All you need to know about Border Collie Mastiff Hybrid

The Border Collie Mastiff mix, also known as a Collie Mastiff mix or Border Mastiff, is a unique and intriguing hybrid dog that combines the energetic and intelligent traits of the Border Collie with the gentle and powerful characteristics of the Mastiff.

This mix results in a dog with a potentially diverse range of appearances and temperaments. Like any mixed breed, individual dogs may exhibit a combination of traits from their parent breeds, making each Border Collie Mastiff mix a truly one-of-a-kind companion.

Characteristics of Border Collie Mastiff Mix

The Border Collie Mastiff Mix is a rare mix of two popular breeds! This mix has a Border Collie coat and Mastiff body. Its dense coat is likely black and white.

Size distinguishes the two parent breeds. Border Collies rarely exceed 45 pounds, while Mastiffs can weigh 200 pounds.

The Border Collie is smart, loyal, and protective and seeks human companionship.

Breed Type:Mixed Breed
Other Names:Collie Mastiff
Border Mastiff
Watch Dog:Great
Average Weight:around 70lbs. to 120lbs.
Average Height:about 23 to 30 inches tall
Lifespan:Up to 12 years
Apartment Living:Not recommended
Ideal for:Active individuals or family

History of Border Collie Mastiff Mix

British Romans may have introduced the Border Collie. The “Border Collie” was excellent for herding livestock on England’s grassy hills. Communication and outspokenness determine their history, personality, and value.

English Mastiffs may predate humans. The Molosser, a big Asian mountain guard dog, was the first Mastiff. Saint Bernard, Dogue de Bordeaux, Rottweiler, and Pug are Molosser descendants. Greeks, Egyptians, and Carthaginians utilized Mastiffs (or “history of the English Mastiff”) to guard property, fight, and play lion-fighting.

The Border Collie Mastiff breed is not yet recognized by the AKC, probably due to the difficulties of identifying competent breeders.


The Border Collie-English Mastiff hybrid is a rare breed that falls in size between a Border Collie and an English Mastiff. It has a medium-to-large frame, with a longer body compared to its height. It combines traits from both breeds, such as a lighter build resembling an Australian Shepherd, a Collie-like head with drooping ears, and features of an English Mastiff. Also, its ears are small and dark, while its tail reaches the hocks.

Personality & Temperament of Border Collie Mastiff Mix

Border Collies and English Mastiffs are smart, trainable, calm, protective, and herders. Border Collies need exercise. The Border Collie-English Mastiff mix may be bigger. Healthy living and early socialization can create a loyal, perceptive, and obedient companion.

Size, Height & Weight

what to expect from the size of a Border Mastiff mix

Border Collies and English Mastiffs are two distinct dog breeds with contrasting sizes and measurements. When these breeds are crossed, such as in a Border Collie/English Mastiff mix, the resulting dog is typically larger than a purebred Border Collie. The size and traits of the mixed breed can vary depending on the genetics inherited from both parent breeds.

Coats & Colors

Border Collies are usually black, white, sable, merle, tricolor, or bicolor. Rough coats are wavy and flat with medium to long hair, while smooth coats are short.

Mastiffs possess unique, short undercoats, which typically come in brindle, apricot, or fawn colorations. Brindle Mastiffs, in particular, showcase dark streaks over their apricot or fawn coats, along with desirable black muzzles, noses, ears, and eye rims. A slight white marking may be present on their chest.

With this being said, Border Collie Mastiff mixes can have straight, wavy, or lengthy coats. Mixes have short, silky coats, rough, wavy coats, or something in between. The Mastiff brindle coat and Border Collie coat are common colors. Both breeds can have sable, merle, tricolor, or bicolor.

Personality & Temperament of Border Collie Mastiff Mix

Hybrid Border Collie-Mastiffs are great combination and may be smart, and fast-learner. This hybrid may have the Mastiff’s family and territory protection, devotion, and watchfulness. The breed may be good watchdogs and instinctively protect the family. Like the Border Collie, the hybrid may be shy and wary. Remember that the hybrid dog’s traits depend on each parent breed’s genetics.

