obese. Additionally, obesity is also a predisposing factor in the development of hip dysplasia in dogs.

Further, don’t forget supplementing this Border Collie Bulldog mix diet with fish oil. A combination of glucosamine and chondroitin is also good for them for the prevention of hip dysplasia.

Taking Care and Training

This Border Collie mix needs proper care and training that they deserve. Having the blood of the BC in their roots, this mixed breed has an extreme level of intelligence and an enormous amount of energy. With that, you need to give it activities balancing their physique and mental state.

Black and white puppy with ball on the sandThis dog needs a skilled trainer to assists them in the development of its strong urge in getting what it desires. Teaching the Border Collie Bulldog mix through obedience training may help this pooch in developing its intellect to achieve its goal. Take time to be with this dog breed while walking around the park or exert some effort in giving it some tasks to do.

Where to Get Puppies?

There are a number of options in getting Border Collie mix puppies. One option that seems to be the safest is to buy directly from a reputable breeder. Part of being a potential pet owner is to verify that the breeder performs genetic testing and is willing to disclose any health information of their dogs.

Moreover, adopting a Border Collie Bulldog mix is also another way to get this dog mix. It is good to know that there is a long list of rescue shelters that carry Border Collies and their mixes under their roof.


Black and white puppy in bedBasically, the cost of purchasing a Border Collie mix breed differs from adopting a puppy mix. You need to have at least $300 in your pocket if you are planning to adopt a Border Collie puppy mix. It is inclusive of all the expenses of the rescue center in caring for the pooch prior to adoption. On the other hand, purchasing a Border Collie mix will generally cost you a thing. It starts from $500 up to $2500.


A Border Collie is such a wonderful family pet making it one of the most sought-after parent breeds. With its exceptional personality and jaw-dropping intelligence, no one will ever resist having the BC. Add to this is the strong physique and fun loving behavior of the Bulldog. An incredible Border Collie Bulldog mix will give you the best of both worlds. Although some health issues are in store for this dog mix, proper caring and appropriate training are keys for them to be healthy and happy.

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