Italian Border Greyollie Complete Breed Information

“Border greyhound” is an unusual crossbreed between Border collies and Italian greyhounds who inherit the brainpower required for herding along with beauty and speed. This hybrid is known to exhibit a stunning look and the amalgamation of characters from the two parent breeds. The Border Collie’s smartness and the elegance of an Italian greyhound create a wonderful match that leaves them with not just brains but also good looks all in one adorable package. This introduction will look into the general traits, personality, and grooming needs of the Border Collie Italian Greyhound crossbreed with a view of clarifying their interest among dog lovers.

Characteristics of an Italian Border Greyollie

Stunningly fusing the intellect and herding prowess of the Border Collie with the beauty and elegance of the Italian Greyhound, the Italian Border Greyollie is a canine marvel. Just like their unusual moniker, these dogs have unique qualities that set them apart from other dogs. The Italian Border Greyollie has a lot to give their lucky human companions, from their remarkable looks to their energetic nature.

Characteristics of a Italian Border Greyollie
Appearanceexpressive eyes, slim physique
Sizemedium-sized dog
Height18 to 22 inches
Weight25 to 55 pounds
Personalityclever, devoted, protective, friendly
Life Span10 and 15 years


The Italian Border Greyollie as it is known is itself an offspring of the Border Collie and the Italian Greyhound. The parent breeds have fascinating origins. It is believed that the highly acclaimed border collie dog breed originated from the English and Scottish borders.

On the other hand, the Italian Greyhound has been a beloved pet and emblem of refinement throughout the Mediterranean since ancient times. When these two breeds are brought together, they produce a dog with extraordinary adaptability and even an air of royalty.


The stunning beauty of a Border Collie Italian Greyhound mix results from the combination of the two breeds’ inherent grace and agility. Despite their medium size and slim physique, they have the poise and grace of the Italian Greyhound. Their expressive eyes, a window into their superior brain and kind personality, make them irresistible. Their coat, a canvas painted with hues from both parent breeds, is a stunning representation of that beauty.

Size, Height & Weight

The Italian Border Greyollie is a lean and athletic dog of modest size. Depending on their genetic makeup, they can range in height from 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder and weight from 25 to 55 pounds.

Coats & Colors

Their coat color and length are also variable, but they frequently take on the black-and-white, merle, sable, or multicolored coat typical of the Border Collie. The coat reflects the breed, whether it is the stunning black and white pattern of the Border Collie or the regal sable color of the Italian Greyhound. This combination’s beauty can’t help but captivate everyone who sees it.

Personality & Temperament of an Italian Border Greyollie

An Italian Border Greyollie’s character and demeanor are a well-balanced composition of cleverness, vitality, and devotion. The Border Collie’s excellent mind is a genetic gift that drives their unquenchable curiosity and rapid learning. This makes them a fantastic training partner. The Italian Greyhound is an athletic dog with a refined air, thanks to the breed’s penchant for regal elegance.

They love spending time with their families and are always up for a game or quality bonding. On the other hand, their natural herding tendency may surface, and they may try to direct their loved ones kindly. When well-socialized, this mix’s balanced and flexible quality shines through in its sociability with other animals. Initially, they may be shy around new people, but their generosity soon becomes apparent.

The Italian Border Greyollie is an excellent companion, embodying the best traits of both parent breeds. They are protective, friendly, and a joy to be around.


The intellect of the Italian Border Greyollie is remarkable. These dogs’ Border Collie ancestry makes them exceptionally bright and trainable. They need regular mental and physical activity to keep their brilliant minds active and interested. Because of this, they are great candidates for participating in canine activities and competitions.


The Italian Border Greyollie is a high-energy dog, but not overly so. Due to their athletic build, they must exercise frequently to ensure their health and happiness. Help them get rid of excess energy and avoid misbehavior caused by boredom by taking them on daily walks, playing with them, and playing interactive games.

Family & Kids

These canines are well-known for their warmth and devotion to their human families. If raised with kids from an early age, they’ll make terrific companions and friends. Supervision and training are essential, though, as their herding instincts may cause them to try to “herd” young youngsters.

Other Animals

The Italian Border Greyollie, mainly if raised with other animals, tends to be sociable. They may still have a high prey drive, especially if the Italian Greyhound genes predominate. Thus, early socialization is essential.


Initially, they can be shy around strangers but usually warm up after a formal introduction. Early socialization is crucial to ensure that they mature into balanced and self-assured canine citizens.

Do Italian Border Greyollie Bark A Lot?

These dogs may become rather noisy if they take after their Border Collie ancestors and develop herding instincts. Excessive barking can be controlled with the help of training and mental stimulation.

Are They Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

Though intelligent and adaptable, the Italian Border Greyollie may be better for first-time dog owners. They need regular training and exercise to satisfy their boundless energy and curiosity. Regular training, sociability, and intellectual challenges are essential to ensure their success. This hybrid is best suited to an experienced dog owner who can meet the needs of an energetic and wise breed.

Training & Exercise

The Italian Border Greyollie responds well to training and is eager to please, making for a pleasant experience for the trainer. Treats and praise are effective forms of positive reinforcement with them. Early socializing is essential to ensure they mature into polite, kind people. Their Border Collie ancestry also makes them great at dog sports like agility, obedience, and even herding competitions.

