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Why do Border Collies always staring out the window?

Border Collies staring out the window can be attributed to their tendency to stare while concentrating deeply on something which is a characteristic attributed to Border Collies. A Border Collie can appear staring at someone or something like an object or a mere piece of sunshine on the ground. Most Border Collies exhibit this trait, even though there have been reports of owners noticing their dogs’ obsession with staring out of windows.

This behavior may appear innocent and yet some dog guardians are worried about their pets staying for too long by the open window. Moreover, it is quite a common anxiety among dog owners to think about how their dogs could concentrate on something that leads them to be obsessed or how they might get upset in case there is something that would trigger such emotions. Why do Border Collies stare outside through a window and is this something pet owners need to be concerned about?

Why do Border Collies stare at the Window?

Border Collies have an uncanny stare which compels them to move sheep and livestock around. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that staring out of the window is not necessarily due to a bad mood. This section will investigate some of the most prevalent causes of Border Collies looking outside windows.

Guarding the Property and Being Protective

The staring out of a window by a Border Collie can be attributed to the need to watch over the environment and ensure protection for their residents. The dogs are very vigilant and observant, with a strong attachment to the land where their owners reside. They will bark and warn their owners whenever they notice any potential threats such as strangers or other animals.


They are natural hunters with high prey drives. They may focus on such things as birds, squirrels, or tiny animals they notice outside a window as they observe for long periods. It is however an instinctive behavior which may not be harmful per se; but is irritating with unbridled barking.

Dogs and Car Windows: Engaging All of His Senses

When driving with them in a car, Border Collies may watch out through the window to make use of all their senses. Seeing the outdoors is exciting and enticing to them through their senses and this may amuse them.

Awaiting Owner’s Return

Border Collies demonstrate an unprecedented level of loyalty, as they create a close relationship with their owners. They can also show this affection by staring at the window as they await the arrival of their owners when they are not at home. Such conduct may indicate that their dog is suffering from separation anxiety, and thus the owners need to try reducing the latter.

Environmental Enrichment in Dogs

Border Collie – this dog requires mental and physical activities to be happy and well. Environmental enrichment is possible and even desirable when they stare out the windows and may help keep off or suppress boredom and even undesired behaviors.

Your Border Collie wants to go Outside

Your dog is looking out of the window and whining, barking or scratching at the door. Perhaps it is time for them to go outside. It might be the case that they want to relieve themselves, or that they have a desire to walk around the area.

Your dog hears or sees animals outside

The Border Collies have an excellent sense of sight and hearing and they may view or hear animals far outside that are hidden from their owners. They may look through the window to watch for the moving object or the sound that they heard.

There could be problems inside

Lastly, Border Collies can look through the window just in case they are not okay within the house. They can be overheated, underheated, or just need some attention and exercise. A dog’s body language is an indicator of health condition, so owners should look in this direction.

Just Dog Things

In summary, most Border Collies stare out of the windows, and they may have different causes for doing so. Knowing why your dog stares out the window will enable you to keep them joyful and in perfect health condition.

Is it good to encourage this behavior to your Border Collie?

Border Collies are renowned as highly active dog breeds that need plenty of exercise as well as training. It is an unusual pleasure for them to gaze through a window and observe the outside world drifting in. Indeed, you think of such behavior in your Border Collie as something harmless and even cute.

Staring at a window is beneficial or detrimental depending on how we motivate our Border Collies. Nevertheless, it may also act as a form of mental stimulation that entertains the dog. It can also assist them in enhancing their awareness of their environment and their natural herding instincts.

On the other hand, it could end up becoming obsessive with some other dogs resulting in excessive anxiety. Border Collies are prone to watching the external surroundings; these dogs can easily lose interest in spending time socializing with their human families and other dogs. As a result, this may cause problems with socializing and depression, among others.

Why do Border Collies Look Out of the Window and Bark?

Border Collies have a reputation as an alert and energetic canine. They explore their surroundings while observing their environments. They achieve this by opening the windows and barking. Such behavior is typical of Border Collies and it may result from several factors:

  1. Boredom and Loneliness
  2. Protective Instincts
  3. Herding Instincts
  4. Attention-Seeking Behavior

As the last point, a Border Collie sees through the window and barks for many reasons. It is incumbent upon every responsive owner to offer their Border Collie sufficient mental and physical engagement to avoid loneliness and boredom. It also necessitates that one trains them on how they can silence their barks as well as respond positively to their alert attitude.

Why do Border Collies Stick Out Their Head From a Car Window?

cute border collie dog looking by the window a van

These dogs are renowned for their desire to explore and have some adventure in life. As they drive in a car, they tend to put their head out of the window to have a closer look at what happens around them. The Border Collie tends to behave differently from other dog breeds.

Below are some of the reasons why Border Collies will poke their heads out of the car window. To begin with, this facilitates their understanding of their surroundings. Through sniffing, dogs make sense of the world. Therefore, having their heads stick out through the window helps them to experience all the new smells.

It provides the second reason whereby it becomes an enjoyable and thrilling moment for them. When one flies with open windows, it feels like the wind is whirling them and it can be very exhilarating.

