What Is a Smooth Coat Border Collie?

Owing their outstanding intellect and the comparatively modest cleanup work they require, smooth-coated Border Collies are popular as pets and friends. During the shedding season, smooth-coated Border Collies are infamous for being harsh on furniture and garments due to their lengthy coats. Read along to know more about this decent Border Collie member if you’re thinking of considering a smooth or short-haired Border Collie.

History of Smooth Coat Border Collie

The birth of this dog happened on the English-Scottish border. Their training included those that will result as a dog shepherd to assist farmers struggling to make ends meet in rough terrain. Farmers mixed conventional collie breeds with racing Hounds and Setters to create a fast, agile dog that never looked away from the sheep it herded. The Border Collie’s strong, focused look, or “the eye,” is now one of the working dog’s most defining qualities.

Characteristics of Smooth Coated Border Collie

BC blankly staring

Border Collies are medium-sized dogs with bodies that are slightly longer than they are tall. The smooth-coated Border Collie has short hair that remains smooth. Solid color, bi-, and tri-color, sable, and merle are some of the colors and color combinations of the Border Collie dog’s coat. Random white patches appear on the dog’s head or body from time to time, but they are fairly apparent white or ticked.


The top coat and undercoat of both the rough-coated and smooth-coated Border Collies are dense and weather-resistant. Their coats can have a variety of patterns, markings, and color variations. But, because the focus is on efficiency, any color, shade combination, and degree of white are acceptable.

The smooth-coated version has shorter hair across the body, including some hairs on the thighs, chest, ruff, and haunches.


Border Collies stand 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder and weigh approximately 25 to 55 pounds. Males develop larger bodies than females. They are actually on the medium end of the canine size spectrum. But, it does not imply that they are not suitable for apartment living.

In fact, the opposite is true. The smooth-coated Border Collie are highly suitable to homes with plenty of space both inside and out. Border Collies are also the best match to people who own a ranch or farm, and yet a large yard can suffice.


The classification of the Border Collies depends on the two kinds of coat they have. Their fur can be long or medium in length, rough-coated, or short and smooth. The Borders have a double-layered coat with a coarse outer coat and a soft undercoat.

Short-haired Border Collie

Border Collie short hair canines are sometimes confused for their medium-haired counterparts due to their similar appearance. Yet, when we mention “short hair,” it doesn’t imply a coat like that of a Doberman Pinscher. Most ranch and farm owners personally prefer a short-haired Border Collie not because of coat kinds, but because they are easier to manage.

Long-haired Border Collie

BC with long hair on chest

Long-haired Border Collies have feathers on their breast, belly, and legs and are medium in length. They may have a fibrous, wooly undercoat as well as lengthy guard hairs. Grooming some Border Collies can be difficult due to their thick coats. Improper brushing of long-haired Borders will result in lodging of their hair over their ears, armpits, and tail.


Border Collies with smooth coats have shorter hair, however that doesn’t imply they shed less. Borders shed evenly throughout the year, even if their coat is smooth or rough. Their fur dries faster after playing in the rain, swimming, or bathing. Border Collies with a smooth coat do not pick up as much trash, dirt, or burr as those with a rough coat.

Is Smooth And Short Border Collie The Same?

The smooth Border Collie is a canine breed that was designed for herding purposes. Smooth varieties are short, and have little to no feathering. Borders with a smooth coat may or may not have a substantial undercoat, and their guard hair can be long and wavy or short and straight. Because of that, we may conclude that a smooth-coated Border Collie is exactly the same as the short-haired kind of this dog breed.

Temperament of Smooth Border Collie

Border Collies are so intelligent that they consistently rank first as the smartest dog breed. They are also extremely active and require regular physical and mental engagement. Inability to provide them the time and training they need, and allowing them to get bored, the smart herding dog will look for something else to do.

They are devoted companions who make great family pets, even for people with kids and other pets. The problem is that they have a natural herding instinct. Border collies are affectionate, but if they are not under control, they will follow, herd, and nip everything that moves, including children, cats, bicycles, and automobiles.

They desire being with their personal human family. As a result, anticipate your smooth-coated Border furry friend to be shy or standoffish around strangers.

Training of Smooth Coat Border Collie

Originally designed to herd sheep, smooth coat Border Collies require a lot of activity and intellectual stimulation to stay out of trouble. This dog breed is receptive and quick to learn owing to the Border Collies’ smartness and working experience.

BC with ball on mouth

Positive reinforcement tactics work really well with this breed, so keep training treats on hand at all times! Because of their hunting and herding instincts, you should devote a significant amount of time to recall training before releasing your Border Collie off the leash.

