Dog Camera That Dispenses Treats — 5 Picks For You!

A dog camera that dispenses treats is something you might have right now. It is a good thing that technology catches up so fast even in the field of dog supplies and accessories. Because as a pet owner, taking advantage of technological innovation is a great way to treat your adorable furry friend. This is an added benefit when it comes to giving your dog some treats just to have some new experience.

With that, investing in a dog camera that dispenses treats is something you should try. You will definitely need this device especially if you’re away. Lucky for you, reader, we have some of the best treat dispensing cameras that you will probably love! So, be sure to check them out and scroll down to see them.

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What is a dog camera that dispenses treats?

Well, basically it’s a food dispenser that has a camera installed in one piece. This kind of advanced dog gadget is super cool because you get to give your dog a treat even if you’re away. Besides that, you can also interact with them and check on them even if you’re at work or away from home.

Although the device seems a little complicated at first, actually it’s simple. Manufacturers of treat dispensing-camera have built the device with simple app features and if you know how to handle a mobile device, then you probably know how to use this simple device.

On the other hand, even if this device will help you check out your furry friend and let them know you are there for them (virtually). It’s a big help for them just to see you especially for dogs who struggle with separation anxiety.

This is just among the benefits of a dog camera that dispenses treats and we will going to delve deeper into its benefits. Also, this device has specific features for dogs and it’s important to know them which we are also going to cover.

Benefits of having a treat-dispensing camera

This device is extremely useful which can help you reduce the hassle and also lets your furry friend safe as well whenever you are away. There are numerous reasons and benefits as to why you should have these awesome dog camera that dispenses treat. We have listed what we think are the common benefits of having this amazing device.

Prevents your pooch from stress and boredom

Most dogs will probably miss you and even look for you when you are gone for several hours. This simple behavior can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and stress. Besides that, your dog will likely develop boredom which can lead to being a lousy and couch potato dog if left unattended.

However, having a treat dispenser with a camera will somehow prevent that unwanted behavior and even reduce their separation anxiety. You can interact with them and provide some mental stimulation if you feel they are bored. It’s actually a win-win situation because seeing your pet through a camera greatly eases your stress and the same goes for your dog.

Discourage unwanted behavior

A treat-dispensing camera is not only for giving your lovely pooch a delicious dog treat, it is also for security purposes. Because you are able to monitor the activity of your dog whenever you are away and see if they are behaving well or not.

There are times that your dog will bark incessantly and will likely disturb your neighbor which is not good. Your dog will likely chew down your lovely furniture and your couch only to find out when you have just arrived.

But if you have invested in this device added some built-in speakers, you can quickly correct their behavior and prevent any of your personal belongings to be damaged. Just turn it on and quickly call them out if there’s something going on.

Monitor their activities and habits

You will be able to spy on your dog’s unusual habits and also check them if they are fine. This is extremely useful when your dog is sick and you are away. The only thing you can check and monitor his activity and condition is through the dog camera that dispenses treats. You get to see his activity and habits good or bad that can be prevented if it leads to bad behavior.

There are also pet cameras without a treat dispenser which is fine if you want only communication. However, they may not pay attention to it. But, when you have a camera plus an automatic dispenser, no doubt that your dog will have undivided attention to you.

Reward your dog for being good

The primary reason why treat-dispensing cameras are built in the first place is to experience a whole new way of giving your dog a treat or food. This is an excellent choice for training and teaching your furry friend how to behave properly.

Also, for rewarding them for being good whenever you order a command from them. This will also help your dog to instill good habits and become a responsible dog.

Although it will be hard to train if your pet is only a puppy because of its stubbornness. But once you have corrected their behavior, it is very rewarding on the part of the pet parent.

Provides a mental stimulation

If you happen to own an intelligent dog breed like a German shepherd, golden retriever, poodle, Border Collie, to name a few, you will need to provide them sufficient mental stimulation.

These dog breeds need more mental stimulation compared to other canines. Because they were bred to have mental skills, given their natural instinct of hunting and for search and rescue purposes.

Boredom is the last thing you want for your dog. Because it can be destructive and unproductive. That’s why having a dog camera that dispenses treats is what you will ever need. So, if your dog misses the fun, you can try to make it up for him through virtual communication.

