Border Collie Foxhound Mix Breed Guide

Meet the remarkable Border Collie Foxhound mix, a captivating blend of intelligence, grace, and a strong work ethic. This extraordinary breed inherits the best traits from its parent breeds, making it a natural choice for various roles, such as mountain rescue and sniffer dogs. Border Collie Foxhound mix combines the best of both worlds, promising a breed that embodies intelligence, loyalty, and a harmonious blend of grace and rugged hunting spirit.

Characteristics of a Border Collie Foxhound Mix

The Border Collie Foxhound mix is a blend of two exceptional parent breeds. Border Collies are celebrated for their intelligence and work drive, responding well to training, and being loyal and sensitive companions. Initially bred for hunting, American Foxhounds contribute grace, endurance, and a keen sense of smell. This mix inherits intelligence, work ethic, grace, and endurance, making them capable and devoted, whether in various roles or as loving companions.

Characteristics Description
Height: 18 to 25 inches
Weight: 30 to 75 pounds
Lifespan: 10 to 17 years
Colors: Black, Red, and Tan
Temperament: Loyal, Energetic, and Easy Going

Breed History

The Border Collie Foxhound mix combines the herding prowess of the Border Collie, originating from the English and Scottish border regions in the 1700s, and the American Foxhound, one of America’s oldest breeds with roots dating back to the early 1700s in Virginia and Maryland.

Despite limited historical records due to their recent emergence, this mixed breed embodies a rich heritage, blending herding and hunting traits to create a unique and versatile companion despite occasional shelter challenges.


The Border Collie Foxhound mix is a captivating blend of two distinctive parent breeds, resulting in a unique and enduring appearance. The Border Collie’s muscular and agile physique reflects its diligent and hardworking nature. Meanwhile, the Foxhound brings moderately long and robust body traits with large, expressive eyes that add grace and charm. This combination results in a harmonious fusion of strength, agility, and emotional appeal, making the Border Collie Foxhound mix both physically capable and emotionally captivating.

Size, Height & Weight

expected size of a Collie Foxhound mix

The Border Collie Foxhound mix inherits the medium-sized athleticism of Border Collies, with heights ranging from 18 to 22 inches and weights of 30 to 55 pounds for adults. Meanwhile, the American Foxhound adds its characteristics, with heights between 21 to 25 inches and weights of 45 to 75 pounds. The mix shows the fusion of physical traits from both parent breeds, making it a unique and appealing choice for dog enthusiasts.

Coats & Colors

The Border Collie Foxhound mix boasts a wonderful coat that combines traits from its parent breeds. The Border Collie offers versatility with two coat types, rough and smooth, featuring 21 recognized colors. Meanwhile, the American Foxhound contributes a soft, medium-to-short coat with diverse color possibilities. The mix results in a visually intriguing coat that blends the characteristics of both parent breeds.

Personality & Temperament of a Border Collie Foxhound Mix

In the Border Collie Foxhound mix, you’ll discover a combination of loyalty and high-spirited energy that makes this breed unique. Border Collies, known for their unwavering loyalty, are dogs that will stick by their owner’s side no matter where they go, even when “off-duty.” This loyalty is a hallmark of the Border Collie breed and a testament to their strong bond with their human companions.

On the other hand, the American Foxhound contributes a temperament characterized by being high-spirited, energetic, and easy-going. These qualities bring a delightful sense of vitality and a fun-loving spirit. So, in the Border Collie Foxhound mix, you can expect a dog that combines the Border Collie’s exceptional loyalty with the American Foxhound’s high-spirited energy, resulting in a companion that is not only devoted but also full of life and easy to get along with.


The Border Collie Foxhound mix is a captivating combination of intelligence from its parent breeds. Border Collies are renowned worldwide for their exceptional intelligence and are often considered among the smartest dog breeds. While American Foxhounds may not top the intelligence charts, they still earn a respectable score. In the Border Collie Foxhound mix, you get a blend of intelligence influenced by both parent breeds, offering a brilliant companion that brings unique qualities from each breed to the mix.


The Border Collie Foxhound mix inherits a high energy level from its parent breeds. Border Collies are renowned for their energetic nature, possessing boundless enthusiasm and stamina.

Similarly, the American Foxhound contributes to this mix with its high energy level. These dogs are known for their spirited and active disposition, often demonstrating a strong desire to explore and engage in various activities.

