A Complete Guide to Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

Mix breeding is a trend in the canines’ world nowadays. With that, the mixes of Border Collies and Chihuahuas are not an exemption. Since these two dogs vary in their size, many dog owners are not aware of the possible appearance when these parent dogs mate.

Yet, despite the birthing complications along the way, lots of breeders are trying to create a hybrid out of these two amazing dogs. As a result, you will have an intelligent and unique Border Collie Chihuahua mix.

History of Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

It is customary to breed a male Chihuahua to a female Border Collie to generate this one-of-a-kind Border Collie Chihuahua breed. A male Chihuahua plus a female BC make the greatest Border Chihuahua combination.

The female Chihuahua just isn’t meant to give birth to a larger dog due to the Border Collie within the hybrid.

There is an attempt to reverse the breeding process by certain breeders, however pursuing it is not recommendable because of possible complications in the birthing process. The mixed breed, on the other hand, will be agitated and adorable simultaneously. Of course, they require some training and effort to keep them occupied, but they are a wonderful breed in general.

While still uncommon, the Border Collie Chihuahua is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. However, you never know what you’ll get or what characteristics the dog will acquire.

A Border Collie Chihuahua cross may appear and behave in a completely different way than another. However, this does not imply that they are awful dogs to possess. Furthermore, many crossbreeds are substantially healthier than purebreds.


Border Collies were developed to herd sheep in the steep borderlands dividing England and Scotland. They are notorious for controlling their flock with their fierce glare, or “eye.” This breed has a high level of working ethic, endurance, and energy, making it an excellent herding dog.

tan and white border collie sitting on a rock

Chihuahuas, on the contrary, have a unique background. This breed came from the Techichi, a native dog breed to Mesoamerica. The Aztecs thought that these breeds guided the spirits of the deceased, therefore each family was expected to retain one.

Chihuahua was not popular until the twentieth century. After its recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1904, the breed rose in popularity. Other popular names for this dog mix are Border Chigi, Border Collie Chi mix, Chihuahua Border Collie mix, Chihuahua Collie mix, Collie Chider, and Collie Chihuahua mix. 


The appearance of the Border Collie Chihuahua mix can vary greatly due to its cross breed status. It can resemble a BC or resemble a Chihuahua almost identically. However, the chances are this dog breed resembles a combination of the two.

The Chihuahua Collie mix do have large, Chihuahua-like eyes or teddy-like eyes, similar to Border Collies. They can have long, peaked ears. This dog breed has a square body, a snub nose and mouth. Their tails can be bushy, and their necks have furry hair. They also have a broad natural shape.

Size of a Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

When it comes to size, you will find that there is a wide range of options. This is due to the fact that Border Collies are averaged-sized dogs, but Chihuahuas are little fidos. So there is a really wide spectrum there.

This means that the weight of your mix could range between 3 – 45 lbs. It is a huge distinction. Of course, you will probably wind up with those in the midway, but you never understand exactly. Moreover, there has not been sufficient testing on this hybrid version to start figuring out the specifics yet.

Then there is the issue of height, which can range from 6 – 22 inches. Again, it is a huge spectrum, but your aspirations should most likely lie somewhere in the middle. Knowing this is helpful in a lot of ways including the determination of the crate size of a Border Collie Chihuahua mix in case you want to buy one.


When it refers to the fur, you may expect a medium-length coat that resembles that of a Border Collie. This is not usually the case, so you may occasionally lead with a shorter one.

The hues can range from black to white, and you will get a full or predominantly solid color. Alternatively, you could have a steady to brilliant tri-color dog from a cross.


Border Collie-Chihuahua mixes are a high-energy breed. The Border Collie and Chihuahua combination puppies have a lot of energy. Prepare to provide them with more opportunities for releasing their pent-up energy. Because of great attachment to their families, the BCs and Chihuahuas may possibly experience separation anxiety.

They are fantastic dogs since they are a blend of Border Collies and Chihuahuas. The aggressiveness of the Chihuahua and the pursuing and herding instincts of the Border Collie can result in incessant chasers in these mixtures. As a result, early socialization as well as training are critical.

Training & Exercise

The Chihuahua Collie cross is a breed that is above average in intelligence and can easily learn new skills. They are usually quick to pick up new information. However, they can be recalcitrant at times because of their aggressiveness and cleverness. Trying to handle this mixed breed requires a strong pet parent who is also knowledgeable.

Dogs playing outdoors

This hybrid is capable of adapting new tricks to teach a Border Collie Chihuahua mix and engaging in vigorous exercise. Intensive exercise routines should be balanced with occasional recreation and a minimum of 2 hours of walking every day.

They are emotionally linked to their masters and would need to be trained to be self-sufficient. This has gone a long way toward alleviating their separation anxiety. The Border Collie Chihuahua mix, like all other dog breeds, adapts well to positive reinforcement.

Potty training is a difficulty that many smaller crossbred dogs have. They are extremely difficult to teach for toilet training, so it is preferable if pet owners take extra precautions and begin training them as young as a puppy. Furthermore, you should begin crate training when your dog is young, as this will ensure a long-term relationship for you and your dog.


