Best Dog Bed for Border Collie – Our List of 8!

Regardless of the reason why we opt to give our Border Collie a dog bed, we always want to get the most comfortable resting haven for them. It is not actually a good idea to let them sleep with us on our bed. So, the great solution for this is the best dog bed for Border Collie. This doggy product provides them the comfort and relief from the joint issues that they may feel if there are any.

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In this blog post, I listed and reviewed 8 of the excellent dog beds highly suitable for Border Collie. I personally purchased and allowed my Border Collie to use some of the dog beds below. See which one satisfies the needs of your pooch!

List of the Best Dog Bed for Border Collie

OUR TOP PICK: K&H Bolster Cot Elevated Dog Bed

Product Name: K&H Bolster Cot Elevated Dog Bed

Product Description: To start with, this K&H Bolster Cot Elevated Dog Bed is entirely unique from the rest of the dog beds in the selection. Well, from the name itself, this is the only dog bed on the list that is actually elevated. This said feature aims to offer a number of advantages so pet owners choosing this great elevated dog bed is enormously increasing. K&H Bolster Cot Elevated Dog Bed is generally perfect in any kind of climate and any weather conditions. Thanks to its mesh center material as it gives way to better airflow. Dogs, like the Border Collies, that sit here will definitely stay cool. Because of that, this is the number one best dog bed for Border Collie on our list. The cot material is generally from waterproof, heavy-denier material having bolsters for comfort and security. It is also durable and highly sturdy with non-skid rubber bed legs. Both its cover and bolster are removable so washing it tends to be an easy task.

Brand: K&H

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Valid until: December 31, 2025

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability
  • Sturdiness


Elevated dog beds are actually unique because most dog beds style comes without legs. Because of the said elevated feature, overheating problems with the Border Collie while he sleeps will not be a problem anymore. Overall, this exceptional dog bed for Border Collie is a great choice for most pet parents.

Product Features:

• Highly accommodates dogs up to a maximum weight of 200 lbs.
• Materials come from heavy-denier and waterproof fabric
• Easy to assemble
• The dog bed feet has non-skid rubber material
• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and even during travel
Product Dimensions: SIZE – Large / MATERIAL – 600 Denier fabric / COLOR – Chocolate or Black


• Highly durable
• Sufficiently strong
• Innovative design
• Also great for outdoor use


• Inaccurate sizing


Friends Forever Orthopedic Prestige Bed Lounge

best dog bed for Border Collie

Friends Forever Orthopedic Prestige Bed Lounge is another best dog bed for Border Collie that is also a well-known bed for pet owners. Well, obviously, there are lots of good reasons to fall in love with this dog bed. First and foremost, this excellent dog bed comes from premium quality memory foam and highly durable fabric. For sure, your Collie will love to curl up all day here.

The bolster that is present on this dog bed also makes a good and comfortable sleep for the dogs. It will not immediately sag even if the bed is used repeatedly. The cover comes from suede material which gives a waterproof feature. Aside from that, there is a cushioned plush poly-fill material stuffed inside the bolster.

Moreover, this Friends Forever Orthopedic Prestige Bed Lounge is tested for its durability. That’s why this dog bed can be enjoyed by your Collie for a period of more days. The sizes that it has generally cover a range of small, large, XL to XXL jumbo. With this large clearance of size, this outstanding dog bed for Border Collie is suitable for small to large dog breeds.

Cleaning is not also a problem with this dog bed as it is made of a soft and removable cover. That feature offers a great way for this dog bed to become machine-washable. And because the YKK zipper is highly a pure metal; the removal of the cover tends to be convenient. Additionally, its durable zipper protects the dog bed for its cleanliness.