Intelligence of Border Collie Mastiff Mix

Based on the parent’s qualities, it is safe to say that Border Mastiff mixes are smart and trainable. Due to their intellect and loving, loyal demeanor, and make ideal rescue, therapy, and support dogs. Due to their intelligence, these dog are flexible companions who like mental challenges and a hectic lifestyle.


Mastiff Collies are energetic canines that demand a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation. To adopt one of these huge canines into your house, you must be prepared for a lengthy commitment.

Family & Kids

Borderstiffs are a giant with good proportions. This dog is fantastic for families that simply want a little bit of both quiet and excitement. It is kind and loving inside the home but excited and active outside. It is fantastic for families with kids, but because of its size, you’ll need a bigger space.

Other Animals

Given its breed, the Border Collie Mastiff may act differently towards other pets. Some breeds are kind to cats and other dogs. However, Border Collies and Mastiffs may be more domineering or protective.


Even when it comes to total strangers, the Mastiff Border Collie mix is surprisingly friendly and loving considering their size. However, when threatened, this rare Border Collie cross will gladly defend family members.

Do Border Collie Mastiffs Bark A Lot?

Border Collies bark loudly. When researching dog breeds, remember it. The breed is cute, smart, and trainable, but it barks a lot.

English Mastiffs are peaceful. These dogs rarely bark like other guard dogs. When necessary, the dog barks at outsiders and other dogs. On the other hand, if they are barking for no reason or incessantly, it might be because they lack of socialization.

To ensure a well-behaved and properly socialized Border Collie Mastiff mix, it is crucial to provide adequate training, socialization, and guidance. Through these efforts, the mix can harness the intelligence and trainability of the Border Collie while minimizing excessive or unnecessary barking tendencies inherited from both breeds.

Are they good for Newbie Dog Owners?

First-time dog owners might consider a Border Collie Mastiff mix. New owners struggle with these smart, active pets. Understand both parent breeds and provide proper care, training, and socialization to create a well-balanced dog.

To find a Border Collie/Mastiff mix that suits your needs and skill level, visit reputable breeders or rescue groups. An experienced dog trainer may also teach your new dog manners and socialization that can help you with ownership.

Training & Exercise of Border Collie Mastiff Hybrid

Border Collie-Mastiff mixes may be smart and trainable. Intelligent Border Collies learn quickly. Mastiffs are independent and stubborn, making training difficult. This mixed breed needs patience, tenacity, and positive reinforcement.

Dog activity depends on breed and parent dog qualities. Mastiffs are calmer than Border Collies, who need mental and physical stimulation. Border Collie Mastiff mixes need exercise to keep mentally and physically active.

Taking Care & Maintenance

Brushing the Border Collie Mastiff mix’s medium-to-long coat prevents matting and shedding. The dog’s coat and exercise level determine bathing frequency. Dogs need anti-parasitic, deworming, and immunizations.

Health of Border Collie Mastiff Mix

keeping your dog healthy

Collie eye anomaly, joint dysplasia, convulsions, and progressive retinal degeneration may affect Border Collie/Mastiff crosses.

English Mastiffs, famed for their size, have many health difficulties. Cardiomyopathy, Pulmonary Stenosis, and Sub Aortic Stenosis are more likely in them.

Border Collie-Mastiff hybrids may inherit health issues from both parent breeds. It’s hard to predict a dog’s health problems, but knowing each breed’s health difficulties can help.

Diet & Nutrition

Border Collie-Mastiff mixes need premium dry dog food, which will benefit them in the long run, especially with these large crossbreeds. Size, age, activity, and metabolism determine Border Collie Mastiff mix food intake.

Life Span

The estimated lifespan of a Border Collie-Mastiff cross typically falls within the range of 10 to 12 years. This estimation is based on the average lifespan of Border Collies, which generally spans from 10 to 14 years, and Mastiffs, known to have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years.

