Ski-Collie – All You Need to know about Border Collie – American Eskimo Mix

The Border Collie-American Eskimo mix, commonly called “Border Eskimo,” is a crossbreed characterized by its high intelligence, agility, and affectionate nature towards its owners. Their working dog ancestry made them highly active, requiring regular exercise and mental stimulation making them an excellent choice for active families seeking a loyal and trainable companion.

Characteristics of Ski-Collie Mix

Ski-Borders are sociable, hybrid, designer dogs derived from American Eskimo and Border Collie mix. They can grow to up to 20 inches at the shoulders while size may vary between sexes.

This mix also has a silky, medium-length, multicolored double coat and like its parents, they’re smart and love to please its owners.

Border CollieAmerican Eskimo Dog
Height38cm to 48cm45cm to 56cm
Weight30lbs or more30lbs to 45lbs
Lifespan12 to 15 years12 to 15 years

History of Ski-Collie

American Eskimo dogs are beautiful Nordic Spitz dogs with robust pure white coats. Although German Americans have kept American Eskimo dogs for years, their origin is unknown. They may have descended from white German Spitz, Keeshonden, or Pomeranians brought to the US by German immigrants.

In the 1800s, circus performers loved the American Eskimo for its versatility. The American Kennel Club classified the breed as non-sporting in 1995.

Border Collies are Scottish of origin that are employed to guard Scottish-English flocks. England’s 1860 dog exhibition exhibited the dog and Queen Victoria loved the breed immediately. London sheepdog herding trials were held in 1876 and surprised majority of the eventgoers with its incredible obedience skill.

Ski-Collie Appearance

Ski-Border dogs are gorgeous hybrids of their parents. They have long, thick coat that also contains an undercoat. Like its father, the American Eskimo, the tails curl on its back while its dark-padbed feet resemble cats.

Ski-Borders are slender, muscular athletes. They have fluffy fur that commonly sports black, grey, and cream. Grey or brown undercoats are also common.

Size, Height & Weight

The adult Ski-Border is a moderately sized dog, weighing in at roughly 9kg to 11kg and standing around 51cm at the shoulder.

Coats & Colors

Ski-Collie with black and white coat

The Ski-Border’s coat can come in two color variations: black and white or cream and white, accompanied by an undercoat in shades of gray or brown. This stunning breed features a double coat consisting of a soft, insulating undercoat and a luxuriously textured topcoat that can be straight, sleek, voluminous, or elegantly curled. Notably, the coat may also exhibit an enchanting neck ruffle similar to that of a Border Collie, with a silky texture.

Personality & Temperament of Border Collie – American Eskimo Hybrid

Ski-collies learn quickly and train well. This dog likes humans but is too energetic for the city. Ski-collies need a large yard with a fence to run and play. When outsiders arrive, Ski-collies occasionally bark.

Ski-collies are sporty yet, like to slumber indoors. This dog excels at herding, obedience, and agility and gets along with kids and other animals.

Intelligence of Border Collie – American Eskimo Mix

Many people believe that Border Collies are the most intelligent dog breed, if not the most intelligent species of dog altogether. These dogs are renowned for their endurance, vigor, loyalty, and friendliness in addition to their excellent intelligence.

In regards to American Eskimo, they learn new orders and retain them after 40 to 80 repetitions if you wish to teach them any tricks. At least 30% of the time, American Eskimo Dogs will obey the first command.

A Border Collie-American Eskimo mix could have intelligence, stamina, excitement, loyalty, and friendliness. American Eskimos, can be trained but are not as smart as Border Collies. Though every dog is different, the offspring may be smart and trainable.


Breeders combined the pure breeds of American Eskimo and Border Collie to create the hybrid Ski-Border. This mix is nothing more than a charming, affectionate, active, and gorgeous friend. Due to its high level of energy, this dog is a good fit for active homes.

Family & Kids

If Ski-Borders were not reared with children, they may need some prodding to tolerate them. If they fail to learn early, they have a tendency to jump, which might terrify children. It’s important to educate them to sit when being petted in front of kids.

Other Animals

Herders like Border Collies get along with other pets. After getting to know them, this breed is non-aggressive. However, their herding habits may put other pets in danger. This is the reason why it is important to maintain a close supervision between your dog and other animals.

The American Eskimo dog is social and needs to be with his owner. When socialized at a young age, they can coexist peacefully with feline and canine family members.

The Eskie should not be kept with rodents, birds, or reptiles, as is the case with a number of breeds, especially Nordic breeds.

To ensure good behavior around other animals, you must teach and socialize your Ski-Border. Watch how they interact and keep mice, birds, and reptiles away to prevent bad behavior. With proper training and socialization, Ski-Borders make terrific pets.


The herding instincts of Border Collies make them such good watchdogs. They will serve to protect the family’s young members. While they are friendly with children and pets they have grown up with, they may be wary of and even aggressive toward newcomer.

The majority of American Eskimo Dogs are reserved around strangers. They have alert eyes and ears, and serious when performing watchdog duties – though they rarely become aggressive. To avoid their watchfulness turning into aggressive behavior, early and regular socialization is necessary.

Do Ski-Collie Bark A Lot?

American Eskimo dogs are noted for their loud barking, but ski-border dogs balance this tendency off by not barking as much but instead woofing when they see something unexpected or are in danger.

Are Ski-Collie Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

Ski-Borders can be a good choice for first-time dog owners because of their adaptability to varied owners and lifestyles. However, it’s important to note that they are a highly active breed that requires regular exercise and mental stimulation. This means that they may not be suitable for owners who have limited time or energy for exercise.