Product Features

  • Offers maximum comfort as it is made from human-grade mattress foam
  • A highly constructed dog bed that is durable enough due to its anti-tear cover keeping the bed intact
  • Easy cleaning option because of the removable cover making it machine-washable
  • Includes non-skid and non-slip bottom
  • The cover is made of material that highlights fur and hair resistance and anti-tear feature
  • Product Dimensions: SIZE – Large (36” x 28”)/ MATERIAL – Polyester / COLOR – Pewter Grey

Bully beds Durable Dog Bed for Border Collie

best dog bed for Border Collie

Bully beds Durable Dog Bed for Border Collie generally boasts its medical-grade orthopedic memory foam feature. That actually offers perfect support to the joints of the dog making this the best dog bed for Border Collie. The thickness of the memory foam is highly perfect not only for your Collie but also for other large dog breeds. Bully beds Durable Dog Bed for Border Collie is available in various sizes from medium, large, extra-large to extra extra large.

Additionally, this dog bed tends to be durable and comfortable for dog use. It also has bolster making the Border Collie fall in love with the habit of sleeping on a side-lying position. The waterproof cover is a big help for every dog accident. It is soft and washable as well. There is also a heavy-duty zipper as its enclosure so that chewing and ripping off some aggressive dogs may be prevented.

Product Features

  • Perfect for large dog breeds, older dogs, and those that are arthritic
  • Includes a cover made out of microfiber material that is washable and removable
  • Highlights chew-resistant zipper with a heavy-duty property
  • The base of this dog bed for Border Collie has a non-slip feature
  • Do not have any presence of heavy metals, ozone-depleters, and other harmful chemicals making it safe for dogs
  • Certi-PUR-US certified
  • Product Dimensions: SIZE – Extra Large/ MATERIAL – Microfiber / COLOR – Chocolate / WEIGHT – 21.45 lbs.

K&H Bolster Deluxe Sleeper Dog Bed

Another dog product from K&H, this K&H Bolster Deluxe Sleeper Dog Bed is a great inclusion in this list. This dog bed for Border Collie has a comfortable bolster surrounding it. So, with that, you may highly guarantee the comfort and security of your Collie as he sleeps. Aside from that, the bolster is also perfect for those dogs who love to make different sleeping positions.

A 3-inch medical grade orthopedic foam and high-quality polyfill for bolster are the materials in which this excellent dog bed is made of. There is also the presence of soft, upholstery grade velvet and incredibly soft microfleece fiber around the sleeping portion of this dog bed. Aside from that, the cover is highly removable for easy washing purposes.

Product Features

  • Materials generally come from plushy, soft microsuede providing superior comfort
  • Removable cover and liners for easy wash and maintenance option
  • Bolster stuffed with overfilled to surround within the bed for a snug fit and comfort for the dog
  • Product Dimensions: SIZE – Large/ MATERIAL – Microsuede and fleece / COLOR – Green Paw Print

BarksBar Non-slip Orthopedic Dog Bed

best dog bed for Border Collie

A perfect combination of comfort and affordability is what this dog bed can generally offer. Having BarksBar Non-slip Orthopedic Dog Bed will highly satisfy the needs of your Border Collie. This is actually a large orthopedic dog bed made from premium quality orthopedic foam that is human-grade. With that, you are sure of the deep cushioning and pressure-relieving features of this dog bed.

For more comfort, the walls of this exceptional dog bed for Border Collie have cotton pads so that they will form up to the neck and head of the dog. Its design and cover which come from a quilted gray shade generally blend well with any kind of home décor. Moreover, there is an internal non-slip rubber material on the back panel and bottom side of the cover sheet. This generally prevents the sliding of this dog bed on any kind of floorings like wood or tiles.    

Aside from that, assembling and cleaning it would not be a problem as it is very simple to assemble and really easy to clean. Give credits to its removable cover with heavy-duty zippers making this dog bed machine washable. All those features highly contribute to the lasting and durability feature of this dog bed in normal conditions.