Health Issues

The Border Collie Mastiff mix, like its parent breeds, may have a predisposition to certain health conditions. These include Collie eye anomaly, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hearing loss, and elbow dysplasia, which are more commonly observed in Border Collies.

Considering that Mastiffs are large dog breeds, there is a high chance of your Border Mastiff inheriting joint and heart issues commonly seen in the parent breed. Other health issues may include von Willebrand’s disease, and seasonal allergies, which are prevalent in Mastiffs.

It is essential for owners of Border Collie Mastiff mixes to be aware of these potential health concerns and provide appropriate care and regular veterinary check-ups to ensure their overall well-being.

Grooming of Border Collie Mastiff

The Border Collie/Mastiff mix’s grooming demands are moderate. Brushing the mix’s coat frequently prevents matting and keeps it beautiful. But as they age, grooming becomes simpler and easier.

Do they Shed A Lot?

To manage shedding and address concerns related to allergies or excessive hair in the house, it is recommended to groom your Border Collie Mastiff mix regularly using appropriate brushes or grooming gloves. By doing so, you can effectively remove loose hair and minimize shedding. Keep in mind that shedding tendencies can vary among individual dogs, so paying attention to the specific needs of your mix is essential.

Male vs Female Border Collie Mastiff

The temperamental distinctions between male and female Border Collies are unproven. Male Border Collies are more obedient and easier to handle, according to research.

Mastiff males are more dominant and territorial than females, thus it is more recommended for experienced dog owners.

When considering a Border Collie Mastiff mix, it is advisable to assess the specific traits and needs of each individual dog, regardless of gender, and provide appropriate training and socialization to ensure a well-behaved and balanced companion.


Border Collies and English Mastiffs have comparable price ranges, therefore a hybrid may be priced similarly. It’s important to realize that other factors can affect mixed-breed dog prices. If the Border Collie Mastiff hybrid comes from a reputable breeder with champion genes, it might cost $4,500 or more.


When welcoming a Border Collie Mastiff mix into your home, it is crucial to provide them with appropriate care and attention to facilitate their growth and development. This includes ensuring they receive proper nutrition, regular monitoring, and sufficient socialization to support their overall well-being and ensure they mature into healthy and well-balanced adult dogs.

Breeders & Shelters

Getting a dog from a responsible and respected breeder and shelter has several benefits. If you are having second thoughts why you should get your next dog from such places, check out the following.

Advantages of getting a dog from a breeder:

  • Select the specific breed and lineage you desire.
  • Raise a puppy from the beginning and shape their upbringing.
  • Access to the dog’s health history and genetic background.
  • Receive support and guidance from the breeder for care.
  • Opportunity to participate in dog shows and competitions with a purebred dog.

Why you should get a dog from a shelter? Apparently, there are many reasons to back this up:

  • Save a life by providing a home to a dog in need.
  • Wide variety of dogs available, regardless of age, breed, or size.
  • Opportunity to adopt a trained and socialized dog.
  • Cost-effective adoption fees, typically around $100.
  • Dogs are often already spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.
  • Feel good about supporting an organization that helps animals in need.

While considering a dog from either source, it is important to be aware of potential disadvantages. Some breeders may not be reputable, while some shelter dogs may have behavioral or health issues. Researching and choosing a trustworthy breeder or shelter is crucial to ensure you bring home a healthy and happy dog.

Conclusion: Is Border Collie Mastiff Right For You?

Deciding if a Border Collie Mastiff mix is the right fit for you depends on several factors. Consider the following:

  • Size and energy level: Are you comfortable with a larger-sized dog that requires regular exercise?
  • Training and socialization: Are you willing to invest time and effort in training and socializing your dog?
  • Living space: Do you have enough room for a larger dog, preferably with access to a yard?
  • Grooming and shedding: Can you handle potential grooming needs and shedding?
  • Health considerations: Are you prepared for potential health issues and associated costs?
  • Time and commitment: Do you have the resources and availability to meet the dog’s needs?

Evaluate these factors to determine if a Border Collie Mastiff mix aligns with your lifestyle and capabilities. Seek advice from experts or experienced dog owners to make an informed decision.

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