Keeping this combination physically and mentally fit is a top priority. To avoid boredom-related behaviors, they need both physical and mental challenges. The best method to keep them occupied is to take them on daily walks, play with them, and give them puzzle toys and interactive activities.

Taking Care & Maintenance of an Italian Border Greyollie

Indeed, it is true that Italian Border Greyollies are hybrid mixes made up of the considerations necessary for their maintenance. Health also ranks high on the list since this hybrid may take on various health issues from both parents. The dogs need regular medical examinations with a veterinarian in order to check on them. Also, they have some breed specific problems which might be diagnosed by the vet.

It should also be noted that grooming is a crucial aspect of caring for an Italian Border Greyollie since its coat can be of different lengths and textures due to the dominant genes from the two parent breeds. Brushing regularly, cutting nails and dental care should be done in order to take care of their general appearance and wellbeing.

The nutrition is paramount when it comes to their health, so they need a carefully selected diet that can provide for the individual nutritional requirements. Talk to a veterinarian about the most suitable diet for your Italian Border Greyollie aged, breed and physical activities.

Finally, Italian Border Greyollie care entails continuous health checks, proper grooming, and customized nutrition in order to make them have quality lifespans.


young female veterinarian examining a dog

The Italian Border Greyollie is susceptible to the same diseases that affect other dog breeds. The incidence of genetic disorders may be lowered through careful breeding methods. Some inherited disorders can affect both parent breeds. Therefore, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and other issues could afflict offspring from this cross. A combination of preventative care and regular vet visits can maintain them in tip-top shape.

Diet & Nutrition

The Italian Border Greyollie benefits significantly from a varied and balanced diet. Consider your dog’s age, level of activity, and unique nutritional needs when deciding how much and what kind of food to feed him.

Life Span

The Italian Border Greyollie lives between 10 and 15 years, which is about average for a dog of its size.

Health Issues

Although the Italian Border Greyollie takes after its parent breeds in terms of vitality, it is still necessary to be aware of any potential health issues to keep your pet happy and healthy. Because of their hybrid status, they may be less predisposed to some genetic diseases. However, like all dogs, they can still be predisposed to health issues like eye disorders and mobility-impairing hip dysplasia.

Choosing a trustworthy breeder is essential because of responsible breeding methods’ importance in mitigating these dangers.

The Italian Border Greyollie can live a long, happy, and active life with the proper care, regular veterinary checkups, and a healthy lifestyle.


The Italian Border Greyollie’s coat can have many maintenance needs. If they take after their Border Collie ancestors and have a longer coat, it must be brushed frequently to avoid matting. As in the Italian Greyhound, grooming demands will be reduced if their coat is short. All dog breeds require regular grooming, including clipping of nails, ear cleaning, and dental care.

Does It Shed A Lot?

The amount of hair an Italian Border Greyollie loses varies from coat to coat. The longer coat of the Border Collie could cause increased shedding, especially in spring and fall. However, a healthy coat and manageable shedding can be maintained with regular brushing.

Male vs Female Italian Border Greyollie

There is frequently little distinction between male and female Italian Border Greyollies regarding temperament and demeanor. The most notable differences are found in reproductive characteristics. Dogs of both sexes may be territorial, although males may be more so and more prone to marking their territory. These reproductive activities can be reduced through the usual practice of spaying or neutering dogs kept as pets.

Cost of Breeding an Italian Border Greyollie

The price of an Italian Border Greyollie can range from very little to very high depending on the quality of the breeder, the dog’s lineage, and your region. There will be a price premium for pups from reputable breeders, but you can rest assured that your new family member will be healthy and well-adjusted. One way to cut costs is to look into adoption through a shelter or rescue group.


Be ready for the challenges of a young puppy if you decide to welcome an Italian Border Greyollie into your family. Ensuring your puppy matures into a well-behaved and content adult dog will require extensive socialization, training, and, most importantly, your undying patience.

Breeders & Shelters

It’s crucial to do your homework before purchasing an Italian Border Greyollie. Find breeders who care about the well-being of their pets and are trustworthy. It’s best to visit the breeder’s location to make sure the puppies are being raised in a clean and caring environment and to inquire about any health tests that may have taken place.

Adopting a shelter or rescue group is the best method to help a needy dog. Organizations like this frequently have adoptable mixed-breed dogs, such as the Italian Border Greyollie. Adopting a dog provides a second opportunity to an animal in need and helps fund the crucial work of animal rescue organizations.

Conclusion: Is Italian Border Greyollie Right For You?

The Italian Border Greyollie mix is an exciting combination of brains, beauty, and brawn. They are happiest when consistently physically and mentally challenged, leading an active lifestyle. Prospective owners should consider how much time they can commit to an active and discerning pet.

A devoted and affectionate companion awaits an owner prepared to put in the time and effort required for proper training, socialization, and exercise. If you want to make the most of this unusual dog breed, having some dog-handling experience is helpful. If handled properly, this concoction can lead to a memorable adventure full of laughter, friendship, and fun.

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