Exploring Border Collie Labradoodle Mix – A Complete Guide

If you want to meet a dog breed with both brains and personality look no further than the Border Collie Labradoodle Mix. This beautiful crossbreed will definitely give the best of both worlds between the Border Collie and the Labradoodle. As we go along let’s discover the common things among them as well as their differences to make a new fantastic dog breed.  After reading, you may learn that the Border Collie Labradoodle Mix may be the ideal dog for your family.

Characteristics of a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is really a breeze as it gives you an intelligent and highly active dog breed. Their Border Collie parents should be credited for their intelligence, eagerness, and easy-to-train characteristics. Moreover, they inherited their amiable and affectionate temperament from the Labradoodles making them lovely pets and faithful friends.

Charming hybrids like this do best in active households or with people who can provide mental and physical challenges for them to overcome. Because of their innate herding instincts, they are excellent guardians of the people they care about. The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is eye-catching due to its stunning look, which includes wavy to curly coats in various hues.

Parent BreedBorder Collie and Labradoodle
SizeMedium to Large
Average Height18 to 24 inches
Average Weight30 to 70 pounds
Coat Typestraight, wavy, or curly
Energy LevelHigh
SheddingMinimal to Moderate
Life Span12 to 15 years

Breed History

Border Collies and Labradoodles share a fascinating history demonstrating their intelligence, adaptability, and endearing personalities. The Border Collie and the Labradoodle were crossed to create this adorable hybrid breed. Each breed adds something unique to the mix, making the resulting pet truly one of a kind.

The Border Collie, a breed of dog famous for its exceptional herding skills, may be traced back to the Scottish borders, where it was initially bred. The Border Collie has captured the hearts of farmers and dog lovers everywhere with its smarts and trainability.

On the other hand, the Labradoodle is a hybrid of Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. This hypoallergenic breed of guide dog originated in Australia. The Labradoodle’s popularity as a family pet increased rapidly when it was created by crossing the friendly personality of the Labrador with the brains and low-shedding coat of the Poodle.

Appearance of a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is an enthralling synthesis of attractiveness and charisma. This hybrid takes after the Border Collie and the Labradoodle, so it has an attractive mix of traits from both. The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is usually a large dog with a muscular physique and a medium height. Their eyes vary in hue and can be quite striking against the color of their coats, revealing their intelligence and personality.

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix has lovable floppy ears which they inherit from its parent breeds. They have bushy and animated tails that showcase their feelings and energy. In general, the Border Collie Labradoodle Mix looks lovely.

Size, Height & Weight

Depending on the size of its parents, a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix may be medium-sized or huge. Their average height ranges from 18 to 24 inches, exhibiting their graceful and muscular build. Depending on their parents’ breeds, they might be anywhere from 30 to 70 pounds in size.

Coats & Colors

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix can have various attractive coat types, including straight, wavy, or curly. Their double coat, modeled after the weatherproof fur of the Border Collie, keeps them warm and allows them to thrive in various climates.

Black, white, chocolate, cream, merle, and other colors make up the enticing color palette of this blend. They might have anything from plain colors to beautiful patches or speckles on their coats.

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix’s hypoallergenic coat is one of its most appealing features. Since their hair sheds very little, those in allergy-prone households can breathe well.

Personality & Temperament of a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is a happy medium between the loyalty, intellect, and fun of its parent breeds. They have a solid drive to please their owners, making them easy to teach for tasks like obedience and agility. This crossbreed is well-known for its devoted, loving relationships with its human families. They function best when their loved ones are nearby and have many socializing opportunities.

Because of their natural herding characteristics, they may try to herd family members or other pets under their care. The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is well-liked because of its amiable nature, which extends to humans and other animals.


The smarts in a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix come from the Border Collie, which is noted for its obedience and problem-solving abilities. Their natural herding instinct exemplifies their intelligence and strategic planning. Labradoodles, a cross between the Poodle and the Labrador Retriever, are brilliant and amenable to training.

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix makes a wonderful pet and athlete. They can be taught new skills and put to valuable ends in treatment, service, and search and rescue. Engaging their minds keeps them alert. Exercise and mental challenges keep the mind sharp.


Border Collies were bred to work hard at herding and agility, so they’re active. Labradoodles, a mix of Poodles and Labrador Retrievers, can accomplish everything. Border Collie Labradoodle Mixes, the offspring of the two dominant breeds, are energetic and playful.

Family & Kids

The friendly and lively character of the Border Collie Labradoodle Mix came from its Border Collie parents making them perfect with kids. Aside from that this crossbreed gets its affectionate characteristics from the Labradoodles. In conclusion, looking from their inherited characteristics, the Border Collie Labradoodle Mix makes an ideal family pet.

Other Animals

Border collie with different dog breeds

While Border Collies are often associated with herding, with the right training and exposure to different species, they may learn to live in harmony. Their mild temperament and patience make them great pet companions. On the other hand, Labradoodles are known to have a low prey drive, making them suitable for sharing their homes with other pets.

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is an animal lover that enjoys canine company. It is crucial in the beginning to take things slowly and introduce everyone properly.


Border Collies are recognized for being intelligent and attentive, yet this can make them shy or wary of new people. However, with the proper exposure and encouragement, kids can become more social and accepting. On the other hand, Labradoodles’ loving and outgoing personality shines through in how they interact with strangers: they are often pleasant and affectionate.

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is a happy medium between the cautious Border Collie and the friendly Labradoodle and makes an excellent companion.

Do Border Collie Labradoodle Mix Bark A Lot?

Border Collies’ high levels of vigilance and herding instincts can cause them to bark occasionally to get attention or express their wants.

Excessive barking, however, can be controlled with the help of training and mental stimulation.

