Border Collie Jack Russell Mix Complete Breed Guide

Basic Characteristics of Border Collie Jack Russell Mix

The Border Jack is a high-spirited hybrid that is hybrid that comes from a Border Collie and a Jack Russell breed. These two working breeds share the same characteristics of being smart, active, and easy to teach. However, the Border Collie Jack Russell mix has drastically distinct appearances. Consequently, it is far more difficult to foretell how their hybrid offspring will seem.

What type of dog would result from these two breeds being combined?

WEIGHT22-32 lbs
HEIGHT16-22 inches
COLORblack, black & white, blue, chocolate, tri-color, white
LIFE SPAN12-15 years

History of Jack Russell Border Collie Mix

As its Border Jack parent probably arose within the United States throughout the previous few decades, little is known about the hybrid’s past. On the other hand, the Border Collie as well as the Jack Russell breed, both of which contributed to the creation of this hybrid breed, have a deep and interesting history.

border collie lying on a flowery gardenThe Border Collie’s ancestry may be linked back to the period when the Romans invaded England and brought with them larger shepherding breeds of their own to help with the management of the flocks and herds. The smaller, stronger, and livelier Border Collie we see today is the result of selective breeding between the original breed and the spitz-like dogs that the invading Vikings brought with them to England.

To trace the origins of the Jack Russell, we need to go back to the early 1800s in Devonshire, England, where a young man named John (Jack) Russell (later a parson, hence the breed’s other name, the Parson (Jack) Russell) discovered a cute little Terrier bitch (thought to be a cross between a Fox Terrier and a Black and Tan Terrier). This adorable creature made such an impression on him that he made an immediate purchase, and legend has it that she was the foundation of the special breed he spent a lifetime perfecting. The Jack Russell dog was originally developed to hunt without resorting to killing the animals it pursued.

Eventually, in the United States, a hybrid of the combination of Border Collie, as well as the Jack Russell dog, was developed, and the resulting dog was called a Border Jack.

Appearance of Jack Russell Border Collie Mix

The hybrid of a Border Collie and a JRT often resembles a large Jack Russell in appearance, yet it is typically leaner and more athletic.

Size, Height & Weight of Border Jack

The average size for a Border Jack is about medium. It’s estimated that full-grown Jack Russell mixes range in size from 22 to 32 pounds and 16 to 22 inches in height. If you want to welcome a mixed-breed pet into your home, it’s a good idea to research its expected appearance beforehand by looking at photographs online.

Coats & Colors of Border Jack

To a greater or lesser extent, the Border Jack has a lengthy coat. Coats of Border Collies and Jack Russell dog combination range from medium length to long and can be straight or somewhat wavy. Although black & white are the most popular, other color combinations, such as brown-white or red and white, or even tricolor, are possible.

Personality & Temperament of Border Jack

Due to their ancestry as hunters, Border Jacks are bold, vivacious, intelligent, and loud dogs with exceptional working aptitude. These dogs are wonderful companions for families since they are devoted, affectionate, and funny once they have received the appropriate training. They have the potential to develop into the ideal running partners for their owners once they have reached their full maturity. Actually, they always want to run, eager to keep up with the others, and never whine about how exhausted they are.

In spite of their generally positive disposition toward humans, they will not tolerate rude or violent conduct. Children should not be left unattended around them since their exuberant behavior could be too much for them. Border Jacks aren’t tolerant of sharing their space with other dogs, and they’ve been known to take on larger breeds if necessary.


Border Jacks are eager learners because they are highly intelligent. Therefore, they will have no trouble adapting to any of the various modes of training, and they will have no trouble picking up the new maneuvers after just a few practices of each one.

But they might get their stubbornness from their Jack Russell ancestors, so be patient and consistent.

Energy of Border Collie & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Since the Border Jack is believed to inherit the traits and appearance of its parent breeds, then it is also good to conclude that his energy levels would also rely upon the intensity of that of the BC and the JRT.

In order to maintain their health and happiness, Border Collies require a great deal of activity. The amount of activity a Border Collie exhibits can change with age, health, and environment. In contrast, most Border Collies require at least an hour of intense activity every day. Under-exercising your Border Collie can lead to destructive behavior.

Definitely, a breed with lots of enthusiasm, the Jack Russell will act like ordinary terriers and become worked up if they don’t get enough exercise and stimulation. These canines relish the great outdoors and aren’t afraid to get their snouts dirty. Their health and happiness are enhanced by having ample outdoor space. That’s why they’re so useful on farms: they’re terrific farm dogs. Russells value their social time with their owners and other canine companions highly.

Family & Kids

Pets of this type are completely harmless, although they are quite active and enthusiastic. Border Jacks are great companions for children and never tire of playing with them, but young kids should not be left alone with one because of the risk of rough play.

