All About Border Collie Keeshond Mix

Breeding a Border Collie and a Keeshond will give you a unique and delightful dog hybrid. Generally, the Border Collie Keeshond Mix is a powerful combination of dog intelligence and charm. If you want to have an affectionate, highly energetic, and lovable dog, look no further as the Border Collie Keeshond Mix will give you the best of both worlds.

Basic Characteristics of a Border Collie Keeshond Mix

This medium-sized dog is a hybrid of the Border Collie and the Keeshond, recognized for its graceful agility, fluffy coat, and curious gaze. They take after the best features of both breeds, making them a flexible and affectionate companion.

Basic Characteristics of a Border Collie Keeshond Mix
Height18-22 inches
Weight35-60 lbs.
Coat Colorblack, white, gray
IntelligenceVery intelligent
TrainabilityEasily trainable
EnergyHighly energetic
Life Span15 years

History of Breeds

The Border Collie, a dog famous for its herding abilities, and the Keeshond, a much-loved companion with an exciting past, combine to form a breed hybrid with a profound cultural legacy. Their outstanding herding talents were used in the rough borderlands of the British Isles, where the Border Collie originated. On the other hand, the Keeshond was developed in the Netherlands and has a background as a vigilant companion and barge dog. The ability to herd livestock while being a loving companion makes the Border Collie Keeshond hybrid a versatile and endearing pet.

Appearance of a Border Collie Keeshond Mix

This intriguing cross between a Border Collie and a Dutch shepherd will garner much attention wherever it goes. This hybrid can be found in a kaleidoscope of hues, including the classic black and white of the Border Collie and the beguiling gray of the Keeshond. It is of medium size and has a superb double coat.

They have expressive eyes that radiate intelligence and warmth, and these eyes are framed in a distinctive “spectacles” pattern, which makes them an enticing option for anyone who cherishes the company of a dog. The adorable appearance of the Border Collie Keeshond mix is sure to attract attention and create conversations everywhere you go, from a stroll in the park to an intimate evening spent at home.

Size, Height & Weight

Depending on their specific genetics, dogs of this mix tend to be medium-sized, with an average height of 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder and a weight of 35 to 60 pounds.

Coats & Colors

Their double coat combines the Border Collie’s longer hair with the Keeshond’s plushness, creating a unique and lovely look. Coat colors typically include black, white, and various shades of gray, and they frequently have a pattern that resembles “spectacles” around the eyes.

Personality & Temperament

The temperament and personality of a Border Collie Keeshond hybrid are a lovely synthesis of the best features of both parent breeds, which results in a canine companion who is cheerful and loving. They are quick students who appreciate the challenge of solving puzzles and picking up new instructions since they have bright minds. Because of their unlimited vitality, they make fantastic companions for active families and are a natural fit for canine sports that require agility and speed. They are intellectually capable and highly loving, with strong ties to their families and a special place in their hearts for young children.


The Border Collie Keeshond hybrid’s intelligence comes from its parent breeds, the Border Collie and the Keeshond. The fact that they are very intelligent, easily trainable, and eager to please makes them ideal candidates for the role of canine athlete.


This hybrid breed is high-energy and enthusiastic about spending time in the great outdoors. They need regular exercise that includes cerebral stimulation to stay content and well-behaved.

Family & Kids

The Border Collie Keeshond mix’s friendly demeanor makes it a good fit for households with kids of all ages. When they bond with a human, they become fiercely protective of that person.

Other Animals

They need to be properly introduced to other pets, such as dogs and cats, but once they do, they get along excellent.


Early socialization can help the pups overcome the natural reluctance of their protective nature when interacting with new people.

Do Border Collie Keeshond Hybrid Bark A Lot?

They have a tendency to be vocal, but training and ensuring adequate mental and physical stimulation can help with this trait.

Are They Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

They are best managed by those with more experience since, even though their intelligence can be a tremendous benefit, they have endless energy and an insatiable thirst for mental challenge.

Training & Exercise of a Border Collie Keeshond Mix

This hybrid breed learns quite quickly and is very responsive to instruction. They are particularly receptive to praise and enjoy acquiring new skills, including orders and tricks. Obedience training, agility drills, and even herding, if that’s your thing, can be terrific ways to constructively keep their active minds occupied.

