Male or Female Border Collie? Which dog is better for you?

Bringing home a dog like the Border Collie entails some essential factors to consider. One of which is choosing between a male and female Border Collie would you lie to have. Yet you should keep in mind that a dog’s gender might impose various effects on your dog ownership and relationships with your pet. As we go along, we will discover the similarities and differences between the male and female Border Collies. This will help you to make a concrete decision on which Border Collie fits your preference.

Characteristics Comparison of Male and Female Border Collie

Knowing the slight variations between male and female Border Collies will help you decide to add one to your home. The breed’s distinctive intellect and vitality are present in both sexes, yet there are subtle differences between the sexes.

Male Border Collies, in general, are known for their kind demeanor and eagerness to please. When loved ones are present, they thrive and enjoy the spotlight. Because of their unwavering devotion, they make lovely pets for anyone looking for a loyal friend.

A singular blend of autonomy and devotion characterizes female Border Collies. Although they may seem quieter than the average person, their undying devotion to their families is evident. Females typically develop outstanding nurturing skills due to their innate maternal impulses, making them wonderful caretakers of human and animal family members.

Male Border CollieFemale Border Collie
Height19 - 22 inches18 - 21 inches
Weight30 - 45 lbs27 - 42 lbs
Body Builtsolid and athlethicmore petite than males
Temperamentkind, eager to please, loyalautonomous and devoted
Activity Levelmore activemore flexible
Health IssuesEpilepsy
Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Collie Eye Anomaly
Hip Dysplasia
Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Collie Eye Anomaly
Hip Dysplasia
Life Expectancy12 - 15 years12 - 15 years

History of Breeds

Border Collies have existed since the 1700s, when they were initially bred in the regions separating England and Scotland. The term “Border Collie” alludes to the territory that serves as the border between the United States and Canada, where the breed was initially developed. The breed’s herding abilities were honed and perfected in this harsh and challenging setting.

Border Collies were first developed to herd sheep. They have been bred specifically for their superior precision and efficiency in carrying out this difficult duty. They were perfect for the job because of their smarts, agility, and work ethic.

Although Border Collies were first bred to herd livestock, they have now been adapted to perform several other tasks. They have succeeded in many areas because of their openness to change and desire to learn. They are still used on farms but compete in dog sports today, including agility, obedience, and herding events.

Both male and female Border Collies share a long and storied history of herding. Their historical functions as herders were remarkably consistent. Border Collies of both sexes share the same innate propensity for intellect, herding abilities, and adaptability.

Appearance of Male versus Female Border Collie

Not only are Border Collies well-known for having exceptionally high IQs and boundless amounts of energy, but members of the breed also exhibit a wide range of unique sex differences from one another. Anyone who has an interest in dogs or who is contemplating the purchase of a dog ought to do some research on this topic.


Male Border Collies tend to mature slightly more than their female counterparts. Male Border Collies typically range in size from 30 to 45 lbs and have a shoulder height of 19 to 22 in. Given their busy lifestyle, these stats are commensurate with a solid and athletic appearance.

The average shoulder height of a female Border Collie is 18 to 21 inches, and their average weight is 27 to 42 pounds, making them slightly smaller than their male counterparts. Women may appear more petite than males, yet they have all the agility and strength of their male counterparts.

It’s important to remember that the differences in height and weight between male and female Border Collies are less pronounced than one may think. Individual variation is also possible within the male and female populations. Like humans, dogs come in a wide range of body types. Regardless of gender, genetics, diet, and exercise all affect the final size of a Border Collie.

So, whether you’re debating whether to purchase a male or female Border Collie, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on their size. Instead, consider whether they complement your personality, energy level, and way of life. Border Collies, regardless of gender, have acquired a well-deserved reputation as excellent canine companions for the right kind of owner because of their intelligence and natural herding inclinations.

Coats & Colors

There is little to no difference between male and female Border Collies regarding coat and color. The coats of both sexes are two layers deep, with the outer layer being dense and weatherproof and the undercoat softer. The coat has a silky texture and can be anywhere from short to medium in length. Black and white, red and white, blue merle and tricolor Border Collies are just some of the color combinations that can be seen in this breed.

