Border Collie Husky Mix: All The Facts

Crossbreeding is when dogs of different breeds are put together. Popular examples are the Labradoodle, a mix of Labrador Retriever and Poodle, Puggle or the mix of Pug and Beagle, Sprollie, which is a combination of Border Collie and Springer Spaniel. Today, there are more crossbreeds that you can find than ever before and among it is the Border Collie Husky mix.

What Is a Border Husky?

The Border Husky is a relatively new mix. What’s known about this dog is its parents, Siberian Husky and Border Collie are happy and gorgeous dogs. They are a very energetic breed and make every moment memorable. The table below shows the quick characteristic of this mix:

Colors:Red merle, blue merle, saddleback sable, black, gray, brown, white and red
Weight:Around 33 to 58 pounds
Height:Can grow up to 20 to 24 inches
Lifespan:With proper care and nutrition, can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years
Ideal for:Active individuals or family

History of Border Collie Husky Mix

The Border Collie Husky cross is popular among dog lovers. Whether you adore hybrids or not, this breed can definitely brighten up your day. Many people concur that crossbreeds are often healthier than purebred dogs, although others disagree with this idea. There’s not enough information about Border Collie Husky mix’s background.

Interested owners are encouraged to examine their parents to better comprehend this hybrid dog.

Border Collie

Britain’s Roman occupation had a significant effect on almost every part of British life. Dog breeding was among them. Before the Roman occupation, herding dogs accompanied livestock. As occupiers took governance and leadership for over three centuries, roman herding dogs remained a prominent feature of the British landscape.

Siberian Husky

beautiful stance of Siberian Husky

The 1900s was the era for Siberian Husky. They’ve dominated this period and shot to popularity as a sledding champion. Though it took over three decades before their breed got into the mainstream. Thanks to a famous musher, named Leonhard Seppala. He formed a team of 6 Siberian Huskies then, lead them on a 658-mile mission. The purpose was to deliver life-saving serum in Alaska wherein diphtheria broke out.

The most amazing thing is, they did it in just five and a half days. Thus, saving everyone who needs the serum.

Appearance of Border Husky

When two wonderful breeds are combined, the result is definitely a gorgeous pup. This is the same story with Border Collie Husky mix. The appearance of a Border Husky is inherited from its parents and depending on the more dominant genes, is what the pup will look like.

For example, a Border Collie stands tall at 19 to 24 inches. These dogs have a medium-sized build and are perfect for athletic activities. They can easily carry their body at around 32 to 58 pounds. Siberian Husky however has a wolf-like physique with its ears that are semi-erected. The blue or brown eyes of these dogs are magical in their own right.

Though these two dogs are different breeds, they can sport either a smooth or rough coat which comes in different patterns and colors. These are commonly seen in black and white.

Colors And Coats of Border Collie Husky Mix

Parents of Border Collie Husky mix have a wide variety of colors. For instance, their Border Collie parent alone has over 15 different colors like:

  • Lilac
  • Red merle
  • Sable merle
  • Blue merle
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Brindle
  • Saddleback sable

Whereas for Siberian Husky, coats can be anywhere from red tint, wolf grey, silver, white, medium/dark grey, red, copper and sable.

In regards to the coat of a Border Husky, you can expect a combination of any of these colors. But one thing’s for sure, it is going to be silky and shiny.

Personality & Temperament of Border Collie Husky Mix

To better understand the personality and temperament of a Border Husky, we must look at its individual parent.

Border Collies are breed that requires plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercises.

You must strive to provide them with adequate training and stimulation. Otherwise, they may soon develop unwanted behavior.

active and playful Husky

Huskies are pretty much similar to Border Collies. They are highly energetic dogs. They love to chase objects and other creatures. Perhaps, you have smaller pets in the house. There is a big possibility that your Husky might chase them. They also need constant attention from owners. Without proper exercise, they could resort to destructive behavior at home.

We can safely say that a Border Collie Husky mix loves to learn new things. They are very friendly dogs that love attention from their owners. Another thing that this breed has is their undivided loyalty and great intelligence.

Always remember that this mix needs a big space as well. If you can’t take them outdoors for a walk or exercise, at least they have space in your home to move freely. Ensure that you have exposed them to other people and animals at a young age. This allows them to quickly adjust to different situations when they grow up.

