Border Collie Great Dane Mix: Complete Guide

The Border Collie appears to be the top consideration for one of the parent breeds in crossbreeding. Highly expect brain power to take hold with Border Collies because they are constantly on the position being the smartest breed of dog. This applies even if the other parent dog is not the shiniest star in the night sky. However, with the Great Dane on the other side of the coin, the resulting hybrid will be an incredible pet that you will surely love.


It might seem absurd, but crossbreeding Great Dane and Border Collie with each other is possible. Although they are both purebred dogs, they will result in an amazing pup mix. Their offspring will have a wide range of coat shades and patterns. Various temperaments will also be present in this hybrid puppy.

Parent Breed

Crossbreeding purebred dogs has become popular during the last 20 years. This breeding process results in a new hybrid. However, one can truly understand their origins by knowing its parent breeds. As mentioned, this mix is a combination of two incredible canines – the Great Dane and Border Collie.

England and Scotland were the places wherein the creation of the Border Collie happened. This breed descended from sheepdogs native to the British Isles. The Border Collie garnered its reputation as a tough, obedient working dog. 

Queen Victoria’s growing affection for this breed backed-up the Border Collie’s reputation in the middle of the 1800s. Over the past century, the breed has been introduced to sheep ranches in Australia and New Zealand. In 1995, the AKC formally recognized the Border Collie.


Black and white coated large dog sittingEven though most people think the breed has older roots, Great Danes are German. The Irish wolfhound and English Mastiff are most likely its ancestors. Creation of this breed in Germany was originally for the purpose of having a boar hunter. This is despite the fact that the breed has “Dane” in its name.

The Great Dane first arrived in the US in the later parts of the 1800s, and their popularity grew over time. The American Kennel Club (AKC) first recognized the breed in 1887.

Border Collie Great Dane Mix Appearance

Looking at its appearance, it is noticeable that the Great Dane and Border Collie appear so different, yet their dispositions are actually surprisingly similar!

One of the biggest canines in the world is the Great Dane. Their weight comes between 100 and 200 pounds. They have a height standing between 28 and 34 inches tall. Meanwhile, the height and weight of the Border Collie ranges from 19 to 22 inches and 30 to 50 pounds, respectively.

Black and white coated Border Collie sitting on the grass

With that, it is good to conclude that the Border Collie Great Dane mix to dive in somewhere in between that range. This dog breed that has long ears will most likely have black and white colorings. Their coats are short and tight and smooth and shiny. Perhaps, if the parent Border Collie has a long coat, this mix will also have a somewhat longer coat.

Border Collie Great Dane Mix Personality & Temperament

An extremely wise, dedicated, and loyal furry friend are the characteristics of this Border Collie Great Dane mix. Having the blood of the Great Dane will likely balance out some of the Border Collie’s increased energy. However, if you have an inactive lifestyle, then this breed is not for you.

A composed, knowledgeable, self-assured, and ready to please dog is what the Border Collie Great Dane mix is known for. This is a dog breed that is really well-mannered and mingles well with everyone.

It enjoys playing and having fun as well. Meaning, some outdoor area is a requirement. Furthermore, this dog is warm, dependable, bold, and loving. Yet, knowing the individual personality and temperament of each parent breed will allow you to understand where this incredible dog mix came from.

Border Collie Personality

Border Collies are one of the parent breeds in the mix and are energetic, hard-working canines who are best suited to rural life. Destructive behavior may develop if they are kept inside alone or with little stimulation. Highly intelligent, quick to pick things up, and responsive to praise are the characteristics of the Border Collies.

They are fiercely proud of their home and territory due to their herding instincts, resulting in them having great watchdogs. This trait of the BC is inherited by the Border Collie Great Dane mix and they show it by being affable but suspicious and vigilant of strangers.

While they get along well with kids and other animals they’ve grown up with, they can be reticent and occasionally snappish with strangers. The Border Collies have this manner of biting at people’s heels in the same manner they would if they were herding sheep.

Great Dane Temperament

Great dane black and white dog sitting outsideSince the Great Dane is enormous, it does not mean that it also has an imposing attitude. In reality, Great Danes have pleasant personalities, are loyal, and wish to be close to their owners. Moreover, this parent breed always wants to keep you in their line of sight! These contribute to the sociable and incredibly affectionate behavior of the Border Collie Great Dane mix.

Although Great Danes often appear timid, distant, or reserved, they are not typically aggressive animals. Early socialization will help your Great Dane pups feel more at ease around strangers and other dogs. Visitors may find their strong, commanding bark to be alarming, however in this instance, the bark truly is more dangerous than the bite.

Are Border Collie Great Dane Mix Good Family Dogs?

If you are looking for a great family pet, Border Collie Great Dane mix is a good choice! Having this dog breed around is not actually worrisome, but keep an eye on them when you have small kids. This mix may unintentionally run over younger children in their quest to fully adore and interact with their families.

Even though the dog won’t intend to hurt the youngsters and will likely try to assist them afterward, accidents can still occur. And this is one of the factors to consider while thinking about this specific breed.

