Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix: History, Persona, Training, Health & Cost

What do you think is the best crossbreed dog? Nothing beats crossbreeding two iconic breeds which are the Border Collie and Golden Retriever. Such breed is also known as Gollie or Coltriever.

The nice thing about these dogs is the fact that they’re friendly, smart, and always happy dogs. Traits that are prominent from their parents.

What Is Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix?

Coltrievers are perfect for new dog owners. They are eager to please owners and easygoing. They’re reserved for aggression and other health issues that typically make dog ownership a challenge.

Typically, the main characteristics of Border Collie Golden Retriever mix are:

Characteristic Description
Colors Red, white and fawn
Temperament Energetic, curious, independent, affectionate
Weight 20kg to 31kg
Height 45cm to 55cm


History of Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

true trait of Border collie

There is little recorded data on when the Golden Collie first came into existence. Thus, making them a relatively new canine breed. The Golden Collie is thought to have been created as a designer breed sometime around the 1980s. Let us have a brief history of its parent to have a better idea of what this breed is.

The first known attempt on the Golden Retriever was discovered in 1835 by gamekeepers in Scotland. This was by trying to breed a water-retrieving dog. A few decades later, the Golden Retriever was introduced to America from Canada and Great Britain between 1890 and the 1930s.

The Border Collie was bred as a cross between spitzes Viking and Roman old dogs. The purpose of crossbreeding was to produce the ideal herding dog. These dogs were quick and smart, which makes them the perfect dog to work in Whales and Scotland’s highlands.

The Border Collie vs Golden Retriever is almost alike in terms of their athletic abilities. Both dogs are hardworking, energetic, and incredibly smart.

Appearance of Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Coltriever puppy on the grass

Despite looking like a Border Collie, Coltrievers have a coat like a Golden Retriever. The coat color of this mixed breed can be either a single color or a combination of colors. It could be black or brown, depending on the dog.

Coltrievers have marks on their chest, face, or feet. This is normal and something you should not worry about. Their coats come in a variety of textures, from straight to silky waves. As for their hair, it could be medium or long.

Size of Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

A full-grown, mature Border Collie Golden Retriever mix has a sturdy and athletic build. This makes them rather big among other dogs.

Height & Weight of Golden Border Retriever

Male Coltriever has medium-sized built while female Coltrievers are always a bit smaller. Though, both male and female dogs can reach a height of 55cm to 66cm and weigh around 23kg to 35kg.

Coats & Colors of Coltriever

There is an array of colors that Coltrievers have. This could be anywhere from black and white, black, and gold along with white markings, shades of gold, and apricot red.

Coltrievers love being in water due to their double coat. At the same time, this provides an extra layer of protection from harsh climates. Much like their parent breeds, Border Collie Golden Retriever mixes are known to shed moderately.

Personality & Temperament of Golden Border Retriever

The Golden Border Retriever is a hybrid dog. It packs tons of energy and loves its family unconditionally. This crossbreed is both friendly and curious around strangers. With kids, they are pretty patient and show great care.

Intelligence of Coltriever

Owners love their Coltrievers so much. For one, they are very intelligent dogs, which makes them highly trainable. However, it is imperative to begin their socialization and training at an early age to develop this attitude.

Truth is, some Border Collie Golden Retriever mix puppies have been reported to learn crate and potty training basics in as fast as 3 days according to reports.

Energy of Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Border Collie mix playing in water

Prior to bringing home a puppy, plan on taking several short walks or play sessions. Try spreading it throughout the day. This will help them burn energy. In addition, you are eliminating the risks of injuring their developing joints.

You can increase the intensity of the exercise as they grow since their muscles are stronger and more developed.

Remember that the parents of Golden Border Collie were working dogs. Expect that this breed wants to always be on the move. They got tons of energy that is also complimented by their muscular physique. They, therefore, require a space where they may spend at least an hour and a half of exercise daily.

Is Coltriever Good With Family & Kids?

Gollies make excellent family pets. They are caring companions and they enjoy spending time with children and animals alike. However, they prefer playing with older children than younger ones. But this should be the least of your worries as they are trainable to interact with either.

These dogs are excellent for keeping an eye on your children. Since they are herding dogs, it makes them naturally good at it. Just being part of the family fulfills their happiness. Sadly, they might develop separation anxiety if they’re left alone or you’re gone for too long.

Is Golden Border Retriever Good With Other Animals?

are Coltrievers good with other animals

Coltrievers have positive temperament. Sharing the space with other cats, dogs or other animals should not be a problem. Though the patience and friendliness of this dog should not be taken for granted. They’re not socially capable at first. They need constant training on how to behave and act with other animals.

Is Coltriever Good With Strangers?

Coltrievers are good at alerting their owners if there are presence of strangers on the property. Indeed they’ll alert you if there are strangers around. However, there are instances that they may be shy of new people. These dogs are generally friendly. They rarely attack people. Rather they constantly bark at them.

Do Border Collie Golden Retriever Mixes Bark A Lot?

There are breeds that bark more than others. Thus, there may be a chance that the Border Collie Golden Retriever mix you’d get might be a barker or not.

Are Golden Border Retrievers Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

Golden Border Retrievers are ideal for first-time dog owners. These dogs are easygoing and have an eager-to-please nature. They are not prone to aggression or other problems that would make ownership a hassle. This breed is also popular for new fur parents because they’re friendly and intelligent too.

However, you must be prepared in figuring out how to spend that energy. This goes whether you’re a newbie owner or an experienced one.

Training of Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Coltrievers are known to please owners, which makes the puppies easy to train. They listen attentively. This allows them to follow instructions and perform tricks faster than most dogs. See to it that you reward their good behavior with little treats. This trick lets your training session become more efficient.