Taking Care & Maintenance

Caring for a Border Collie Keeshond mix is a challenging but rewarding process. Their tremendous energy levels necessitate regular physical and mental exercise to keep them content and well-behaved. They require daily walks, interactive play, and challenging puzzles to suit their demands. Maintaining the beauty of their double coat and minimizing shedding calls for regular brushing, especially during shedding seasons.

Health Profile of a Border Collie Keeshond Mix

A Border Collie Keeshond mix’s health history is evidence of its toughness and energy, but it still takes careful attention to detail to ensure a long and fulfilling existence. With its life expectancy, providing them with a diet that considers their size, age, and activity level is crucial. The best way to identify and treat problems early is through routine veterinary examinations, immunizations, and preventative measures. You can help your Border Collie Keeshond mix live a long, healthy life by ensuring access to a clean, safe environment, regular exercise, and a healthy diet.

Diet & Nutrition

BC dog wth dog food bowl

You must feed them with a diet that considers their age, size, and the amount of physical activity they get to ensure they remain in excellent health.

Life Span

If you give this combination the attention and care it deserves, it lasts up to 15 years.

Health Issues

They may be more likely to develop conditions such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and epilepsy, to name just a few of the diseases they are susceptible to. By leading a healthy lifestyle and having frequent examinations from a veterinarian, one can reduce the likelihood of experiencing such complications.


Regular grooming sessions can strengthen your attachment with your Border Collie/Keeshond mix. Their double coat must be brushed and combed frequently to prevent matting and keep it healthy. Mats may be avoided, and the amount of stray fur around the house can be kept to a minimum if you brush them once a week or more frequently during shedding seasons.

They spend valuable time together while they keep their fantastic appearance with this grooming practice. In addition to making sure their ears are clean, you should also cut their nails. A Border Collie/Keeshond mix that has been well-cared for kept clean and groomed, exudes an air of self-assurance and beauty.

Does It Shed A Lot?

The answer to this question is yes, and there are even seasons associated with shedding. Regular brushing can help with the upkeep of their coat and reduce the amount of shedding that occurs.

Male vs Female Border Collie Keeshond Crossbreed

Because people of both sexes have similar personalities, choosing between a male and a female partner is typically only a matter of personal preference. The owner’s Training and socialization efforts produce a well-behaved dog, regardless of the breed.

Cost of Breeding

The expense of producing more of a Border Collie Keeshond combination indicates the high regard in which this extraordinary breed is held. It’s essential to consider your choices if you’re considering bringing one of these beautiful pets into your home. A healthy, well-socialized puppy with predictable traits can be purchased from a reputable breeder. But this usually comes at a premium cost.

Dogs might be expensive, but you can save money. You can also give a deserving dog a good home by adopting from a shelter or rescue group. The cost of veterinary care, high-quality food, and socialization for the puppies should be reflected in the asking price.


The price of a Border Collie Keeshond hybrid puppy can be affected by various factors. That includes the pedigree, the reputation of the breeder, and the location. Puppies of this hybrid breed can cost anywhere from $600 to $2,000. Or even more, depending on the factors stated earlier.

Breeders & Shelters

You should always consider adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue organization.

There are frequently gorgeous dogs looking for permanent homes; if you’re lucky, you might find the ideal combination of Border Collies and Keeshonds.

If you get a puppy from a reputable breeder, there is a better chance that your new family member will become a content and healthy part of your household. Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group can be far less expensive. Often ranging between $50 and $300 (though this can vary quite a bit depending on the dog’s age and the shelter).

Conclusion: Is Border Collie Keeshond Mix Right For You?

The Border Collie Keeshond mix is a fascinating hybrid of dog breeds. That is because of its high intelligence, devoted personality, and unlimited vitality. The offspring of two exceptional breeds, this novel cross does best with a busy schedule. That allows enough exercise and cerebral stimulation. Would-be dog owners must take stock of their schedules, commitment levels, and canine knowledge. Consider that before bringing a furry friend into their homes.

The Border Collie Keeshond hybrid can make a wonderful pet for an energetic person. Or to a family with the time and energy to train and socialize a highly trainable and lively dog. You and this beautiful hybrid breed will create an unbreakable friendship. That is based on loyalty, love, and shared experiences that will last a lifetime.

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