Other Animals

The Jack Russell in their bloodline could make them incompatible with other canine companions. It is possible that they will pursue small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and cats due to their natural hunting impulses. It is imperative that this breed receives early and consistent exposure to a variety of other species, and this process should begin as soon as feasible.


There is a chance that Border Jacks will take some time to get up to new individuals. They are quick to bark at a stranger, but rarely display any additional hostility once they have established a relationship with that person.

Do They Bark A Lot?

Having evolved as hunters, Border Jacks are highly intelligent, courageous, and bark a lot. They will make wonderful companion dogs if the proper methods of training are applied to them. Despite their friendliness toward humans, they will not put up with rudeness. Keep an eye on them because of how hyperactive they can be around kids. These canines are also not fond of having company and may get aggressive toward other animals.

Are They Good For Newbie Dog Owners?

Both Border Collies and Jack Russells are good companion dogs that are highly suitable for first-time fur parents.

When it comes to first-time dog owners, Border Collies are often a top choice. However, they need a lot of time and effort put into teaching because they are also very bright, sociable, and energetic. You should be sure you can supply this for your Border Collie before you bring one home. However, if you’re ready to put in the work, you’ll be rewarded with a lifelong friend who is loyal, affectionate, and enjoyable to be around.

Moreover, for those who have never owned a dog before, a Jack Russell dog is a great option. A JRT might be an excellent choice, provided that it receives the appropriate training. Before bringing a new dog into your home, you should make sure that your space and present pets are suitable.

Training & Exercise of Border Collie Jack Russell Mix

Puppy Border Jacks may present a learning curve for those who are nervous around dogs or have never owned a dog before. In order to overcome their occasional stubbornness, they require teaching that is rigorous, fair, and constant.

To satisfy its requirement for regular exercise, it requires at least thirty to forty minutes of activities that are of a robust nature. The Border Jack is a very active dog who enjoys running, jumping, playing, and being fetched. In addition, one way to keep your dog busy is to enter it in canine sports like agility or flyball. These are just two examples.

By getting your Border Jack out and about with other dogs, you can help curb any aggressive tendencies he may have. The puppy should only meet new people and see new places under safe and secure conditions.

Puppies pick up on their owners’ emotions, so showing your dog that you love socializing with others is an effective way to teach it positive associations with these entities.

Teaching your dog how to bring back a ball is the first step in beginning training for flyball, which may be done at home. If you know your Border Jack enjoys playing fetch with rolling balls, you may patiently wait for the ball to stop before letting your pet go after it. It should be praised lavishly and given tasty snacks whenever it delivers the ball into close proximity to you.

Taking Care & Maintenance of Jack Russell Border Collie Mix

The Border Jack is a canine of medium size that has strong dietary and energy requirements. Unless you keep this dog occupied with something like toys at all times, it may likely resort to clawing at furniture and walls. You won’t believe it, but this dog actually manages to keep his high energy level under control enough to survive in a small apartment.

Nevertheless, you need to carry it outside on a daily basis so that it can breathe some fresh air. You are free to keep it anywhere, as it is able to adjust to both urban and country settings (which protects it from extreme cold and hot weather). Additional consideration should be paid to its health, which is described further below.

Health of a Border Jack

Based on its expected lifespan, we can safely assume that this breed of dog is not susceptible to any major ailments. A regular trip to the vet will help this genetically robust breed stay that way. This visit shouldn’t be more than 4 months apart at the most.

Diet & Nutrition of Border Collie & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

In order to keep up with their high level of activity throughout the day, Border Jacks require a diet rich in various nutrients. It is essential to look for dry kibble of a high enough grade that is specifically formulated for working dogs in order to guarantee that they are receiving the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. Border Collies, one of the parent breeds, have a predisposition to developing heart problems, which can be exacerbated by the inclusion of peas and legumes in grain-free diets.

Life Span

The average age of a Border Jack is between 12 and 15 years. Both of the breeds that contribute to the development of a Border Jack – the BC and the JRT, are considered to be healthy breeds. Even if your Border Jack doesn’t live quite as long as the average, he should still enjoy a long and healthy life.

Health Issues

JRT sleeping on couch

The Border Collie x Jack Russell combination is susceptible to developing the same diseases that affect both of its parent breeds, just like any other hybrid. On the other hand, some illnesses are more prevalent than others in this group. Some of the potential health issues that can arise in a dog that is a mix of a Border Collie and a Jack Russell breed are listed below:

Hip dysplasiaIt is a common problem in dogs of all sizes. This is caused by abnormal growth of the hip socket. In addition to the obvious symptoms of discomfort and lameness, this can also be a precursor to arthritis.

Eye IssuesThis hybrid breed is also more susceptible to eye issues. It is because both BC and JRT are predisposed to specific eye issues. Cataracts, glaucoma, and progressive retinal atrophy are just some of the eye diseases that have been spotted in this population.

