Border Collie Beagle Mix (Border Beagle): Complete Guide

Designer dogs are also referred to as hybrid dogs. This is brought by crossbreeding two purebred dogs in a controlled environment. And one of the designer dogs that are gaining traction in the dog community is the Border Collie Beagle mix.

Perhaps you might have heard of such a crossbreed before. Maybe, you are even considering getting one for yourself. It just so happens that you lack information on whether this is the right one for you and your family.

What Is a Border Beagle?

three dogs getting along

The Border Beagle was the offspring of a Beagle and Border Collie. This crossbreed has inherited the finest traits and personality of both of its parents. You can expect that such a breed is energetic, lively, playful, and above all, a loyal companion of the family.

Pros And Cons of Owning a Border Collie Beagle Mix

While a Border Collie Beagle mix is a lovely and playful dog, these dogs are not perfect. If there are pros to owning one, there are also cons to having such a breed in your home.

Pros Cons
● This breed has different colors of its fur. Some popular colors are black and white combo. You can also see mixed with gold, tan, red-brown or brown. ● Unfortunately, this breed is also prone to certain health conditions. 3 of the most common are: hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism
● They are suitable for families with active lifestyle, especially to those who have children.
● The dog’s temperament is something to look forward as well. They are easy to train, smart, energetic and loyal.

Origin of Border Collie Beagle Mix

Border Beagle running in the middle of the woods

As previously mentioned, the Border Collie Beagle is a result of the controlled breeding of Beagle and Border Collie. Much like other dog mixes, its origin is still unknown. However, there are sources saying that they originated in the US. Though the year when they were introduced is still unknown.

Appearance of Beagle Border Collie Mix

Border Beagles have a strong resemblance to their parents. This is why there are instances in which they are confused as either a purebred Border Collie or Beagle. Luckily, there are distinct characteristics that this mix has that would set it apart from its parents.

Border Beagles have floppy, long ears. Its tail is typically erected. It has a less stocky frame in comparison to a purebred Beagle. Still, it has a slender built physique.

Coats And Colors of Border Collie Beagle Mix

Border Collies and Beagles have different colors.

For example, Collies can have colors like black, blue, red, gold, black and white, red and white, gold and white, red merle and white, white ticked, blue merle and white, blue and white, seal and white, sable merle, blue merle, sable, saddleback sable, lilac, slate, merle, brindle, and seal.

As for Beagles, they come in white and tan, white and lemon, white and red, tan and black and white, tan and brown and white, white and brown, white and black red, white and black tan, white and blue tan, black tan & bluetick, and black & tan.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that a Border Beagle mix can have a combination of colors from its parents. These colors are then partnered by their short, dense coat that is either silky and long or coarse and short double coat.

Size of a Border Collie Beagle Mix

In most cases, Border Beagle can reach a maximum height of 15 to 16 inches. This is primarily because of the medium-sized built of its parents. Nevertheless, they are packed in weight.

Some breeds weigh up to 25 pounds. With this size and weight combination, these breeds still have a thin frame compared to a purebred Collie or Beagle.

Personality and Temperament of Beagle Border Collie Mix

happy Border Beagle

Beagles and Border Collies are regarded to be wonderful companions for families and children. These dogs are so cheerful, and love being showered with affection. They love being in company. However, if left alone for an extended period of time, it might show a destructive personality and could howl incessantly.

Before buying or adopting such a breed, it is best if you would take the time to do research. Learn what is causing these personalities, how to tame their destructive behavior, and so forth. Once these red flags are neutered, owning a Beagle Border Collie mix can be a truly rewarding experience.

Is Border Beagle Good Family Dog?

Border Collies and Beagles are exceptional family dogs. With this said, it is expected for a Border Collie Beagle mix to inherit this trait as well. They are remarkable companions and if you have children, they can instantly become best friends.

In addition to that, these dogs are loyal and will do everything to protect you. If you’re searching for a dog that is friendly, lovable, and protective at the same time, this is the breed for you.

Are Border Beagles Good With Kids?

Border Beagles and kids are wonderful together. This is another trait that they have inherited from their parents. In most instances, they are very responsible and sensible around children. And while this breed is great with them, it is still not enough reason to leave them alone unattended.

Are Border Beagles Good With Other Dogs And Animals?