Product Features

  • Perfect in holding medium to large dog breeds and even numbers of smaller dogs that can accommodate up to a maximum of 100+ lbs.
  • Ideal for Border Collies and other older dogs suffering from joint and bone problems
  • Great in supporting and decompressing ailments of dog’s neck and head
  • Product Dimensions: SIZE – Large/ MATERIAL – Polyester / COLOR – Grey

Majestic Round Bagel Dog Bed

Who says that bagel-style beds are only suitable for smaller dog breeds? Well, this Majestic Round Bagel Dog Bed will prove to you that it is not. This excellent dog bed basically offers bagel-style coziness to large dogs making it the best dog bed for Border Collie.

There is a 300/600 Denier Base material at the bottom of this dog bed for Border Collie making it highly waterproof. Because of that feature, you’ll never have to worry about any unwanted accidents that your Collie will have to make. Aside from that, the stuffing of this Border Collie dog bed is made out of Premium High Loft Polyester Fil. So washing is made easy as it is totally machine washable on warm water and tumble dry on low heat.

The design of this dog bed comes with a surrounded bolsters. With that, there will be a creation of a place that resembles a cave in which the Border Collie really loves to stay for long hours. Headrest for dogs is also present throughout the bed helping the Border Collie’s spine to straighten. In general, the Majestic Round Bagel Dog Bed is available in seven color shades and four different sizes that you can choose from.

Product Features

  • Highly accommodates large dog breeds weighing 45 to 70 lbs.
  • Offers a cozy dog sleeping experience due to the premium quality cushion that it has
  • Waterproof base
  • Product Dimensions: SIZE – 40-inch/ MATERIAL – Poly-Cotton and Polyester Fiber Fill / COLOR – Black

KOPEKS High-Grade Memory Foam Sofa Bed for Dog

best dog bed for Border Collie

Made with a micro-suede cover with a bolster surrounding the three sides, this KOPEKS High-Grade Memory Foam Sofa Bed for Dog will generally allow your Border Collie to sleep like a baby. Well, big thanks to the high-density memory foam that it has made this an exceptional dog bed in town. Additionally, the premium memory foam of the KOPEKS dog sofa bed is hypoallergenic.

Having all that, the KOPEKS High-Grade Memory Foam Sofa Bed for Dog provides total support to the dog’s good night’s sleep. Joint and muscle discomfort of your Collie due to hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other joint problems can be generally soothed and acted upon. The cover of this dog bed also comes from a water-resistant zipper and waterproof cover. So, the incontinence problem of the Border Collie would not be a problem anymore.

There is also an anti-slip bottom made of rubber material keeping this dog bed stays in place. Generally, having this dog bed for Border Collie will provide you with thick orthopedic memory foam, a plush suede cover for the external part, and waterproof fabric material for the internal cover.

Product Features

  • Highly offers dual-layer protection that prevents mess
  • Premium grade memory foam that has a hypo-allergenic property
  • Perfect for Border Collie and other dogs suffering from arthritis and other joint conditions
  • Easily removable and generally washable
  • Product Dimensions: SIZE – Jumbo XXL/ MATERIAL – Polyester, memory foam, and suede / COLOR – Brown

Armarkat Dog Mat

If you are looking for the best dog bed for Border Collie, then Armarkat Dog Mat will be a great choice. Well, this dog bed tends to be dog-centric and dog-friendly at the same time. This dog bed generally uses strong materials for the base and foundations to have an easy-to-assemble dog bed construction. With that, you will find putting this dog bed up is basically a breeze.

The materials that this great dog bed is made of are basically friendly to pets and harmless even to pet owners. Armarkat Dog Mat generally uses canvas as its material to come up with a water-resistant feature. This well-designed dog bed for Border Collie highly guarantees a durable and safe dog bed construction.

Armarkat Dog Mat is actually the most practical yet luxurious bed you can give to your Border Collie. The cover highlights the flexibility, ease of washing, and stain-resistant property. Although it doesn’t have memory foam, this dog bed is also soft and cozy providing a good night’s sleep for your Collie.    

