Border Collie French Bulldog Mix Key Characteristics

The Border Collie French Bulldog mix is considered to be a hybrid mix. It can be otherwise referred to as a designer dog by some. With their unique breed and mix, it is quite difficult to gather information and history about them.

But not today, if you wish to widen your knowledge about such breed, you are in for a treat! Keep reading as you get to know more about Border Collie French Bulldog mix.

History of Border Collie & French Bulldog Mix

For many years, the Border Collie and French Bulldog were thought of as being two distinct breeds. However, recent DNA tests have proven that these dogs are closer genetically than previously thought. This means that they share more in common with each other than they do with other breeds of dog.

History of Border Collie

Border Collie waiting for commands

Border collies are an ancient breed, believed to be at least 4,000 years old. They were originally bred to herd sheep, but today they are more commonly used as working dogs, especially for herding and search and rescue.

Border collies were first imported into North America from Scotland in the early 1900s. The Border Collie was first recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in August of 1995.

History of French Bulldog

French Bulldog looking far away

Contrary to popular belief, French Bulldogs have actually originated in England. Even so, they are considered as one of the longest-known dog breeds out there.

The French Bulldog’s popularity began to grow around the turn of the 20th century. This is likely because of its gentle and calm personality as well as its unique physical traits—including its short coat, wrinkled face, and large head.

Appearance & Physical Attributes

Obviously, the breed is a descendant of two adorable and cute loving dogs. It is natural for a Border Collie French Bulldog mix to have the combined appearance and physical attributes of its parent breed. But where are this breed could have its differences? Let’s check out in the table below:

Treat Border Collie French Bulldog
Height 18 to 25 inches averaging of 20 inches 13 to 16 inches averaging of 14.5 inches
Size Large Small
Weight 27lbs to 45lbs or 12kg to 21kg 18lbs to 30lbs or 8kg to 14kg
Coat Dense, feathered, straight, short, somewhat long Fine, smooth, short
Groom Better for dog owners who are more experienced in dog’s grooming needs Doesn’t require lots of grooming. Ideal for first-time dog owners
Persona Smart, active, relentless, reacts fast Very loving, active, extremely patient, alive, sociable, playful
Intellect Remarkably outstanding. Can easily be trained. Needs commitment from the owner. Requires religious training routine

Training & Exercise of Border Collie French Bulldog Mix

exercising your Border Collie via running

Border Collie French Bulldog mix is a very intelligent dog. Thanks to its Border Collie lineage. However, let us not forget that it has still trace of French Bulldog which means, owners need to be more patient with training.

It is true that they are highly trainable. The thing is, they require a lot of repetition and consistency to learn new tasks.

In fact, many owners prefer to train their dogs using clicker training. This method is designed to both reward and correct your dog for good behavior. It’s important to start early when teaching a dog new tricks. That way, your dog will associate the skill with something positive and enjoyable rather than something unpleasant.

It is true that training a Border Collie French Bulldog comes with several challenges. But, you can make it a fun experience for you and your dog as well. If you show your dog that you’re on their side, they’ll be more likely to listen to you. So keep working at it and don’t give up!

Health & Diet

healthy bowl of dog food

Border Collies are a popular choice for people who want a dog that is both friendly and athletic. Their health needs are similar to other breeds of dogs. They should be given regular checkups by a vet. This is to keep their heart and respiratory system healthy.

Border Collies can get sick easily if they are not kept clean and free of parasites. They should also be fed high-quality dog food to ensure their health. With proper nutrition, exercise, and good care, most Border Collies can live long healthy lives.

Border Collies will need plenty of daily exercise opportunities. This is essential for them to burn off the energy they take in from eating and playing. A fenced yard is ideal for this purpose. At the same time, it’ll be smart if you’d get them used to running around on pavement or sidewalks.

The average life expectancy for French Bulldog is between 10 and 13 years. However, this can vary based on many factors such as health and diet. This is exactly the reason why similar with Border Collies, you have to feed your Frenchies with high-quality food. Something is specially formulated to support their growth.

steak, high protein source

In addition to that, providing high-protein diets for these dogs can help eliminate any risks of bloating. Furthermore, such diet reduces the risk of hip dysplasia, eye anomaly, seizures, and progressive retinal atrophy, among others. This ensures that there’s sufficient room for your pup’s hips to grow and fully mature.


The grooming process for Border Collie French Bulldog mix should be done at regular intervals. It’s an important part of dog ownership to keep your dog looking at its best.

These dogs are known for having thick coats. Meaning to say, you have to set a time when you will brush its coat to keep it in great shape. Their short coat also means they can get tangled easily and mats can form around their facial area.

When brushing their coats, make sure you don’t pull too hard on the hair. Doing so might cause damage. Preferably, your dog’s nails should be trimmed twice a week. This is pretty helpful in keeping them from curling back and creating painful wounds on the feet. It’s also important not to shave dogs during the summer months, as their skin may get sunburned.

Where To Get Border Collie and French Bulldog Mix?

There are many reasons to choose a reputable Border Collie French Bulldog mix breeder. But one of the most important is trust. When you choose a breeder, you’re taking on the responsibility of investing in and caring for a dog.

In this regard, you want to know that the breeder is trustworthy. Not only that, the dogs they’re raising are healthy and cared for properly.

don't transact with shady breeders

The only way you can do this right is by performing thorough research. If you can, try talking to other dog owners as well who have purchased puppies from the same breeder. Ask them about their personal experience transacting with that breeder. See if they have any signs of mistreatment, poor care and the like. If it does, it’s best to not get involved with them and find yourself another breeder instead.

You should also be prepared for a lifelong commitment when you decide to get a Border Collie French Bulldog mix puppy from a breeder. You’ll be responsible for feeding, grooming, and training your dog all year long. Know that this is something that would take time and dedication.

See to it that you are fully ready to squeeze this into your schedule before you start looking for a breeder.

Puppies of Border Collie French Bulldog Mix

Puppies of a Border Collie French Bulldog mix could be a tad energetic just like their parents. In addition to that, they are very curious dogs. Don’t be surprised if you often notice them snooping around or chewing on something.

As a matter of fact, this is one behavior that any dog owner who is planning to get such pup needs to watch out for. Like any other dog, a Border Collie French Bulldog mix pup and adult needs love and attention. Just like us, humans, dogs never liked the feeling of being left alone. It is safe to say that this triggers their unwanted behavior.

With all these things in mind, it is strongly recommended to have a plan on how you can raise your dog to be social. It might be something that would take efforts and time on your end. Though, it is both you and your dog that will reap the fruits of your labor. You can start small by introducing them to other pets in the neighborhood. You can bring them in the park. Have guests pet them and the likes.

Also, it will be a great idea to use positive reinforcement. This makes a huge difference not only in socializing your dog, but also when it comes to training them.


to get a Border Collie or French Bulldog?

Border Collie French Bulldog mix is indeed a lovable dog. Their size and energetic attitude are just perfect for individuals and families alike. Sure, these dogs are intelligent and loyal. They can be taught with several tricks and obedient training. However, it still requires repetition and dedication to instill new learning in their mind.

Make sure that you are fully ready to commit the time to doing the training. Not to mention the regular schedule of grooming your pet to keep them in nice shape. If you can’t say YES with conviction on these things, then perhaps, you might want to hold your decision of getting a Border Collie French Bulldog mix.

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