Their personality is also influenced by other dog breeds. They are energetic and love being in a company whether it is a human or other pet. Because of this, they generally welcome new pets in the house.

On the other hand, there may still be some instances when their alpha nature comes about. So, make sure that their socialization skills are in check.

Training And Exercise of Border Collie Beagle Mix

trained for returning disc

You’d be surprised how easy it is to train a Border Collie Beagle mix. On the other hand, expect a little bit of challenge in teaching them the basics like housetraining, socialization, and obedience. This is the reason why in the early stages of training, it’s essential to have someone who is dedicated to spending time training these wonderful dogs.

While these dogs are still pups, there could be resistance on their end while training them. Even though they are intelligent, young pups would want things done their way. It’s imperative to have the upper hand via efficient training. It is your job to impose this on your dog.

What matters most in training is, to have it done at an early stage. This enables you and your dog to create a strong connection. In the process, it’ll give you hints on how your dog would turn out.

Taking Care of a Border Beagle

Border Beagles are highly energetic. They’re also known for their exceptional agility and herding skills. On the other hand, because of their spirited energy, special care is needed from their owners.

If you want to ensure that you are taking good care of them, make sure to buy their basic necessities. A quick trip to a pet store can give you suggestions on what product to buy and what would be perfect for your breed.

Exercise is another thing that you should consider. As mentioned, these breeds are highly energetic. They need something to release their energy. Otherwise, they will divert it into other activities that could be damaging to your home.

Health & Diet of Beagle Border Collie Mix

Border Beagle diet

Like with other dogs, Border Beagle requires specific nutrition. It’s your job as their owner to supply them with the right nutrition. Some of these that you must consider are water, fat, protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

By providing them with these foods, you can guarantee that they’re meeting their daily dietary requirements.

  1. Water – the body mass of a mature dog takes roughly 70% to 80%. Without this, it will be hard for them to function properly. Water is important as it supports the body in a number of things like regulating body temperature, flushing waste, digesting foods, and dissolving and transporting nutrients to cells.
  2. Fat – fats are not just fats. Its purpose is to protect the internal organs, improve the nervous system and regulate body temperature. In the event that your dog’s fat levels are below normal, it can soon develop itchy, dry skin as well as dull coats.
  3. Protein – this is an essential nutrient. It plays a big role in your puppy’s growth and development. Essential amino acids can be found in protein. It’s something that your dog needs help with production. Meaning to say, you must grab dog foods that are rich in histidine, arginine, leucine, isoleucine, and lysine among others.
  4. Carbs – this serves as the main source of energy for your dog. While carbs are not an essential diet for your dog, they’re associated with vital minerals, vitamins as well as plant-based nutrients.
  5. Vitamins – vitamins are critical in a dog’s diet. They are important for maintaining health and growth.
  6. Minerals – similar to vitamins, minerals support your dog’s diet in a number of ways. While various minerals offer various benefits, some of the universal functions are hormone regulation, cartilage formation, muscle and nerve function, and oxygen flow.

Lifespan of Border Collie Beagle Mix

If raised well, Border Beagle could easily live from 10 to 13 years. As for owners, it is good news as it means fewer vet visits.

In general, Border Collie Beagle mixes are healthy dogs. Though parents have a history of health issues, these are known to be mild and non-fatal.

On the other hand, please remember that this can only be achieved if proper care is given to the dogs. Otherwise, they will be subject to the common health problems that their parents have.

Health Problems of Border Collie Beagle Mix

We learned that Border Beagle is a generally healthy breed. However, as healthy as their breed is, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to illnesses and other health problems. In fact, two of the health issues they inherited from their parents are Hip Dysplasia and Epilepsy.

Hip Dysplasia – this happens when the hip’s ball joints don’t fit together to its socket. The constant friction of these two bones eventually results in rubbing against each other, it results in pain and inflammation. If taken for granted, it’ll eventually become arthritis.

Fortunately, hip dysplasia can be prevented early on. The vet will sedate the dog. Then after, it will perform a full orthopedic assessment as well as hip radiographs.

Epilepsy – epilepsy could start sometime around 2 to 5 years. Depending on the severity of the condition, it might call for anti-seizure drugs to regulate the condition. Despite modern advances in medicine, still, it’s unknown why dogs are suffering from epilepsy.

These are natural occurrences in your dog’s health. But what you can do as their loving owner is to eliminate any potential risks of them being sick.