Coat color and pattern have nothing to do with a person’s gender. Both male and female Border Collies have genes that largely determine their coat traits.

Difference in Personality & Temperament

When you bring a Border Collie into your house, you are also entering a world in which the personalities and temperaments of male and female Collies differ in subtle ways. Border Collies are a breed that is known for their intelligence and work ethic, but when you do so, you are also entering a world in which these differences exist.

In the end, whether you get a male or female, Border Collie will rely on the preferences you have as an individual as well as the manner you live your life. Each gender possesses unique characteristics, and people of any sex can be excellent friends and dependable allies. A diverse selection of both male and female Border Collies is available, allowing you to locate a devoted companion who can play with you or watch over you, depending on your requirements.


Happy dog and family in the backgroundMale Border Collies, in general, are known for their kind demeanor and eagerness to please. When loved ones are present, they thrive and enjoy the spotlight. Because of their unwavering devotion, they make lovely pets for anyone looking for a loyal friend.


Female Border Collies, however, display an intriguing combination of autonomy and devotion. Although they may seem quieter than the average person, their undying devotion to their families is evident. Females typically develop outstanding nurturing skills due to their innate maternal impulses, making them wonderful caretakers of human and animal family members.


All sexes of Border Collies share the trait of being friendly and patient around children. On the other side, men tend to have a lighter disposition and be more tolerant of the uncontrolled enthusiasm of youngsters. Their youthful vitality makes them entertaining companions for games.

When engaging with small children, women, on the other hand, are more likely to adopt a caring and protective position of the youngster. The fact that they have a maternal inclination may drive them to feel compelled to look out for and take care of youngsters.

Other People

Border Collies make excellent guard dogs because of their innate wariness of new people. Both male and female Border Collies share this trait. However, male Collies are typically more outgoing and friendly than their female counterparts when making new friends.

Female Border Collies may take longer than males to warm up to new people. Their innate need to protect the people who are essential to them compels them to proceed with considerable caution.

Dogs & Other Animals

Due to the inherent herding behavior of Border Collies, they may behave differently towards other dogs and animals. Male dogs, especially those reared with other male dogs, will likely have a more dominant personality. This is especially true for those raised in households with multiple male dogs. They could demonstrate that they are superior to the other competitors.

Female dogs have a lower propensity for hostility and a higher propensity for being sociable. They have a more vital ability to create social relationships with other animals, so they are best suited for households with more than one pet.

Behaviour Issues

Any prospective owner of a Border Collie would do well to familiarize themselves with the species’ typical male and female behaviors. Because of their boundless enthusiasm, male Border Collies may benefit from additional mental and physical challenges. They are very trainable dogs who benefit from mental stimulation. Males not engaged in constructive mental and physical activities are more likely to engage in self-destructive activities. Their excess energy is sometimes released through digging and gnawing. The results of such misbehavior are often broken furniture, destroyed personal items, and an irritated owner.

Female Border Collies are typically more pliable and adaptive than their male counterparts. Their temperament makes them more tolerant of occasional deviations from the norm. Females are less likely than males to resort to harmful behaviors when they are neglected or denied appropriate attention, socialization, or physical activity. They may instead become distant or withdrawn. This disengagement serves as a coping technique, allowing them to conserve energy until they are exposed to more stimulating activities.

Female Border Collies may exhibit moderate destructive behaviors, such as ripping up a toy or gnawing on a less valuable item if they are bored or feel neglected. However, the devastation is typically less in females than males. Both sexes of Border Collies do best in a planned setting with ample opportunities to learn and exercise. When men’s needs are neglected, they are more likely to engage in self-destructive behavior because of their increased energy and desire. When bored, women are more likely to withdraw than to engage in damaging acts because of their greater adaptability.