They also thrive in environments that challenge them and enable them to show off. This is the exact same reason why they really excel in activities like coursing trials, obedience training and agility.

Health of Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

In general, Border Collie Golden Retriever mix is a healthy breed. However, because of the fact that they’re a crossbreed, there’s a possibility that they may inherit the common health concerns of their parents. After all, no dogs are perfectly healthy. No matter how responsible you are as their owner, time will come when they’ll be hit by some kind of illness.

Diet & Nutrition of Golden Border Retriever

The Coltriever is an enthusiastic pooch. As per expert’s advice, buy them dry, premium kibble. This should be enough in providing them with essential vitamins and minerals. Thus, guaranteeing that they’ll remain active for the rest of the day.

When feeding them, divide 2 1/2 to 3 cups of food between two meals. 2 and 3 cups should be sufficient. They also tend to put on weight more than other canines, so do not overfeed them or give them lots of treats.

Life Span of Coltriever

These dogs tend to have long life. Generally, they can live for over a decade, actually, anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

While these dogs live long, it doesn’t mean that you can just take their health for granted. These dogs live this long because of caring and responsible owners. They must be given proper exercise, the right diet, and of course, regular visits to the vet.

Health Issues of Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

These dogs are not exempted from health issues. Some Coltrievers could actually experience the common health problems that their parents have.

  • Hip Dysplasia – the hip joint grinds rather than slides, is one example.
  • Bloating – this occurs when their stomachs fill with gas, food, and fluids. It results in restricted blood flow to critical organs, stomach lining tears, and breathing difficulties.
  • Patellar Luxation – this is a condition that’s been common among crossbreeds. It could result in lameness if not treated.

While this can be the worst nightmare for any dog owners, there are steps you can do to prevent these from happening to your dogs. One of which is by ensuring you have your dog checked by their vet on a regular basis.

Grooming of Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

reason for grooming your dog

The primary reason for grooming a dog is to keep them healthy. If they’ll be in dog shows, then looks are going to matter. This is why you see many show dogs being trimmed and groomed regularly to be at their best. In terms of basic grooming, what you must focus on are the dog’s skin, coat, nails, ears and teeth.

Constant care is required by your Coltriever. Just like other dogs, their coats must be brushed daily so it looks fresh and, be healthy. Bathing them must be done once per month. Or perhaps, if they played outdoors and got through mud. Since these dogs have double coats, expect them to shed heavily, especially when they’re on season. Nail trimming can be done once a month or if their nails are beginning to scratch you or if it is causing them pain or making them uncomfortable.

All these grooming activities can be a DIY with your dog, which is also a great bonding experience. But if you don’t have the time or simply just afraid that you may do it wrong, you can always resort to professional services.

Female vs Male of Golden Border Retriever

It is important to remember that all canines are unique individuals. Even if you chose a gender for a specific attribute, your dog may or may not have that characteristic.

Males are typically larger than females in both height and weight. Females are often simpler to housebreak and train. However, they might require more of your attention.

Therefore, if you want a Coltriever that is big and less needy, you should definitely get a male. But if you prefer a dog that is easy to train and housebreak, then you should be rooting for female dog.

Cost of Coltriever

It’s common to pay $300-$1,500 for a Gollie puppy when buying or adopting one. The wide range of institutions that offer such puppies or adult dogs contributes to this number’s variability. Young puppies are normally more expensive than older ones.

And while young pups are expensive, the price can be doubled if it is a female. It’s because female dogs can give birth. In fact, these puppies are ranging from $750-$1,500.

There are also other costs involved aside from the initial purchase. Every young pup will need vaccinations for the next 6 months. It is then followed up by vet visits and boosters to make sure that they’re free from sickness. If you are lucky, there are breeders and organizations that do provide the vaccinations for a discounted price.

Puppies of Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Coltriever puppies are a cross-breed of Border Collie and Golden Retriever. Before you decide to get one for yourself, you must look ahead and determine whether such pup will be a nice fit for your lifestyle and family. You must know what to expect from a mature dog. This way, you will not be regretting your decision in the future. Right off the bat, there are two things you must know about these pups.

  1. These pups love digging – these dogs will find a spot in your yard and just dig on it. There’s no concrete reason as to why they’re doing this, they are fascinated by it.
  2. They’re not big barkers – these dogs are truly alert and attentive. But they will not bark like other dogs.

Breeders & Shelters Where To Find Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

There are just plenty of options where you can find a Golden Retriever Border Collie mix. Among these is by reaching out to your veterinarians or trusted friends. One of them can definitely provide you with referrals to reputable dog breeders. Another way is by contacting local breed clubs or attending dog shows.

Keep in mind, you’ll never see respected breeders selling dogs to a pet store. Basically, any other method that prevents them from meeting new potential owner and thoroughly interviewing them is a no-go. It’s always a personal experience to ensure that they’re handing off the pups to responsible owners and family. Remember, the moment that they’ve turned over the dog to you, it’ll be a lifelong responsibility.

As for aspiring owners, make sure to take the time to visit the breeder’s facility before you buy a pup. It is your job to know where the pup was born, the type of environment they live in, the breeder’s facility and so forth. Don’t rush yourself in finding a dog breeder.

Is Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix A Right Dog For You?

A Border Collie Golden Retriever mix is an active and energetic dog that is brought by the main characteristics of their parent. They are dog breeds that need constant attention, exercise and care. If you have an active lifestyle, they serve the best partner for your activities.

You need to commit time with these dogs. They need a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise to make sure they stay healthy. While experience will do little on this matter, it goes a long way to talk to your vet for tips and advice on how to properly raise your Coltriever.