Engage them with fun and games

Some dog cameras have two-way features. Using this device for fun and games will definitely keep your furry friend entertained. You can play with your dog with some hide and seek by connecting your smartphone through the dog camera.

There are other fun stuff and tomfoolery you can do with this awesome device. The sky is the limit with those ideas.

This will also help your dog to get away from the state of boredom. Because he is filled with mental stimulation, plus he gets to bond with his most loved master.

Dog Camera That Dispenses Treats — OUR TOP 5 PICKS!

OUR TOP PICK: Petcube Bites 2 Treat-Dispensing Camera

Product Name: Petcube Bites 2 Treat-Dispensing Camera

Product Description: Our first and foremost top pick is the Petcube Bites 2. If you want something that's sleek in style but offers amazing features that will surely make your dog love is this device. This is the ultimate treat-dispensing with a camera. With reinforced design and technology just to meet your satisfaction without any lag or technical issues, you can safely vouch for this device. The camera is superbly clear. You are able see fido with finer details without any pixelation or grainy texture. It has a video resolution of 1080p which is stunningly amazing. Not only that, it is capable to project a 160-degree wide-angle lens with digital zoom up to 4x. It also has night vision allowing you let you view loved ones even in a low light setting. This also offers real-time notification that will tell if your dog is in need of a treat. Petcube Bites 2 also integrates with Alexa. This will allow you to control home devices, order your doggo's favorite treats, and more.

Brand: Petcube

Offer price: 89.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

Offer URL: https://amzn.to/3RPuKBU

Valid until: December 31, 2025

  • Accessibility
  • Features
  • Value for Money


It has everything that you need from the decent features and the overall performance, not to mention its stunning video resolution. Having this will greatly please your dog and yourself.

All in all, if you are looking for the ultimate dog camera that dispenses treats, you should openly consider this one.


Crystal clear video and audio
Easy to set up
Very user friendly


Need to subscribe to access all the features in-app


Petzi Treat-Dispensing Camera

The Pretzi camera that dispenses treats is an excellent dog device that offers a simple yet effective way to give a treat to your furry friend while you are away.

This allows you to interact with your dog virtually and make sure that your communication will be as exciting as the real interaction. Specifically designed to give your pet the best virtual dog nanny especially if your dog needs special attention.

You can put this on the wall for its wall-mounted feature or just place it on the table. It has a built-in HD camera and a speaker so your dog can hear you and see you on the screen.

Compatible with any quarter-sized dog treat, unlike other dispensing devices. Easily access with your smartphone and multiple users can log on at the same time.

Don’t want to miss any memorable and fun moments with your pooch? Well, you can record and take some snapshot some of those moments and share on your social media platform. In addition, there is an indication of the dog treat is on a low level.

For our second pick, this gadget is not really bad. In fact, this is so affordable than most of the products here and yet it has the same caliber when it comes to performance. Although it does not offer clearer video resolution it will do.

Furbo Treat-Dispensing Camera

If you want a virtual dog nanny and a security camera for your household, you better need some advanced dog gadget. Among the best quality and well-received treat dispenser with camera.

It has an amazing feature that will keep your dog entertained and make sure that there will be no hindrance in communication between you and the dog.

Your dog deserves a nice gadget like this. But what about its features?

The Furbo is able to give a better video resolution with its 1080p camera with a 160-degree wide-angle lens, and a digital zoom of up to 4x.

Don’t worry about having communication with your dog during low light, because this can provide adequate light setting due to infrared night vision.

In addition to that, this has a speaker and microphone built-in within the device. There’s also a barking sensor that notifies you via the app.

The Furbo gives you real-time updates which send you push notifications to your smartphone. This can also identify your dog’s anxiety through unusual behaviors such as licking feet and constant pacing.

Is this worth it for you and your pet? For us, it’s really worth it to invest in this dog camera that dispenses food. This is something you would want in case you are away more often.

With this, you can check your pet at all times and guarantee you will have a nice chat.

WOpet Treat-Dispensing Camera

Monitor your pet’s behavior and check them whenever it’s necessary with this WOpet brand. This is going to be beneficial if you are always away and need to see if your furry friend is still okay.

Certainly, there are tons of dog treat cameras but only a few of them deserve a great review which includes this amazing dog gadget.

Let your dog see you with this camera that’s so clear enough. It has a 720p resolution and 120-degree wide-angle view. Start a live stream with your dog while you are away.