Nevertheless, it is vital to mention that sticking a dog’s head in a car window poses risks. When driving in the wind, they are subjected to the dangers of debris or other vehicles, as well as damage to their eyes, ears, and nose. Therefore, it is worth noting that a dog should be held securely in the car during travelling.

Things to Consider on why Border Collies always stare out the window

The herding instinct of Border Collies makes them look out of windows, for that reason, they tend to watch over everything surrounding them. However, their behavior may result from boredom, curiosity, or a need for outside stimuli. They can also do so for mental stimulation purposes or in response to other stimuli like movements and sounds. This behavior may be addressed through the provision of enough mental and physical exercises.

Is this habitual for your Border Collie?

These are popular dogs; some people say that it is not polite to look at someone for as long as you can! They also say that it is not polite to talk without stopping for as long as you wish! Therefore, we need to be aware of all such features when choosing a dog for us If however your Border Collie always watches out of the window it may be a habit.

What is the timing of when your Border Collies sits by the window

The other important consideration is whether your Border Collie always comes back to the window at a particular time. It may have something to do with their routine only if this is an activity they undertake occasionally. Such a dog will have expectations like the fact that they know when the mail is delivered through the mailman each day.

Alternatively, it may be possible that the Border Collie you have is merely looking at what’s going on outside. In this case, they might be observing squirrels or birds crossing around them. Their safety needs to be ensured as well when they sit next to the window and should not be able to manage to escape and hurt themselves. This includes, but is not limited to, financial institutions such as banks and savings and loan agencies.

What should you do about your Border Collie staring at the Window

It happens quite often to owners of Border Collies who notice their pups staying near the windows for extended hours. The dog looks healthy but there are some aspects you may need to consider to make sure that your dog is safe.

Just let your Border Collie

Mental stimulation is crucial for the Border Collies’ breed. They can use watching outside as an amusement or mental work. If your dog does not appear distressed or anxious about this activity, you could just allow them to enjoy themselves.

Limit Potential problems inside the house

Looking at a window, of course, is in itself an innocent pastime but may produce very unpleasant results within the dwelling-house itself. For instance, the dog might get obsessed with an object or animal outside leading to the barking or destruction. You may need to restrict your dog’s access to some parts of the house where they could glance out.

There could also be problems such as whereby your dog will get anxious and stressed after identifying something outside that causes negative reactions. Such behaviors include pacing, whining and in some cases, aggressive behavior. However, if your dog becomes anxious and starts staring at the window for long hours, you can try to divert its attention towards an amusing thing like playing with it or taking it for a walk.

Why does my Border Collie look out the window every night?

Border Collies are also famed as being inquisitive and aware. They like to look at the world around them as well as look out of the window every night. Border Collies display this behavior quite often, and there exist several explanations for this phenomenon.

This is because they are energetic and bright canines that require mental enrichment. In this case, peering through a window enables them to study what is happening on the outside and appease their thirst for knowledge. Moreover, it allows them to smell and feel around thus helping them explore their surroundings.

Another reason for this is that they tend to be territorial and defensive about their families. Looking out of the windows helps them to detect any danger approaching so that they warn their families. In particular, it is mostly observed in the evenings when there is less noise and fewer interferences.

Last but not least Border Collies are very social animals which simply love hanging around with its family. They still know where they come from, and a glance outside the windows will let them feel it. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for them to get close to their families by exchanging the thoughts they have observed and experienced.

Why does my Border Collie look out the window whenever I leave?

These dogs are extremely active and smartly considered as a Border Collie’s breed. It takes a lot of mental and physical stimulation to ensure that they remain lively and happy. That is one way in which they might choose to amuse themselves without their owners looking through the windows.

Border Collies probably try to stay occupied by looking outside the window and they might be hoping it might entertain them. They might be following their signs which indicates the return of their owner or anything else that they will notice. However, this behavior should not be seen as a cause for alarm, but more as a natural tendency of the breed.

Why does my Border Collie look out the window and whine?

Border collies have a lot of stamina, they are smart and can control sheep well. For instance, some Border Collie owners may notice their dogs looking outside a window and whining. This may be due to several reasons.

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Curiosity

Can This Behavior be Problematic?

In particular, Border Collies have been observed gazing intensely out of the window. Though staring out the window might appear a routine thing, in some instances, this might turn out to be an issue.

However, since Border Collies can pay too much attention to things going on outside like squirrels or birds, it results in a problem of being very active or aggressive. Such behavior can lead to the dog excessively barking, jumping, or trying to break the windows. It’s therefore essential for you to ensure that you stimulate your dog both mentally and physically to re-direct its focus.

Again, such Border Collies might develop anxiety or stress as they continue staring through the window. This is more so when it involves kids being abandoned in such a manner and lacking another activity or distraction. Therefore, to avoid this, you must ensure that your Border Collie has an abundance of toys, puzzles, and other forms of mental stimulus.

Final Thoughts

It is not surprising why Border Collies stare out of the window as they might also need just to protect properties from strangers. Preying as such Collies have all five sense organs very active and waiting for their owner who may have left home or even just going outside. Many owners would view this as innocent but are concerned that the dog may stare at another thing outside, may not snap out of it or even suffer an anxiety attack when something like lightning strikes nearby.

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