Epilepsy – It is a condition of the nervous system that can bring on fits. Certain canine breeds, like the Border Collie, are predisposed to it. And it can be passed down through the generations in mixes.

Allergy – Due to the genetic predispositions between the Border Collie and also the Jack Russell dog, allergies are a common problem for this hybrid breed. Allergic reactions can manifest themselves in a number of different ways. It includes hives, watery eyes, and even hot areas on the skin.

Although these are some of the most typical health issues in a Border Collie-Jack Russell mix, it’s vital to keep in mind that any mixed breed dog is at risk of inheriting the traits of either parent. Reason enough to schedule frequent checkups for your mutt at the vet and get him immunized against any threats.

Grooming of Jack Russell & Border Collie Mix

Brushing a Border Jack at least twice per week and bathing it only when it’s necessary is recommended as the best practice for caring for this breed of dog.

At the very least once every seven days, you should examine a Border Jack’s ears and clean them appropriately. The purpose of this is to lower the likelihood of an infection developing there.

As a result, it is essential to take your Border Jack in for routine eye exams on a consistent basis. This is to ensure that it does not develop any vision difficulties. Tooth exams and cleanings should be scheduled on a regular basis.

Does Border Jack Shed A Lot?

In most cases, Border Jacks have a distinctive coat that resembles a combination of the long, fluffy coat of the BC and the domestic shorthair coat of the JRT. Every day, you’ll need to brush them to remove the matt and dirt that could become caught there. They shed moderately to heavily but may be kept to a minimum with regular brushing and the odd bath.

Male vs Female of Border Collie Jack Russell Mix

Due to the sex equality of Border Jacks and their comparable appearance and temperament, this is a matter of personal preference. Several male Border Jacks enjoy scent-marking their territory. And they will even do it inside the home if they are given the opportunity to do so.  However, this behavior may be trained out of them. It’s important to talk to your loved ones about your reasons for wanting a Border Jack beyond the marking.

Cost of Jack Russell Border Collie Mix

Some breeders charge more for hybrid dogs. Healthy purebred puppies may cost more. A purebred Border Collie, depending on their ancestry, can cost as much as $4,000 or more. In broad terms, you should expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $1,000 for a Jack Russell Terrier & Border Collie hybrid.

Border Jack pups are a wonderful addition to any family. But they are not cheap, so it’s important to buy from a reputable breeder.

Puppies of Border Jack

different BC puppies on door

Border Collie Jack Russell Mix Puppies are the best of both breeds at an affordable price. So, if you’re in the market for a new dog, you might want to check them out. The fact that they are considered to be great with kids and devoted to their human families has contributed to their widespread popularity. The versatility of these canines allows for a wide range of possible applications. 

That is one of the many reasons why they are so appealing. They are also amenable to training as service dogs or therapy animals. Bringing home a border collie as a pet is a smart move for a variety of reasons. And one of these is adoption.

An essential characteristic of this breed of dog is its boundless vitality. People who participate in strenuous sports have a high demand for this type of energy. Since it helps them maintain their level of performance.

If you want your breed to stay in shape, you’ll have to put in a lot of work. When you have a Border Collie puppy mix, you should be prepared to devote a lot of time to your new companion. The normal adult weighs a little more than ten pounds. However, some animals have been known to reach about fifteen pounds in size.

Breeders & Shelters

Finding Border Collie x Jack Russell mix pups for sale or adoption shouldn’t be too difficult. It is despite the fact that most breeders focus on developing pure breeds. It is important to ensure the health of your new puppy by purchasing from breeders who offer genetic testing. An alternative to purchasing a Border Jack from a dog breeder is to foster one from a well-established rescue organization.

Your Border Jack, like all mixed breeds, may be predisposed to certain diseases. Therefore, it’s important to contact a DNA testing service that specializes in canines to learn more. You will be able to distinguish dogs of mixed origin, such as Jack Russell Collie Mixes. It can be possible with the help of this cutting-edge dog DNA test kit.

This mashup between a Border Collie and a Jack Russell is clearly an excellent choice for a household pet. With this information in hand, you can make an informed decision about adopting a puppy. Also, you start building a lifelong bond with your new best friend.

Conclusion: Is Border Collie Jack Russell Mix Right For You?

The Border Collie and Jack Russell mix breed is one of the most robust dog breeds. It has a lot to provide for the proper owners if they want to make the most of it. Those with children who like to be active will find them to be a great fit. And, it is also good for those who can keep up with a high-energy pet.

On the other hand, they are not appropriate for households that include containing other animals or young children. Those who don’t have a lot of experience with dog ownership might think about adopting a low-maintenance breed. Also, those breeds that are low-maintenance are not suitable for people who live in smaller spaces.

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