Family & Kids

The Border Collie Foxhound mix inherits a temperament shaped by its parent breeds. Border Collies, known for their affectionate but sometimes boisterous behavior, are generally good with children but may display possessiveness and jumping tendencies. Conversely, the American Foxhound is friendly and family-oriented. The mix combines the Border Collie’s affection with the American Foxhound’s friendliness. Still, training and socialization are crucial to manage potential Border Collie traits and ensure a harmonious relationship with children in the family.

Other Animals

The Border Collie Foxhound mix combines traits from parent breeds when interacting with other pets and children. Border Collies are natural herders and tend to be non-aggressive towards other pets, though their herding instincts can unintentionally harm them. American Foxhounds can coexist with cats and animals if socialized early but have a prey drive. Vigilance and supervision are essential for a harmonious and safe environment for all family members, furry or not.


The Border Collie Foxhound mix combines the characteristics of two distinct breeds, resulting in a wide range of behaviors regarding interactions with strangers. Border Collies are typically friendly but may appear reserved when young due to nervousness rather than protectiveness. In contrast, American Foxhounds tend to be reserved and occasionally show aggression towards strangers. In this mix, you can expect a variety of behaviors, from friendliness to shyness. Proper socialization is vital to ensuring positive encounters with unfamiliar people.

Do Border Collie Foxhounds Bark A Lot?

The Border Collie Foxhound mix inherits a unique blend of barking tendencies from its parent breeds. With their frequent barking, Border Collies react to visual stimuli such as bikes and skateboards. On the other hand, American Foxhounds have a distinctive, melodious bay that can be loud and disruptive. The mix may exhibit a combination of these behaviors, including the Border Collie’s visual triggers and the Foxhound’s distinctive bay, which may present challenges in managing noise in specific living environments.

Are Border Collie Foxhounds Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

The Border Collie Foxhound mix combines traits from two distinct parent breeds, each with its considerations for potential owners. Border Collies demand commitment, time, and determination due to their intelligence and activity levels, making them less suitable for first-time dog owners. Foxhounds, known for their patience and activity, could be better for novices, especially in urban settings. This mix requires a dedicated owner willing to meet its unique needs, combining intelligence and activity from the Border Collie with the Foxhound’s sweet disposition and physical engagement requirements, posing challenges for inexperienced owners.

Training & Exercise

The Border Collie Foxhound mix inherits exercise and training needs from both parent breeds. Border Collies require ample exercise and mental stimulation to prevent behavior issues, while Foxhounds are trainable and eager to please. Practical training with positive reinforcement and early socialization is key to raising a well-adjusted mix. Balancing physical activity and mental engagement is crucial for their overall well-being and behavior management.

Taking Care & Maintenance for a Border Collie Foxhound Mix

Taking care of your Border Collie Foxhound mix is a matter of common-sense practices. Ensure their well-being by providing a balanced diet and ample exercise, as both breeds have high activity levels. Regular grooming, including dental care and coat maintenance, is vital for hygiene and appearance. The American Foxhound aspect requires an active lifestyle, so give them attention and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Following these principles will result in a well-cared-for and cherished family member.

Health of a Border Collie Foxhound Mix

The health of a Border Collie Foxhound mix depends on the genetic predispositions of its parent breeds. Border Collies are typically hardy but may have breed-specific health concerns, while American Foxhounds are generally healthy. Prospective owners should be aware of potential medical issues from both breeds to provide proper care and address specific health needs. Understanding these factors is crucial for ensuring the well-being of a Border Collie Foxhound mix.

Diet & Nutrition

To ensure optimal health for your Border Collie Foxhound mix, it’s crucial to prioritize their diet by focusing on critical elements. Begin by providing them with high-quality meat sources to fulfill their essential protein requirements, vital for their overall well-being. Additionally, they incorporate essential fatty acids and omega-3s into their diet to support their skin, coat, and overall health. Include small portions of carbohydrates from vegetables, herbs, and berries to provide necessary nutrients and energy.

Ensure they receive natural vitamins and minerals from both bone and plant sources, and keep them well-hydrated by offering high-moisture foods and clean drinking water. Customizing their diet to meet their needs will ensure a healthy and fulfilling life.

Life Span

The lifespan of a Border Collie Foxhound mix can vary due to genetics, lifestyle, and care. Border Collies live between 10 to 17 years, while American Foxhounds average 12 to 15 years. Mixed breeds typically fall within this range, with factors like diet, exercise, and healthcare influencing their lifespan. Proper care and a healthy lifestyle can help ensure a long and fulfilling life for your Border Collie Foxhound mix, potentially spanning 10 to 17 years.