Product Features

  • Available in various sizes from medium, large, extra-large, and XX-Large which can be perfect for any dog size
  • Made of the poly-filled cushion insert
  • There is an internal liner that generally protects the foam center
  • Highlights an anti-slip bottom
  • Product Dimensions: SIZE – Extra Large/ MATERIAL – Canvas / COLOR – Ivory

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Bed for Border Collie

Well, there is actually a wide range of competition for the highly exceptional dog bed that your Border Collie will enjoy using and sleeping into. With that, the decision-making of which one tends to be the best in catering to the needs of your Collie would generally be a tough one. So, to help you in filtering down your choice, look for those features that are important for a dog bed to have.


Dog beds generally have different kinds of fillings. Normally, manufacturers use the regular foam, egg crate, and the most trending dog bed filling, the memory foam. The orthopedic dog bed is the other term for memory foam dog bed. The design of this dog bed is primarily based on the purpose of its medical use. In general, senior dogs experiencing arthritis or hip dysplasia are the ones who get benefits from the memory foam dog bed filling.

Moreover, there is also the gel inserted memory foam. This type of memory foam offers a more cooling feature. Border Collies and other dogs with overheating problems benefit the most from this kind of memory foam dog bed filling. Aside from that, this kind of memory foam filling is a big help to Collies in preventing possible heatstroke.


The comfort feeling of the dog is one of the most important features of a dog bed. So, it is better to look for this when you opt to purchase a dog bed for your Border Collie. Dogs are like humans and they also feel uncomfortable in their sleep. They should have to feel the same way as you sleep in your room. With that, comfort and security features are great to have in a dog bed for Border Collie. This means that a high-quality bed generally worth its price.


Having a spacious area inside your house may make you think that getting the biggest bed for your Border Collie is a good choice. But, that is always not the case. Keep in mind that the dog may feel secure in his own resting haven.

A too-big dog bed will not generally make a cozy sleeping place for the Border Collie. With that, it is highly crucial to end up getting the right size of the dog bed. You can opt to measure your Border Collie for you to get its appropriate size. Basically, get the measurement of the dog’s normal sleeping position and add about 4 to 6” on it.

4-Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Dogs may generally acquire dirt for some time. Border Collies, for instance, are active dog breeds that may get dirty from their outdoor activities. Because of that, cleaning and maintaining the dog bed can be very challenging for pet parents. Generally, dog beds made of microsuede covers are the ones that are easy to clean.

Moreover, a washable dog bed is also a great option for this type of feature. Another good thing is that there are dog beds that use to have separate covers.

5-Non-skid base

The energetic side of the Border Collie is actually endless. For them, everything is a game even before bedtime. With this in mind, the Border Collie bed featuring a non-skid bottom is a good idea. This will basically prevent them from sliding around the floor.

6-Hair and fur resistance

Having Border Collie at home will make you experience their excessive shedding issue. So, if you opt to give them a dog bed, make sure that it has the ability to hide the hair coming from your pooch. Dog bed for Border Collie highlighting this feature would make it difficult for their fur to stick on it making it easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, Border Collie weighs about 30 to 45 lbs. With that, it is generally ideal to buy a dog bed for them having a size of medium or large dog bed.


A: Ideally, the dog bed should be in good proportion to the body size of the dog. Too large dog bed may make them feel insecure. So, it is better to get a dog bed with a size that is ideal for them to stretch out freely.


A: Well, Border Collie that is highly trained for crating will generally be good to be taken inside the crate with their bed. For them, crate-trained Border Collie actually considers that place their personal space. So, make sure that the dog is properly trained in using the crate.

Final Words

Because of the activeness and high intelligence of the Border Collie, it is really crucial to reward them with a comfortable and premium quality dog bed. They generally deserve to have the best dog bed in town. Yet, because of the high competition of dog beds for Border Collies in the market, picking the right one is a very challenging task. That’s why it is crucial to consider the important factors in getting one. These include the type of bed filling, comfort, size, ease to clean and maintain, non-skid bottom, hair and fur resistance, and the other features that may come with it.

What do you think of the dog bed we reviewed here? Which one do you think would be highly comfortable for your Border Collie? Please share your thoughts with us!

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