Training & Exercise of a Male versus a Female Border Collie

Both male and female Border Collies are widely regarded as exceptionally bright. They quickly acquire commands and are hence, frequently successful in canine sports. Their history as herders informs their innate intelligence. Herding animals required these canines to think quickly on their feet and make snap judgments, traits that have made them excellent problem solvers.

Male Border Collies, in general, are pretty eager to please their masters. They respond well to rewards-based teaching and are eager to assist their human friends. While just as trainable as male Border Collies, females may have more independence. They could need more time and consistency when being trained. However, they can be trained to be alert and responsive because of their powerful maternal instincts.

Male and female Border Collies share the same unbounded enthusiasm and need for daily exercise. It’s common for male Border Collies to be more active than their female counterparts. They could benefit from prolonged periods of fun and walking.

While male and female Border Collies share the same boundless enthusiasm, females may be more flexible regarding limiting playtime. Their tendency towards reserve, on the whole, can lead to a healthier perspective on exercise. Finding the sweet spot between training and exercise for your Border Collie is crucial, regardless of the dog’s sex.

Border Collies require both mental and physical exercise to be happy and healthy. Males and girls alike are susceptible to the agitation and behavioral problems of insufficient exercise. Border Collies require mental stimulation, so activities like obedience training, agility classes, and canine sports are more than simply a hobby. Both sexes thrive in these settings because of the stimulating mental demands they place on participants.

Taking Care & Maintenance Difference

Inviting a Border Collie into your life is more than just adding a dog to your family; it begins a lifelong adventure of mutual friendship, responsibility, and care. These energetic and perceptive canines require affection and careful attention to their every whim.

Caring for this dog breed covers a lot of ground for the Border Collie health and wellness. There are possible factors, from the maintenance of their lovely coats through grooming practices to the effects of their nutrition on their vitality.

Grooming Comparison

Funny indoor portrait of puppy dog border collie sitting in bath gets bubble bath.

Border Collies, regardless of gender, are instantly recognizable by their stunning double coat. The outer layer of this double coat is dense and weatherproof, while the undercoat is thinner and warmer. While male and female Border Collies differ in some ways, they need the same care and attention regarding their coats.

A Border Collie’s double coat is an essential part of its anatomy. It’ll keep them toasty in the winter and cool in the summer, thanks to the insulation it provides. However, properly managing this coat is crucial for your Border Collie’s comfort and health.

Grooming is essential for the health and happiness of both male and female Border Collies. The benefits of this self-care ritual are numerous. When the seasons change, Border Collies shed anywhere from moderately to heavily. Grooming your pet regularly helps control the amount of stray hair in your home.

The natural oils in the coat are distributed, mats are avoided, and air can reach the skin more efficiently when the animal is groomed. Skin problems and discomfort are less likely to occur on a well-groomed coat. You and your Border Collie can form a special bond during grooming sessions. It’s an opportunity for soft communication and encouragement.

You can check for skin problems, ticks, and other abnormalities while grooming. Your dog’s seasonality, shedding pattern, and activity level will all affect how often you need to brush him. A Border Collie’s coat requires regular brushing to control shedding and keep it healthy. More frequent brushing may be required during times of high shedding.


Border Collies go through anywhere from a light to a significant amount of shedding when the seasons change. Regularly grooming your pet is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of stray hair brought into the house.

In summary, due to their double coat, Border Collies of both sexes have the exact requirement for consistent grooming. You must groom him regularly for the health, happiness, and comfort of your Border Collie. Maintaining your Border Collie’s coat, regardless of whether you have a male or female, is essential to the dog’s overall pleasure and appeal.


Regarding your cherished Border Collie, you must consider every aspect of the situation seriously. Pay close attention to these intelligent and agile dogs’ health is imperative to ensure they live long, healthy, and active lives. This is true regardless of the gender of the dog.

The health and happiness of Border Collies must treat both males and females in the same manner. Both male and female Border Collies have the same genetic predispositions, vulnerabilities, and resiliencies regarding their physical health. Their breed determines these characteristics. It is imperative to remember that a person’s gender is not a factor in determining their current state of health.

