Border Collie vs Boston Terrier: Which One Is Better?

Looking at both the Border Collie and Boston Terrier, you will undoubtedly notice their difference. Because of their size, a Border Collie is easily distinguishable from the Terrier. While Boston Terriers belong to the group of companion dogs, Border Collies come along with the herding dogs group. Their physique says a lot about how the Border Collies’ physical endurance which is greater and larger than the Bostons.

Characteristics of Border Collie vs Boston Terrier

Weight30-45 lbs.10-25 lbs.
Height18-22 in.12-15 in.
Coat TypeShortFine
IntelligenceHighly intelligentTakes effort in teaching commands
TrainabilityEasy to trainQuite easy to train
PlayfulnessHighly playfulLikes playing
Activity RequirementHighAverage
Lifespan11-15 years11-15 years

History of Border Collie and Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier or the American Gentleman was created by crossing a British Bulldog with a white English Terrier. Once designed for combat, the breed has been bred down to eliminate any remaining signs of its original purpose. It is generally accepted that the breed is best suited to life indoors and should be kept out of the element.

The primary purpose for breeding the Border Collie in the Northumberland was for herding livestock. This dog’s intense look over the flock is his best strategy to control them. The trials for sheepdogs were dated way back to 1873. The term “Collie”, which was from the Scottish dialect, means sheepdogs.

Appearance of Boston Terrier vs Border Collie

Border Collies are athletic-looking medium-sized canines. These beings are beautiful to look at, powerful, and nimble. Their brown eyes are almond-shaped, and their medium-sized, erect, or slightly drooping ears complement their facial features.

A fully grown Boston Terrier falls somewhere in the middle size-wise. As opposed to the toy dog category, it is classified as a non-sporting dog.

Size of Boston Terrier and Border Collie

As Border Collies mature, they weigh around 30 to 45 pounds, while their height starting from the shoulder is 18 – 22 inches. In comparison, the Boston Terrier’s weight is 10 – 25 pounds and standing at a height of 12 – 15 inches upon maturity.

Coats & Colors

Border Collies typically come in black, white, or tricolor coats. Rarer still is the brindle and lilac varieties of the Border Collie. The coats of Border Collies can be either rough (textured, variable in length) or smooth (short, coarse).


Modern Bostons are easily recognizable by their signature black and white fur. Brindle plus white as well as seal and white are also acceptable within the breed standard. Individual dogs can have varying amounts of white in their coat. They should have some white patches on their faces and chests at the very least.

Personality & Temperament of Border Collie vs Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier sitting on the floor

When compared to the Border Collie, the Boston Terrier’s demeanor is much more pleasant. Among dog breeds, the Border Collie ranks lower with a temperament score of 82.4%. Comparatively, the Boston Terrier’s 86.3 percent temperament score places it above the norm for all dog breeds.

Family of Border Collie and Boston Terrier

The Border Collie is a popular choice as a house pet since it is gentle with children and other pets. If you’re unfamiliar with this breed, know that they’re incredibly intelligent and friendly. Overall, Border Collies are wonderful pets for households.

The Boston Terrier makes a wonderful addition to any home too. Spending time with their human companions is the highest priority for these loving clowns. Inviting guests over could be risky if you have a Boston, as these dogs are known to get possessive of their owners.


Border Collies are happy pooches bursting with energy and would love to play with you whenever you’re up for it. Since they are so active, they may play happily with your children in the backyard. Typically, the high levels of energy in both kids and pups make for a wonderful match. You may rest assured that your Border Collie and your children will happily and healthily tire each other out.

Boston terrier playing with kids

Thanks to their diminutive size, the Bostons are ideal playmates for kids of all ages.

They can’t come close to toppling a toddler, so you may play about with them without anxiety. Even preteens and teens benefit from having a silly companion along their side whenever they complete schoolwork or socialize.

Other People

Keep in mind that you must exercise extreme caution whenever you bring your Border Collie near other people. Because of its pack mentality, this dog breed is wary of strangers. They can turn hostile if they feel threatened in any way by someone outside their “pack.”

The Boston Terrier breed is known for its sociability and outgoing personality. These pups have an uncanny ability to instantly bond with new people. They thrive on human interaction and get along well with most individuals. After all, he’ll develop a fear of humans if he’s never exposed to them.

Dogs & Other Animals

Border Collies have a predisposed fear of other animals, especially other dog breeds, because of their herding instincts. This is not to imply that every Border Collie is vicious or seeks out dog fights. Instead, Border Collies are more likely to be dominant with other dogs at first. They aren’t the most naturally dog-friendly type of dog, but they are not always aggressive toward other dogs and can be very lively and loving.

The majority of Boston Terriers are good with both canine and feline companions. When raising a terrier, it’s best to do it alongside another pet from an early age. A Boston Terrier may growl at other dogs on occasion, but rest assured that it is always doing it in a friendly manner.

Behaviour Issues

You should always be ready with an appropriate activity for your Border Collie, as these dogs are prone to excessive barking when bored or frustrated. Border Collies can exhibit undesirable behaviors including herding, nipping in at the heels of youngsters or grownups, and destructive chewing or digging if they are not properly trained.

Boston Terriers are inquisitive and eager to take part in family life. As high-energy small creatures, they benefit most from short bursts of activity spread out throughout the day, rather than one sustained period of activity. Some Boston Terriers may bark excessively for attention or have a strong desire to chew.