Intelligence of Border Collie Husky Cross

Border Collie Husky cross is the offspring of two very smart and popular breeds. With this, it’s almost a guarantee that these dogs will inherit their parent’s good behavior.

Because of their intelligence, it’s expected that they can pick up fast on training. Owners must find a way to give them challenging tasks and activities. This is crucial especially if you would like to tap onto their energy. You need patience and consistency with your training methodologies until seeing real results.

Aside from the physical stimulation you provide, see to it that you fulfill their mental stimulation too. It can be done by giving them interactive dog toys to play with. Mental stimulation is very important as this is what prevents your dog from developing bad behaviors.

Is Border Collie Husky A Good Family Dog?

Husky playing in snow

A well-trained Border Collie Husky hybrid is an excellent family dog. Whether you have children or elderly people living with you, they’ll be loved by everyone. Remember, proper training and socialization is important. This is the real secret in turning your pooches into a well-behaved pet.

While they are good family dogs, you also need strong fences at home. These breeds are outstanding escape artists. They have a knack in finding the weak spots in enclosures they are put in.

These dogs need lots of attention. If you live a busy schedule, then this breed might not be for you. If you have plenty of love and attention to give, and have an active lifestyle, then a Border Husky can complement your lifestyle.

Is Border Collie Husky Mix Good With Other Animals?

Your Border Collie Husky mix should be fine with cats as long as they are socialized. After all, these dogs are highly sociable. They enjoy being part of the family, and cats are not an exception!

However, it is imperative to socialize your dog with your cat or other animals as soon as you got them home.

This is something that you must do gradually. Begin by putting your pets together in a neutral room of the house or let them meet in your yard. This is a big help to introduce your pets to each other without inviting a fight.

Is Border Husky Good With Strangers?

The Border Collie Husky mix may also be somewhat aloof with strangers. This makes it crucial to socialize them early on as well. This breed likes being involved in conversations around the house. So even if you have strangers around, your dog may still be around with them as they get used to.

Be reminded that a Border Husky still has the blood of a Siberian Husky. These breeds are known to be “stranger-friendly”. There might be a chance that your Border Husky mix will greet guests while wagging its tail. That’s why they make a lousy watchdog. In fact, this breed just loves everybody, even at times when suspicious strangers like burglars are lurking around your house.

Training & Exercise of a Border Husky

This dog mix requires lots of exercise. You should make certain that there is a place for them to run and play. It’s okay if it’s in your spacious backyard or a pet park. What matters most is that they’re in an escape-proof area where they can move around. Remember that these breeds need to be exercised every day. Taking them for a walk per day is pretty common for these dogs.

Training your Border Collie pups for impulse control could be a challenge. But there are two awesome tools you can use. These are real-world situations and interactive games. If done right, it can teach your little pups to walk on a loose leash, make polite interactions with your friends and other animals, wait for their leash to be clipped, and even refrain from chasing moving objects. These are basic dog manners, that’ll benefit you and your dog.

Even after thorough training, a Siberian Husky is still likely to become a flight risk. In fact, this is hard-wired into them. This is attributed to their love of running and strong chasing instinct. While all of these are true, the training greatly helps in reducing these instances.

Nothing is to lose in training your Siberian Husky. Truth is, it’s a benefit for you both. It gives your dog some freedom to do what they are supposed to do and you as their owner the security that they’ll get back afterward.

Heath & Diet of Border Collie Husky Mix

Border Husky mixes must be fed with specifically formulated kibble to meet their daily nutritional requirements. Also, it’s critical to ensure that it’s age-appropriate. Just as with any other dog, feed yours with the healthiest diet possible. This guarantees that it would keep your pet healthy; preventing health concerns from arising like obesity and the like.

Contrary to popular belief, feeding human foods to your dog isn’t always advisable. This is true, especially for this particular breed. Preferably, stick to kibble as mentioned earlier.

Health Issues of Border Husky

Border Husky’s parents share a number of health concerns that are common to their breed. For example, parent breeds are prone to having hip dysplasia, eye problems, and hyperthyroidism.

There are some health issues that are specific to each breed. With regards to Border Collie, it is susceptible to Collie Eye Anomaly or CEA as well as epilepsy. As with Siberian Husky, they could develop progressive retinal atrophy or PRA, cataract, and corneal dystrophy.