Communicate with your dog this using its two-way communication. Hear your dog’s response as you talk with him. Send a voice command whenever your dog is receiving some treats.

Also, don’t worry about having a poor view because of the night vision. Compatible with Alexa. Just set the right serving and Alexa will feed the dog. Capture and record the precious moments with your dog and send them easily to Facebook, Twitter, and others.

All in all, Wopet treat dispenser with camera deserves a recommendation. It’s affordable and it has amazing features that will keep your communication. Although the price is not cheap, for its worth, this is definitely reasonable because of the performance.

DOGNESS Treat-Dispensing Camera

You can prevent your dog’s distress and anxiety and let your dog know that you are always there for her. To do that, you will need the help of a decent dog gadget. We recommend our last product review for you which is the Dogness.

Give them their favorite treat using this awesome device which added many features that will be extremely useful for your virtual communication.

Get a nice view of your pooch with this camera. It has a 165-degree full-room view. You can get a 720p video resolution which is pretty decent enough to dee your adorable dog. Moreover, this device has two-way communication, night vision, 2.4G Wifi, among the features.

The capacity of the treat dispenser is up to 0.4 liters. Almost any dry and crunchy dog treat can be placed here with 0.6 inches in diameter.

Also, you can record any adorable highlight or a snapshot and keep the precious memories in your storage. You can easily connect this through your smartphone.

All in all, it’s a great product for you and your pet. We strongly recommend this because of the amazing features it posses. Plus, the materials are extremely which came from natural bamboo for the cover. This is an excellent option to treat your dog with this.

Features to Consider When Looking for a dog camera that dispenses treats

There are tons of treat-dispensing cameras that are readily available, but one thing you need to have in mind, is it really worth it? That said, before you buy your ideal product it is important to look for specific features. Below are the important features you need before considering buying a dog camera.

Video quality or resolution

The video resolution will affect how well is the quality of the video will be. You don’t want to see your pet blurry and pixelated. Because it will be an awful experience if the resolution of the camera is poor enough.

Good thing that most of these dog gadgets offer a 720p resolution which is pretty decent to get a clear picture of your pooch.

Although 720p is not enough especially if you want your dog’s face appear in finer and crisp detail. Some offer 1080p and ultra HD, but you will have to increase your budget if you want a better video resolution.

Two-way communication

There is a treat dispenser with camera that only has one-way audio, but other dog gadgets offer two-way communication. Of course, two-way communication is better because you can hear your dog’s response whenever you are talking to him.

Because you will be able to have interactive communication with your doggo. This is greatly beneficial on your part especially if you are having a bad day and you want call your dog just to lighten your day.

Wi-Fi connection

Because we live in a world where there is a wireless connection, it’s important that your ideal dog gadget has a wifi connection. Because it’s much more convenient to connect through WiFi than connecting it to a LAN cable which is a hassle to set up because of the cables.

Also, with a wireless connection, you don’t have to worry about the placement of the camera that suits you best.


Among the most important thing to look out for is the price. The consumer’s logic says that the higher the price, the better quality it can have. This may be partially true but most of it, it’s not.

With some careful research and lots of weighing in options, there will come a time that a wallet-friendly with decent quality and performance will come around on the market. Most of these devices ranges from $100 to $300 more or less.

Night vision

Your light will probably out during nighttime and it’s hard to see if you are going to view your pooch. You will be going to need this feature especially if you are going to work at night.

But an added feature like the night vision will probably kick the overall price up a notch, but if you really need it, then it’s going to be worth it features for you.

Besides that, you can even make this as a form of a security camera. If you have a higher video resolution like a 1080p resolution, you can even watch your household if there are any burglar activities that serve a dual purpose.

Easy to setup

Another aspect you should look out for is how easy it is to set up. Make sure that there the product you will buy is efficient and the features not to mention its user interface should be easily accessible without breaking a sweat or spending several hours. What you need is simple yet functional with decent performance.

Final Thoughts

We have provided some of the best dog cameras that dispense treats along with comprehensive details and some buying guides. So if ever you haven’t made up your mind and still searching for your ideal product, this article will be very useful to you. You can just scroll up and carefully weigh in every product that we have listed here.

After all, your goal in buying the ideal dog camera with a treat dispenser is the overall experience between you and your furry friend.

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