Training & Exercise of Ski-Collie Mix

Border Collie is among the smartest dogs and learns quickly. This smart dog needs extensive, and routine training. This breed needs lots of exercise to be fit and occupied. At least one (preferably two) hour brisk walks per day are required. Border Collies may have a tendency to chase bikes and cars, thus they must be put on leash.

Play fetch or Frisbee in a secure place to help the dog burn off energy and focus. After all, they excel in speed and disc dog sports as well as herding.

Take your American Eskimo on hikes, walks, or even dog sports – these are all activities that are guaranteed to make your dog happy.

To avoid a misbehaving puppy, American Eskimo dogs need training. Puppy socialization and behavior training may be needed for older adopted Eskies. Don’t expect perfection from an Eskie and exert some effort to make the training fun. If a session becomes frustrating, find a way to simplify it, or simply end it.

The Ski-Collie, is smart and active and needs regular mental and physical stimulation to keep healthy. They should be active for 60–90 minutes a day, learn obedience commands, and socialize early. Consistent training and reinforcement are necessary for a well-behaved Ski-Collie.

Taking Care & Maintenance

American Eskimo Border Collies are smart, obedient, lively, and have fluffy fur. Skiborder’s thick undercoat and topcoat need frequent brushing to remove dead hair and maintain it neat. Wash your dog weekly and at least every month, see to it that they have their nails trimmed and ears cleaned. You should brush your dog’s teeth every week to prevent gum disease and also, avoid plaque buildup.

Health of Border Collie – American Eskimo Mix

Like it or not, this dog is not immune to typical canine issues. Due to its high level of energy and love of running, the American Eskimo/Border Collie mix is prone to muscular and bone issues. When Skiborder ages, it is common for it to have hip dysplasia and idiopathic epilepsy. It can also develop teeth problems.

Diet & Nutrition

It’s natural that your Border Collie has access to clean water. As your dog ages, their nutritional requirements change as well. Talk to your vet about your dog’s weight and how you should feed them. Adjusting feedings may be necessary.

American Eskimo dogs need a high-activity diet. Every day, feed the puppy two 1 to 2 cup portions. This amount should enough to keep them full and healthy throughout the day. However, overfeeding will cause them to gain some pounds.

To keep a Border Eskimo healthy, feed them according to their age, weight, and activity level. Always provide access to clean water. As they age, their nutritional needs may change, so adjust their feedings as needed. Consult with a veterinarian to determine the best feeding schedule and amount for your dog.

Life Span

A Ski-Collie can live for 14 to 16 years, depending on how well-cared-for it is. As working dogs, Ski-Collie breeds do require enough activity to maintain good health.

Health Issues

With 12 to 15 years of average lifespan, Border Collies generally enjoy good health, but like any breed, they may encounter common ailments such as:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia

Regular veterinary visits are important to detect any potential issues early and ensure a long and joyful life.

While certain genetic concerns have been identified in some American Eskimo dogs, these conditions are relatively rare. Nonetheless, it is essential to maintain a consistent schedule of routine medical checkups. Screening for conditions like progressive retinal atrophy should be conducted, along with evaluations by both a hip specialist and an ophthalmologist.

The American Eskimo-Border Collie mix may have health issues from both parent breeds. Border Collies may suffer hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism, while American Eskimos may have progressive retinal atrophy. Early diagnosis, including hip and eye exams, is essential for the Ski-Border’s long life.

Grooming of Border Collie – American Eskimo Mix

border collie on a check-up

The Ski-Border experiences heavy shedding, particularly when the seasons change. The double coat of the Ski-Border needs to be brushed frequently.

Do they Shed A Lot?

Despite shedding less than the Border Collie, the American Eskimo Dog needs frequent grooming. The Ski-Border, sheds variably depending on genetics. This is likely since the Ski-Border’s parents shed moderately to heavily.

However, brushing their coat several times a week to remove stray fur and prevent matting can reduce shedding. Bathe the Ski-Border every 2–3 months to control their shedding. Another activity that can help you with their shedding is by brushing their fur consistently.

Male vs Female of Ski-Collie

Male Ski-Collie’s often has shoulders that are at least 20 inches wide when fully developed. In some cases, females are slightly smaller than males.


Depending on whether or not registration requirements are met, a Ski-Collie may cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000. The exact cost of a Ski-Collie depends on the dog’s show potential, health examinations, color, gender, and local cost of life.


The Ski-Border, can leave its mother at around 8 to 12 weeks. Due to their intellect and activity, Ski-Border training should start early. Because of their fluffy white coats and loyalty to their owners, they make great pets for those who are willing to teach and socialize them.

Breeders & Shelters

1% of people can adopt a Ski Border for free. Adopting a Ski Border involves money, food, and equipment like a collar and bed. This breed costs between $1,000 and $4,000.

Shelters are charitable organizations that take dogs from many sources, while breeders specialize in breeding dogs with specific traits. To keep your pet happy and well-adjusted, provide proper care, training, and socialization at all times.

Conclusion: Is Ski-Collie Right For You?

In conclusion, the Border Eskimo can be an excellent companion for active owners who have the time and dedication to meet their exercise and mental stimulation needs. It’s important to consult with a veterinarian regarding their dietary requirements over time.

While previous dog experience is helpful, with proper training and socialization, Border Eskimos can be enjoyed by both experienced and inexperienced owners. With their loyal and affectionate nature, Border Eskimos can provide years of joy and companionship to their owners.

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