Because of this, there is a chance that your Border Husky be prone to these conditions as they grow. Fortunately, this is preventable if your dog is regularly checked by its vet.

Taking Care of Border Collie Husky Mix

Your experience of dog care and ownership will play a role in raising a Border Collie Husky mix. If it’s your first time, you need to take advantage of all possible resources you can get.

Here are guidelines that you can follow in ensuring that your four-legged friend will grow with good behavior.

  • Kick it off with basic commands when you’re training
  • Allot time to exercise them regularly
  • Buy them toys that are interactive and would challenge them intellectually
  • Build an escape-proof enclosure to prevent them from escaping
  • Socialize them at an early age

Grooming of Border Collie Husky Cross

The Siberian Husky sheds seasonally, and because of the undercoat, you may see hairballs rather than single hairs scattered all over the place. You may brush your dog’s coat a few times a week to avoid this and, it’s a way to keep up with their routine maintenance. It is highly recommended by countless dog groomers and practitioners. The same is true for Border Collies.

It’s safe to say that a Border Collie Husky mix may require a bit of your time and energy to keep up with their grooming. These dogs whether you like it or not are shedders. Especially when the season comes. Brushing it at least once per day should do the trick.

Does Border Husky Shed A lot?

Border Husky’s parents are heavy shedders depending on the season. Under normal circumstances, Border Collies and Siberian Huskies are moderate shedders also, their shedding will be affected by the type of coat they have.

Typically, the shedding season of these dogs starts in summer or fall into winter. At the end of the day, shedding is a natural process for any dog. It’s something that interested owners have to accept. It’s your dog’s way of saying that they are healthy. Because when they shed, it makes way for new hair and skin, thus rejuvenating their cells.

Male vs Female Border Husky

Whether you get a male or female Border Husky doesn’t make much difference. Naturally, both sexes are the perfect choice for pet owners who are willing to commit time and energy to train and discipline their dog.

However, there are female Border Huskies that are more aloof. This can be fixed through socialization and constant interaction.

Puppies of Border Collie Husky Cross

puppy Border Husky

In this modern time, it is fairly easy to find a Border Colly Husky mix. Truth is, with a few clicks from your mouse, you can find one near you over the internet. Today, you’ve got plenty of sources; social media, Craigslist, online forums, and the likes.


Buying a Border Collie Husky pup should not be done in haste. There are considerations that have to be made, especially when selecting a breeder whom you’ll be doing business with. As much as possible, take time in finding responsible breeders who ensure that all pups are healthy and in a great environment. This boosts your odds of getting a healthy and happy pup.

Nowadays, there are countless of passionate dog breeders who put the time to breed healthy pups as if it is their own.

Ideally, you should have visited the breeder in person. While you’re with them, don’t pet or touch the puppies right away. Ask for the breeder’s permission first. There are instances in which some pups are still unvaccinated. At the same time, reputable breeders are very cautious with regard to the transmission of diseases.

Observing the puppy’s behavior, hair coat and eyes will tell you a lot of things about the pup and the breeder as well. A general rule here is, healthy pups are always energetic and love to socialize.


The Border Collie Husky mix is a relatively new breed. Because of this, they are still considered somewhat rare in the dog community. Therefore, you can expect the price of one to be a bit higher than other breeds. You may expect to pay somewhere around $500 to $1,100 dollars. This figure will be impacted by the lineage of its sire and dame.

You can see a decline in their price if the crossbreed catches on to the market’s demand. Just a friendly reminder, no matter how badly you want one, learn to wait. Only talk with reputable breeders and perform health screening on the dog to ensure that you won’t have problems in the future.

Conclusion: Is Border Collie Husky Mix Right For Me?

The question should not be about whether this breed is right for you or not. Rather, you should ask yourself whether are you the right person in owning a Border Collie Husky mix? These dogs are highly energetic, need constant attention, must be exercised regularly, brushed every day, with the possibility of heavy shedding every season.

Showing love and affection to these dogs would not be enough. You must be able to commit the time to train them, bond with them, and groom them. Of course, part of your ownership requires giving them nutritious food to meet a balanced diet.

So long as you can provide these things that your dog needs, you should get along just fine with your Border Collie Husky mix.

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