It can be done via regular exercise, a scheduled visit to the vet, and proper nutrition. Keep in mind that prevention will always be your first line of defense to any possible sickness that could strike your dog.

Grooming of Border Collie Beagle Mix

The coat of your Border Collie Beagle mix is actually a determining factor on what type of grooming requirement it will have. The majority of these dogs ought to be brushed on a daily basis to maintain a tangle-free and shiny coat.

Probably, you want to get the job done. In this regard, it is imperative to have access to the right grooming products and tools like:

  1. Nail clippers – it is ideal to clip the dog’s nails every three or four weeks.
  2. Brush – the brush that you’ll be buying should be slick. When brushing your dog, do it every two days. That should do it.
  3. Comb – preferably, buy a medium-toothed comb. This works like magic for Border Beagle.
  4. Dog toothbrush and toothpaste – not many of Border Beagle owners are brushing their dog’s teeth. As per experts, however, it’s recommended to brush a dog’s teeth at least three times per week to maintain optimal oral health.
  5. Shampoo and conditioner – much like human hair, our pets must be cleaned as well. In general, a lot of dog owners are cleaning their dogs at once or twice every month.

Do They Shed A Lot?

Naturally, these dogs are low maintenance. However, because of their double-coated, long fur, they become heavy shedders by summer and spring. In this regard, investing in a nice shedding tool ahead will be very smart. It can be used in taking off their loose hair. Also, to maintain tidiness in your place.

When it’s their shedding season, brushing them more often is highly recommended. If you can, do it at least 3x a week.

Male vs Female Border Beagle

Beagles are on the smaller end of the spectrum. The male breeds are ranging from 15 to 17 inches and females at 14 to 16 inches.

Border Collies on the other hand have a medium-sized built. Averagely, male Collies are at 20 to 23 inches while females are 19 to 22 inches.

Having said that, we can say the Border Collie Beagle mix can grow somewhere around 14 to 22 inches.

Cost of Border Collie Beagle Mix

Owning a Border Collie Beagle mix pup is one of the best decisions you could ever make. However, being ready emotionally and mentally would not cut. This mix is quite expensive among other dog breeds. In fact, one pup could cost you approximately 700 dollars or more maybe.

Any pups listed for less than that amount must raise some red flags already. Because if they’re selling for less, there is a chance that it comes from a weekend or backyard breeder or worse, a puppy mill.

Under normal circumstances, buying Border Beagle would cost you anywhere between $800 to $1,500. While those that are descendants of top-tier breeds can easily bump the prices up to 3,500 dollars. The price will be factored based on the puppy’s sex, age, pedigree, quality, and location of the breeder.

Where To Get Puppies?

Border Collie pup lying on grass

When buying a Border Collie Beagle mix puppy or any breed for that matter, the very first thing to consider is the breeder you’d get it from.

Breeders serve as an invaluable resource. They’re not just your key to finding the perfect dog. You can also reach out to them to get help if you need something about your dog. In this case, choosing a breeder must be done carefully.

  • Visit the dog’s birthplace – visiting the breeder’s facility might be going the extra mile for some would-be owners. But this is the only way to see the living condition of the pup when they were born and raised. It may not be obvious right now, but their environment would make a big impact on their behavior as they grow up.
  • Meet your prospective breeders – the best way, and the only way of knowing whether the breeder is trustworthy is by meeting them in person. You could meet them either in their home, or at their kennel. Either way, your meeting will give you a good feeling about them.
  • Get proper documentation – you might have a positive interaction with the breeder. But just before you proceed with the purchase, see to it that your pup is well documented. Watch out for breeders who are reluctant of giving you papers, are charging for extras, or are telling you to send it at later date.
  • Get referrals – simply asking for referrals can give you trusted breeders. Your friends, vet, and local breed club are all good sources. In fact, if you’ve attended a dog show, asking some staff there can point you to the right direction.

Conclusion: Should I Get A Border Collie Beagle Mix?

The decision of whether to get a Border Collie Beagle mix is still debatable. Every dog is different, and so is the owner’s lifestyle. Now, if you want a dog that is affectionate, lovable, and energetic, not to mention a perfect companion for the kids and will protect the family from imminent danger, the answer would be a resounding YES! On the other hand, if you are looking for different requirements, then you probably want to do more research until finding the dog breed that is fit for your needs and requirements.

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