Grooming Needs

In terms of the grooming regimen of this Border Collie mix, it is important to wash the dog’s coat. Yet, doing so should not be done frequently. A specialized dog shampoo is a good requirement in bathing this dog breed. But, keep in mind that only a small amount of shampoo may fit enough to wash their hair completely.

Moreover, brushing the Border Collie Great Dane’s coat also provides an opportunity to examine the dog’s skin health and look for lumps and bumps. Don’t forget to check their ears and teeth for any irregularities. It is also important to check and trim their nails.


Given that Border Collies shed a lot, this dog will shed more than the typical amount. The Great Dane is not, though, so that it may assist to counteract some of those traits. When it comes to shedding, the two breeds are famous for being healthy shedders.

Prepare to spend money on a quality vacuum and maintain a clean floor nevertheless. As needed, give them baths, but not so frequently to prevent the dryness of their skin.

When it comes to brushing this dog breed’s coat, use a brush that can slide downward their coat. It aims to get to the hair adjacent to their skin. The best brushes to use for a shedding Border Collie Great Dane mix are slick brushes or pin brushes. Go with the straight path that the hair is flowing when brushing it, not the other way around.

Training & Exercise

The Border Collie Great Dane mix is a dog that has a lot of energy and will require that from its owner as well. Their purpose for breeding is to work and run all throughout the day. That means, this cross breed won’t be pleased just lounging around.

One best way to preserve their energy levels low, arrange to take them on very long walks and treks as part of their exercise. The Border Collie does have a very natural propensity to herd animals, so it is not surprising if it attempts to herd you. However, a weary dog is still a good dog. Do not ever try to tie the dog up outside; doing so is a cruel act.

Black and white Border Collie on trainingYet, this Border Collie Great Dane mix tends to be stubborn. The good thing is that the breed is easily trainable and highly smart. One of the best requirements for this is having a strong, tough handler who is dependable and would not allow this cross breed to stay ahead of him.

Positive reinforcement yields the best results in all canines. So always ensure to praise them for a job well done. The Border Collie Great Dane dog is a smart dog that enjoys having a good workout and being pampered. The more exercise engagement they have, the easier they are to train.

Every dog, even puppies, needs proper socialization. To allow them to meet lots of people and dogs, be free and willing to take her to the park and daycare center for dogs.

Feeding Requirements

Due to the size of the Border Collie Great Dane mix dog breed, they need an enormous amount of food. A minimum of three cups of very nutrient-rich kibble should be given to this hybrid each day. It is important to ensure that this dog is consuming meals with adequate protein to support healthy muscle growth and maintenance. This is particularly true if the dog is very active.

However, because the pup is extremely susceptible to bloat, be extremely careful when feeding them. This dog will feed swiftly while suckling in a lot of air because of the Great Dane roots in their blood. They will also have the willingness to run because of the Border Collie traits in them.

Establishing a relaxing state after meals is the key for this dog breed. It gives them time for the inhaled air to escape before engaging in strenuous activity.

Health Issues of the Border Collie Great Dane Mix

Given that some breeds are more prone to certain conditions than others, all dogs, especially the cross breeds, have the potential to experience genetic health issues. Most likely, they will probably acquire the health problems affecting their parent breeds.

In general, both the parent breeds – the Border Collie and the Great Dane – are healthy dog breeds. However, their size can also be a factor for them to be susceptible to certain diseases. Primarily, the Border Collie Great Dane mix may suffer from hip dysplasia.

Big sized black coated Border Collie walking outsideLooking at its Border Collie parents, this crossbreed may possibly experience some eye disorders, inflammatory bone conditions, and allergies. Moreover, considering the Great Dane blood, heart disease, bloating, and bone cancer may be possible to occur.

Identifying any of these problems before they become incurable can be done by scheduling routine checks with the vet. Furthermore, close monitoring of the dog will also be of great help.

Where to Get Them?

In the event that you do decide to bring home a Border Collie Great Dane puppy, it is best to ensure that they have the best possible foundation in life. This works by finding a reputable breeder who has the welfare of the puppy at its deepest level. A dog breed puppy like this doggo can also be purchased from a shelter.

However, beware of puppy farms. These are breeding facilities that are massively producing puppies of any breed. They are unable to create the ideal environment to guarantee that a puppy will be content, healthy, and make a decent family companion.

Price of Puppies

Each location has a different price for the Border Collie Great Dane mix puppies. The cost is averaging in betwee $1,700 and $3,000. Market demand and location are typically what determine its price. However, in terms of growing this hybrid, that is hardly the biggest expense.

The expense of feeding a Border Collie Great Dane mix is the costliest part of ownership.

It is crucial to provide this large, active dog a meal bombarded with protein and other nutrients. This necessitates purchasing high-quality dog food. And even though there is a wide range of excellent dog foods available, three cups of food each day may get very pricey.


Multiple purebred or mixed breed ancestries are possible for Border Collie hybrids. The intelligence of the Border Collie is the main reason for making it a popular choice as a parent breed. With the addition of the amazing size and looks of the Great Dane, this creates a sociable dog breed.

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