It is critical to socialize your pup. In consideration of the other dogs and strangers, the Chihuahua might be a bit aggressive. When they are young, socialization training might help them avoid chasing strangers or acting aggressively. This fear response can be mitigated by early socializing.

Grooming of a Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

The grooming requirement of this mix may vary based on the coat that your dog wears. However, in most situations, you will have a medium-length fur, so be prepared for maintenance requirements if this occurs.

If your puppy has more of a Border Collie fur, they will shed a lot and require regular brushing, combing, and cutting. This is not so horrible if you learn to handle the situation properly. Of course, they require a lot of attention, so you will need to keep their coats groomed. It may be beneficial to see a professional groomer on hand to assist with bathing and trimming.

dog after bathing

Yet, you do not have to utilize a professional groomer most of the time. But you should plan on doing so on a regular basis to maintain your puppy’s coat looking its best. This breed thrives in an indoor environment. They are vulnerable to cold, damp temperatures, and humidity, despite their coats.


Brushing your hybrid many times a week is the finest thing you can do. Regularly brushing them is ideal, but brushing them 3-5 times per week will likely suffice.

Daily brushing using the correct brush will assist to prevent shedding. They shed a lot, so it would be a great method to keep their hair in good shape. A deshedding brush and possibly a pin brush are great recommendations for the best brush for Border Collie Chihuahua crossbreed.

Health Risks

The mixture of Border Collie and Chihuahua is actually very healthy, but because they are mixed breeds, they are vulnerable to diseases. One piece of good advice is that pet owners should have their pets examined by a veterinarian on a regular basis. When compared to pedigree dogs, many cross breed dogs are difficult to predict. Chihuahua Collie mixes inherit the following health concerns from their parents:

Both the Border Collie and the Chihuahua may experience the following health issues affecting the joint of your fido.

a sitting chihuahua on the grass

  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Pannus

Eye Problems

With this crossbreed, you should keep an eye out for eye diseases. Border Collies are notable for having a genetic predisposition to Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This hybrid has a chance of inheriting the illness from their BC parent.

Ear Problems

Deafness is a hereditary condition which can be seen across the Collies, and it is possible that the mixed breed pooch will acquire it.

Puppies: Finding & Raising

Getting from a reputable breeder is the best step to take if you want to purchase a Border Chigi puppy. Since this dog hybrid is becoming more readily available, mixed breeds of this dog type are becoming more popular.

However, this means that a lot of pet businesses and puppy factories are riding on the mixed breed bandwagon. Sad to say, many of these sources, conduct unethical breeding and frequently offer unhealthy puppies.

That’s why it is a good advice to contact a reputable breeder and select a pup from them. This process may be more costly, and there will be prolonged waiting, but it will be well worth the effort in the end.

Moreover, in terms of raising your pup, it is critical to get started on the big toe with your Border Collie Chihuahua mix puppy. Providing them a nutritious diet, as soon as you get them home, is essential. Most importantly, to maintain your Border Chigi pup healthy and happy, you must choose the right food and feed the right amount to them.

Is the Border Collie Chihuahua Mix the Right Dog for You & Your Family?

The Chihuahua Collie combination has a high need for cognitive stimulation and physical activity. They will require a significant amount of time to properly care for. This crossbreed is a lively and intelligent hybrid that would make a wonderful family pet.

This dog may not be, however, the best choice for a family having small children. The reason for this is due to the intense aggressive tendencies of the Chihuahua and the Border Collie’s nipping and herding nature.

However, in the right home, this mix can be a charming addition. If you’re an energetic person seeking a smaller companion to accompany you on your adventures, this is an excellent choice.

Pros of Having a Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

  • An amusing, caring, and devoted dog breed
  • The high-energy canines that will keep you occupied for a long time.
  • They have a long life expectancy.
  • Their intelligence and small size make them excellent apartment pets.
  • A delightful new member of the family

Cons of Having a Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

  • They have the potential to be aggressive.
  • Chihuahua Collie mix requires a lot of workout and their high energy levels may exhaust you.
  • A few health concerns exist to think about.
  • This breed is not for you if you are seeking for a pooch that does not shed hair.
  • Not suitable for younger children.
  • They can be demanding.

Similar Breeds

If this mixed breed highly caught your interest, for sure, other hybrids that come from a Border Collie or Chihuahua may also make you fall in love with. Border Collies and Chihuahua as parent dogs may definitely give a hybrid as same as the Border Collie Chihuahua mix.

Amazingly, there are plethora of astounding mixes of Border Collie that you can compare to this breed. Yet, if you want to explore more, it is best to try other dogs under the herding and toy dog categories.


You would never go wrong once you decide to have a Border Collie Chihuahua mix because it is a stunning creature. They have certain quirks, but if you come to grips with them, you should be fine.

A really attractive dog that is mostly well-behaved is actually a great expectation for this breed. This dog will be extremely bright and devoted. They would like to become a vital part of your life, and we are pretty confident you will be interested in making that possible.

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