For active persons who enjoy spending time out front, smooth coat Border Collies represent good running companions. Keep this intellectual breed wandering with puzzle toys along with lots of mental stimulation.

Flyball is the ideal activity for an active Border Collie. The smooth coat Border Collie will have periods of fun running, jumping hurdles, and socializing with other dogs in this kind of dog relay event.

Health of Smooth Coat Border Collie

Border Collies are more likely than other dogs to develop certain health problems. The first step toward having a healthy and happy dog should be to know the best breeder or rehoming organization. Below are some conditions that affect Border Collies more commonly than other dog breeds.

  • Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the bones that make up the hip joint do not fit together completely, causing the joints to wear out.
  • Border Collies have the potential to suffer from problems related to their brains, nerves, and spines. Epilepsy is a neurological condition that causes seizures or fits in dogs as early as six months old.
  • Vestibular syndrome causes dogs to walk unsteady, lose their equilibrium, and tilt their heads.
  • Urinary incontinence refers to the inability of the Border Collies to regulate when and where he or she urinates.

Care of Smooth-Coated Border Collie

Bc and owner outside

You should brush their hair every day throughout the shedding season. It will aid in the removal of your Border dog’s winter coat and reduce the likelihood of it accumulating in your furnishings. They are obviously easier to care for and groom.

Furthermore, because their smooth and short fur somehow doesn’t mat, they do not require extensive care. A fast brush helps in keeping their hair looking wonderful. The schedule of bath requirements is for every three months or so.

Although the nails of the active Border Collies may be naturally worn down, it is vital to examine and clip the nails on a regular basis. This will aid in the health and comfort of the feet. Brush the teeth of the smooth coat Border Collie at least two to three times per week to maintain dental hygiene.

How to Get A Smooth Coat Border Collie Puppy

Because the rough and smooth-coated Border Collies are the same breed, getting them works in the same way as any other Border dog. The smooth coat Border Collie costs the same as the other Border Collie breeds as well. A Border Collie can cost anywhere from $500 to $4,900, depending on the breeder’s location, the dog’s pedigree, and whether you want a pet or a working Border Collie.

Two BC puppies looking upward

Aside from purchasing, another way to get a smooth-coated Border Collie is to adopt them. Adopting a Border Collie, regardless of purebred or mixed breed, is substantially more economical. It normally costs around $350, however if you want to retrieve it from breeders, the price can range from $700 to $1,000.


Don’t forget to investigate not only the breed you want, but rather the breeders with whom you’ll be working. Make sure you’re getting a Border Collie from just a reputable breeder who has thorough medical records for their dogs. This means you’ll be with a puppy who isn’t predisposed to hereditary diseases.

Is Smooth Coat Collie and Smooth Coat Border Collie the Same Thing?

Maybe, you may already have heard of the smooth coat Collie. It is another dog breed that is graceful, lively, and clever that also makes wonderful family pets. Smooth coat Collies participate in agility, obedience, canicross, flyball, showing, and rally, as well as serving as therapy, assistance, and search and rescue dogs, all while being fantastic companions.

Generally, smooth coat Collies also have two types based on their coat appearance. It includes the rough coat and the short coat. Because of the Lassie movie, the rough coat Collie seems to be more glamorous and well-known.

However, confusion strikes between smooth coat Collies and smooth coat Border Collies. But, it is worth noting that due to the differences of their appearance and demands, the two breeds should not be confused or used interchangeably. These two dog breeds are different from each other but have unique yet loving personalities making both good furry buddies.

Smooth vs Rough Border Collie

Border Collies are classified as having two coat kinds – the smooth-coated and the rough-coated. Their fur can be long or medium in length, rough-coated, or short and smooth. The rough-coated Border Collie is the one that comes to most individual’s mind when they think of a dog with a rough coat or long hair.

Brown white border collie

Some rough-coated shepherds have very little fringing and appear very slick. The fur on their chests is also short, which is beneficial for working dogs. The rough coat Border Collie coat length (medium to long), consistency, and thickness generally vary.

Border collies with a short, smooth coat are known as smooth-coated Border Collies. The smooth coat, like the other coat types, is a double layer that protects the dog from the elements.

There is also a cross between the two coat varieties that are available. Because of the feathering surrounding their heads, around their lobes, and the length of hair on their tails, they appear to have a rough coat. However, they also have shorter and smooth hair with very little feathering on their body.

The result for this are Borders that can have a rough coat, but their dense fur is even all over, giving them the appearance of a smooth-coated dog.


Having a Smooth-Coated Border Collie can be a daunting challenge for you and your family because the dog will require the same level of attention and care as a robust, active working dog. If you are willing to take on that responsibility, you will discover that you have acquired a brilliant, loyal companion who has the endurance to do everything you need all day.

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