Life Span

The typical lifespan of a Border Collie ranges between 12 and 15 years for both male and female dogs. This is true to a significant degree for people of both sexes. On the other hand, to achieve this optimum lifetime, personalized therapy and preventative medicine are required.

The number of years an individual has lived does not determine the value of their life. You can ensure that your senior Border Collie is happy and healthy by showering them with plenty of affection, providing them with mentally challenging activities, and keeping them in a stimulating environment.

Diet & Nutrition

Border Collies, whether male or female, have comparable nutritional requirements. For optimal health, dogs need high-quality food suitable for their age, size, and activity level. The optimal diet for your Border Collie may only be determined after consulting with your vet.

Health Issues

As with many dog breeds, Border Collies have the potential for various diseases and disorders. To be a responsible Border Collie owner, you must be aware of these issues. Here is an in-depth look at some of the most typical hereditary health issues that can affect Border Collies of either sex:

  • Epilepsy: Seizures occur often for those who suffer from epilepsy, a neurological illness. Both sexes of dogs, including Border Collies, can be affected by this disease. While there is currently no cure for epilepsy, it can be controlled with the help of medicine and regular veterinary visits.
  • Visual Disorders: Several genetic eye problems, including progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and collie eye anomaly (CEA), place Border Collies at risk of impaired vision. If neglected, these disorders can severely impair or even destroy the dog’s eyesight, regardless of gender.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Border Collies are susceptible to the orthopedic disorder hip dysplasia, which affects many dog breeds. Arthritis and pain in the hip area result from improper hip development. Border Collies of both sexes are vulnerable. Hip dysplasia can be prevented or treated with careful breeding practices, including screening for the problem and regular visits to the veterinarian.

Cost of getting a Male versus a Female Border Collie

There are costs associated with the adventure of bringing home a Border Collie, whether it’s a male or female. Numerous factors affect the total amount of money needed to buy and maintain a Border Collie, so it’s essential to make a detailed financial strategy.

Dogs with remarkable pedigrees or a history of winning competitions may be worth more than average because of the strong demand they generate. Your Border Collie’s age and general condition may also impact the price tag. Puppies have higher one-time costs, but senior dogs sometimes have more comprehensive medical requirements.

Many variables affect how much you’ll pay to bring home a male or female Border Collie. It’s essential to do your homework, make a plan, and save aside enough money to provide your Border Collie with the treatment they need. You should be prepared to make a financial commitment to the joy of having a Border Collie as part of your family, whether you choose a male or female companion.


Group of puppies sitting in front of a white background

Border Collie puppy prices can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the breeder’s status, the quality of the dog’s lineage, and your geographic location. Puppies of the Border Collie breed can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 and higher. The gender of a puppy does not frequently affect its price.

Breeders & Centers

Getting one from a good breeder or a shelter is essential if you want a Border Collie. Breeders who care about their animals and their puppies’ well-being will ensure they are healthy, socialized, and up-to-date on their immunizations. Adoption fees from shelters can range from free to several hundred dollars, although they are typically far cheaper than those of breeders.

Conclusion: Which Is Better, Male or Female Border Collie?

Finally, whether a male or female Border Collie is preferable arises. Ultimately, your preferences and way of life will determine whether you’re better off with a male or female Border Collie. Wonderful friends and family pets can be found in both sexes, but there are particular distinctions in temperament and behavior to consider.

Male Border Collies are more friendly and active than their female counterparts. They are more gregarious and friendly with all sorts of creatures. However, a female Border Collie may be better if you seek a dog with a strong mother instinct and a more autonomous disposition. They care for others and create strong ties with their loved ones.

Border Collies of both sexes benefit from regular exercise, mental stimulation, and grooming. Early and consistent training and care are crucial to ensure they develop into well-behaved, contented pets. Ultimately, whether your Border Collie is a male or female doesn’t matter as much as the care and affection you provide. If you give your Border Collie the love and attention it needs, it will become a beloved family member and enrich your life for years.

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