Health Issues

Ensuring the well-being of your Border Collie Foxhound mix involves understanding the health risks associated with both parent breeds. Border Collies are susceptible to health issues such as:

  • Collie Eye Anomaly
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Hypothyroidism

Conversely, American Foxhounds are generally robust but may face:

  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Ear Infections
  • Dental Diseases

Vigilant monitoring and regular veterinary care are crucial for maintaining your mix’s health and ensuring your beloved companion’s joyful, healthy life.


Grooming a Border Collie Foxhound mix requires a balanced approach. Due to Border Collie’s heritage, regular brushing is vital, while baths are needed only every three months. Be cautious not to over-bathe as it may irritate their skin. Tips include brushing before bathing, using tepid water, appropriate grooming products, and protecting their eyes. The American Foxhound side has a low-maintenance short coat, requiring weekly brushing and occasional baths for outdoor messes. Regular nail trimming is essential. Combining both parent breeds’ grooming practices keeps your mix comfortable and well-groomed.

Do they Shed A Lot?

Both parent breeds’ shedding tendencies influence the coat of a Border Collie Foxhound mix. Border Collies have a heavy shedding pattern, especially in fall and spring, requiring significant maintenance. In contrast, American Foxhounds shed less noticeably—this mix results in moderate shedding. Regular grooming remains essential, but it may not be as intensive as with purebred Border Collies.

Male vs. Female Border Collie Foxhound Mix

The Border Collie Foxhound mix exhibits distinct behavioral differences between males and females influenced by their parent breeds. Male Border Collies are known for their enduring playfulness and high energy levels, while females tend to mature slightly faster, leading to more independent thinking. Similarly, in the American Foxhound aspect, females mature quickly and show greater independence. Recognizing these differences is crucial for understanding your pet’s personality and meeting their specific needs effectively.

Cost of Breeding a Border Collie Foxhound Mix

The cost of a Border Collie Foxhound mix varies based on several factors. Border Collie puppies from reputable breeders can range from $700 to $1,500, but premium ones with exceptional pedigrees may cost $3,500 or more. American Foxhound puppies are generally more affordable, around $500 to $700. The mix’s price depends on age, gender, lineage, and breeder location. Be prepared for varying costs when considering a Border Collie Foxhound mix, with factors such as pedigree and location influencing the final price.


playful Foxhound Collie mix puppy

When considering the potential litter size for a Border Collie Foxhound mix, it’s helpful to note that the tendencies of both parent breeds can influence it.

Border Collies typically have litters ranging from 4 to 8, with an average of around six puppies per litter. On the other hand, American Foxhounds generally have litters of about 5 to 7 puppies.

In the case of your Border Collie Foxhound mix, the litter size can vary but may often fall within the range observed in both parent breeds, resulting in a moderate-sized litter of puppies.

Breeders & Shelters

When considering adopting a Border Collie Foxhound mix, it’s important to know the adoption costs and options available.

The average adoption cost for a Border Collie puppy from a rescue organization or shelter typically falls between $200 and $500. Additionally, American Foxhounds are commonly found in shelters, making them readily available for adoption.

If you’re contemplating adding an American Foxhound or a Border Collie Foxhound mix to your family, we strongly encourage you to prioritize adoption as your first choice. Not only does adoption offer the chance to provide a loving home to a dog in need, but it can also be a more cost-effective and compassionate way to welcome a new furry member into your family.

Conclusion: Is a Border Collie Foxhound Mix Right For You?

Deciding whether a Border Collie Foxhound mix is right for you requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some key points to help you conclude:

  1. Exercise and Activity – This mix is known for its high energy levels, combining the Border Collie’s need for physical and mental stimulation with the American Foxhound’s activity requirements. This mix is a good fit if you lead an active lifestyle and provide ample exercise and mental engagement.
  1. Training Commitment – Both parent breeds are intelligent and respond well to training. However, they require consistent and patient training from an owner willing to invest time and effort in their development.
  1. Socialization – Early and continuous socialization is essential to ensure your Border Collie Foxhound mix gets along well with other pets and people.
  1. Grooming – Grooming needs can vary depending on the mix’s coat type, but regular grooming is usually necessary to keep them clean and healthy.
  1. Health Considerations – Be aware of potential health concerns inherited from both parent breeds and provide regular veterinary care to maintain their well-being.
  1. Adoption – Consider adopting from a rescue organization or shelter as your first option. It’s a compassionate choice that can provide a loving home to a dog in need.

If you are an active, patient, and dedicated owner who can meet a Border Collie Foxhound mix’s exercise, training, and socialization needs, this breed can make a wonderful and loyal companion. However, it’s crucial to be prepared to own a high-energy and intelligent mix, including addressing their specific needs and potential health concerns.

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