Training & Exercise of Boston Terrier vs Border Collie

Border Collie on agility training

Border Collies thrive when given purpose and ample room to exercise. This breed is best suited to someone who spends most of their time outdoors or on the road. Collies are competitive and often champions in a wide variety of dog sports, including herding, obedience, agility, rally, tracking, and even disc and flyball.

Exercise requirements for the Boston Terrier can range widely. The only exercise they need is a brisk walk once a day and twice a day. A Boston that is left alone for too long will likely grow irritable and destructive. In contrast, if you give him a disc or a toy, he’ll gladly join in on the fun. Flyball, obedience, agility, and rally are fun ways to channel the breed’s energy.

Taking Care & Maintenance of Boston Terrier and Border Collie

Your dog needs companionship and organized activity in addition to a large outside area. Some of the boredom-related behaviors Border Collies may exhibit include car-chasing, burrowing, furniture-chewing, and excessive barking. If you want your Border Collie to be happy and healthy, you need to give it lots to do.

The Boston Terrier is, in general, an easy-care breed. Like any dog, they need to exercise, be groomed, and be trained on a regular basis. However, if they are isolated for long periods of time or aren’t given adequate mental and physical activity, they may become destructive or exhibit other irritating tendencies.

Grooming of Border Collie vs Boston Terrier

Regular brushing is essential for the health of a Border Collie’s skin and fur, especially if the dog has a longer coat and is more susceptible to matting. Even though they are generally ordinary shedders, spring and fall seem to bring on a very heavy “blowing of coat” for these animals. The accumulation of furballs in the house can be reduced by increasing the frequency with which the pet is brushed during these periods.

Brushing a Boston Terrier once a week helps disperse the coat’s natural oils, gets rid of dirt and loose fur, and keeps the dog looking and feeling its best. Only when your Boston is particularly dirty or smelly should you consider giving it a bath.

Shedding of Border Collie and Boston Terrier

Shedding is a major drawback of dog ownership. To that end, remember this while you research breeds. Expect to experience having a walking fur mill inside your house when you bring home a Boston Terrier. A regular brushing routine is essential for a Collie, even if they shed less than a Boston Terrier would.

Health of Boston Terrier vs Border Collie

In most cases, Border Collies enjoy robust good health. Getting checked out regularly is essential to living a long and healthy life.

When properly fed and exercised, Boston Terriers tend to live long, happy lives. Boston Terriers frequently suffer from obesity-related health problems like coronary disease and digestive upset.

Life Span of Boston Terrier and Border Collie

There are a number of factors, including the dog’s breed, that contribute to how long a dog lives. Boston Terriers typically outlive Collies, with a lifespan of 13-15 years. A healthy Collie can live for up to 14 years.

Diet & Nutrition

For a high-energy working dog like the BC, the best commercially available dog food is a must. Rashes and other skin issues can be avoided by periodically adding raw meat to his diet. Including rice, meat, and veggies ensures that your Collie gets a wide range of nutrients. Access to clean and cold water at any given time is also a must.

You’ll learn how much high-quality food your Boston Terrier needs as he matures, but by then, he probably only needs one or two meals a day. The way he eats depends largely on his size and age.

Adding homemade treats like rice, meat, and vegetables to your dog’s high-quality commercial dog food is always appreciated. If you want your dog to be healthy and free of skin issues, try mixing in some raw meat once in a while. Keep a bowl of clean, chilled water out at all times.


Health Issues

Border collie on a checkupEpilepsy, hypothyroidism, and hip dysplasia can affect some Border Collies. While the typical health problems of Boston Terriers include: disorders such as Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome, congenital deafness, enlarged esophagus (megaesophagus), cherry eyes, corneal ulcers, and patellar luxation all been linked to genetics.

Cost of Border Collie vs Boston Terrier

A Border Collie puppy will set you back around $1,000 on average. Border Collies usually sell for anywhere from $600 to $1250. There is a wide range in Border Collie prices, from $100 up to $5500.

You may expect to pay around $1,570 for a healthy, socialized Boston Terrier pup. Prices for Boston Terriers often fall between $1150 to $1800. Nevertheless, the cost of a Boston Terrier can range anywhere from $250 to $5000, depending on the breeder.

Puppies of Border Collie and Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers sitting on a sofa

Puppy care can be difficult, notably if your litter includes a bunch of hyperactive Border Collie puppies. After the birthing process, you may want to have a spacious area ready for the mother and her puppies. Border Collies have a larger-than-normal live weight of five puppies, compared to the average of most dog breeds.

There are usually between three and five puppies in a litter of Boston Terriers. There are a lot of puppies packed into a small area, so it’s hard to miss one.

Breeders & Centers of Boston Terrier vs Border Collie

Dog breeders of all stripes, including those working with the Border Collie, need to adhere to certain standards. General guidelines exist for working with a Border Collie that, if disregarded, will prevent you from getting the most out of your dog and may even harm your relationship with it.

The widespread acceptance of the Boston Terrier has made it simple to locate a breeder. Nonetheless, you should watch out for puppy mills and backyard breeders. Please check with a reputable breeder in your area before purchasing one of their puppies.

Conclusion: Which Is Better, Border Collie or Boston Terrier?

Both the Border Collie and the Boston Terrier exhibit excellent dog breed characteristics. Although they are noticeably different from each other when it comes to their sizes, the Collies and Terriers will surely make you fall in love with them. However, choosing between the two depends on your own preference and lifestyle.

Go for a Border Collie if you are an outdoorsy person. But, if a simple brisk walk makes you satisfied, then look for a Boston Terrier to be your healthy and happy fur partner.

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