Even so, Labradoodles tend to bark less frequently than other breeds. Because of their warm personality, they rarely resort to yelling at others. The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix might display mild to occasional barking based on their unique temperaments and upbringing. Training based on positive reinforcement effectively reduces a dog’s propensity to bark excessively and rewards calm behavior.

Are Border Collie Labradoodle Mix Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

The intelligence and trainability of Border Collies make them a good choice for inexperienced pet parents who can and will devote time to training and mental stimulation. However, an expert may be required to manage their high energy levels and innate herding tendencies. On the other hand, Labradoodles are great for beginners because they are pleasant and responsive to training.

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix makes an excellent pet for first-time dog owners dedicated to training and providing plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Training & Exercise

The smart and active Border Collie Labradoodle Mix generally requires mental and physical challenges to pent out their energy. Giving them some exercise every day makes them happy and prevent them from encountering any behavioral problems. Allow them to engage in vigorous play sessions, brisk walks, or agility training. That way you let their bodies and minds become occupied.

Training this hybrid is a breeze because they take after the Border Collie and the Labradoodle. Treats, praise, and play can all help strengthen your dog’s obedience and your bond with it. Equally crucial is socialization, which allows them to mature into contented, self-assured partners.

Make sure they are open and accepting of others and all kinds of life by exposing them early on. Establishing firm limits with patience and consistency during training will result in a well-adjusted and contented pet.

Taking Care & Maintenance

The best way to keep them healthy and disease-free is to take them in for regular checkups at the vet and get them vaccinated. A Border Collie Labradoodle Mix demands consistent attention in grooming, exercise, diet, and veterinary care. Accept the challenge of pet ownership and the rewards of a well-cared-for Border Collie Labradoodle Mix by welcoming one into your home. You will be rewarded with years of happiness and love from your pet.

Health of a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix

The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix gets its robust vigor from both parent breeds. However, as with all breeds, they may be predisposed to developing particular diseases. They need to exercise often and eat a well-rounded diet to stay healthy.

They need regular exercise to maintain their energy and mental wellness. Maintaining their health throughout their lives requires regular veterinary exams, immunizations, and other preventative measures.

Diet & Nutrition

Feed your Border Collie Labradoodle Mixes with enough amount of calories. They require high-quality, all-natural food to maintain their activeness. Don’t forget to give them complex carbs and protein to fuel and repair their muscles. Also give them healthy fats like omega-3s to keep their coats glossy.

Due to their stature, it’s necessary to watch their diet and keep them slim. Commercial dog food is acceptable as a mainstay, but adding fresh fruits and veggies as treats and meal toppers boost their vitamin intake. Moreover, hydrate and digest them with clean water.

Life Span

The average lifespan of a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is between 12 and 15 years, although this might vary depending on the dog. When bred and cared for ethically, they can live healthier, longer lives.

Health Issues

Border Collies are susceptible to various diseases and disorders like dogs of all breeds. Hip dysplasia and eye diseases like progressive retinal atrophy are two possible examples. On the other hand, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and Addison’s disease are all likely in Labradoodles.


The Border Collie Labradoodle Mix is a visually stunning hybrid with a wavy and curly coat. Regular grooming is essential to avoid mats and keep their coats pristine. Reduce shedding and remove filth and tangles by brushing your pet at least twice or thrice weekly.

labradoodles shedding

Use a mild dog shampoo as needed, perhaps once every six to eight weeks, to avoid stripping the coat of its natural oils. Their floppy ears should be cleaned frequently to prevent infections. In addition to brushing and flossing their teeth regularly, they should trim their nails regularly.

Does Border Collie Labradoodle Mix Shed A Lot?

Border Collies tend to shed moderately, usually twice yearly, with the changing of the seasons. However, Labradoodles are a favorite among allergy sufferers since their coats shed very little, if at all. The offspring of these two high-quality breeds may take on either the Border Collie’s moderate shedding or the Labradoodle’s minimal shedding coat.

Male vs Female Border Collie Labradoodle Mix

In terms of characteristics the male Border Collie Labradoodle Mixes are more independent than their female counterpart. They show off a brave and independent dog making them perfect for active households.

However, many dog owners find the female Border Collie Labradoodle mixes more affectionate and compassionate than males. They are loving and show more empathy toward their families. Moreover, females are easier to train because of their eagerness to please.

Cost of Breeding

Breeding a Border Collie Labradoodle Mix requires health examinations for male and female dogs, pregnancy care for the female, and a stud charge if an external male dog is utilized. Socialization, training, and puppy vet bills are equally important as well.


The price range of the Border Collie and Labradoodle mix puppies varies. Expect to pay more for puppies from reputable breeders who place a premium care on their animals’ well-being. Breeders put an effort in working hard to guarantee that you’ll get a healthy dog from a suitable litter.

A Border Collie Labradoodle Mix puppy typically costs between $800 and $2,000. It’s important to remember that prices might change depending on supply and demand and the breeder’s standing in the industry.

Breeders & Shelters

Border Collies Labradoodle mix price vary based on the popularity and location of the breeder or rescue organization. Reputable breeders who raise healthy, socialized puppies may impose extra charges. You may get Border Collie Labradoodle Mixes for $800–$2,500 on reputable breeders. However, getting this mx from shelter adoptions cost $50–$500.

Conclusion: Is A Border Collie Labradoodle Mix Right For You?

Finally, the Border Collie Labradoodle Mix’s intelligence, love, and charm make it a great pet. This handsome, loving, easy-to-train Border Collie-Labradoodle mix has the best of both breeds. Border Collie Labradoodle Mixes are beautiful and kind. It thrives in households with many people to challenge its high IQ and enthusiasm.

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