Fluffy Border Collie? Find Out Why

The development and breeding of the Border Collies happened in the steep terrain of Scotland and England. This dog breed came out due to their goal of having a dog that can assist in gathering and managing sheep. Extreme energy and endurance are the topmost attitude of the Border Collies that may easily give them an untidy appearance! And speaking of the looks, lots of fur parents are gearing to have a fluffy Border Collie. 

Should Border Collies Have Fluffy Coats?

Getting to know the Border Collie needs you to understand that not all of them share the same coat type. The type of their coats may greatly affect their fluffiness as what you have seen to others. 

Border Collies have two types of coats which include the smooth coat and rough coat. But, rest assured that whichever type of Border Collie you choose – the rough-coated BC or a smooth-coated one, you will surely love to have this dog breed. Yet, you may also rarely encounter some BC with a combination of those two coat types. 

Border Collie Coat Types

Based on its history, breeding of the Border Collie rooted from the goal of having someone to herd sheep and cattle. The good thing about this dog breed is that they are eagerly devoted to working because of their commitment to complete their tasks. Since they were born in the cold and damp areas of Scotland, the BC required additional protection while working

Because of that, the breeding of the Border Collies became a way to have a fluffy-coated dog. The said fluffiness of their coat assists in maintaining their skin dry during the wet season and making it warm all throughout the chilly winter months. As mentioned, there are two types of coats for the Border Collies. But, regardless of the type, the BC have extremely effective coats that may safeguard them from any elements.

Rough Coat

black and white colored border collie

The rough-coated Border Collie has a medium to long length of hair. This variant of the BC is more common than its counterpart. There is more prominent feathering on this dog’s tummy, chest, and legs. But still, significant variance is noticeable on some dogs having tough coats but with less fringe. This makes them suitable for a working dog.

Moreover, the length of the coat of this type of BC may vary. Some may have long fur around the abdomen and in the middle of their legs. While others may have short fur on those areas depending on the situation. Aside from that, the rough coat Border Collie with short hair is easily manageable making them the preferred choice of farmers.

Smooth Coat

Unlike the first type, this one has a coarse coat with little to no feathering on their limbs and tails. Their topcoats can be too short and straight at the same time. Or, it can also be lengthy and wavy. In terms of the undercoat, it is characterised by very thin fur.

Usually, the hair of this type of BC is sleek and silky. Yet, the level of smoothness may vary, and at some point, it can also become a little bit wavy. Their undercoat may also differ in some cases as some smooth-coated BCs have very thick undercoats. The smooth coat Border Collie is also easy to maintain that’s why farmers and families want to have them as well.

Reasons for Having a Fluffy Border Collie

No matter how fluffy the coat of the BC is, it does not mean that fluffier equals healthier. There are factors that may contribute to the fluffiness of the Border Collie’s coat. Genetic components are on top of it followed by nutrition. Next in line are grooming and the health conditions of your doggo. 

Below are some of the possible causes of Border Collie’s fluffiness:


actively running border collie

The rough coat types Border Collies seem to be the lead contributing factor for the fluffiness of the BC. Meaning to say, if your Border Collie is rough-coated, then it can  be a fluffy Border Collie. Thanks to its spongy double coat, it tends to give off a general “soft” look.

Another worth-noting here is the “show dog” bloodline that is said to be thoroughly groomed over the years. Their offspring display coats that are biologically fluffy. However, this does not always happen, but it can be observed most of the time. 

Traditionally, the Border Collie breed has been given the responsibility of a working dog. They usually spend most of their time on the outdoors. With that, the outer coats of the BC are coarser and harder. It provides greater protection while being flowy and fluffy at the same time.

Diet & Nutrition

Another factor that may have a big impact on the skin and coat of the BC are their diet and general nutrition. The important aspects that matter the most in terms of their diet are the BC’s digestion, their adherence to their diet, food quality, and how much they should eat. A fluffy Border Collie might be a good indicator of a healthy dog. 

Feeding on high quality kibble gives the BC an opportunity to absorb the additional nutrients making their coat fluffier. Being free from any allergies is also another way to have a Border Collie with a fluffy coat.


Taking care of our furry buddy includes providing them proper grooming. Knowing the ways to bathe and brush the Border Collie may give them a fluffier coat. 

Initially, taking the Border Collie to a bath may have a great impact on their fur. It is crucial to know that frequent bathing of the BC may result in oily and dull-looking coats. So, to make it fluffier, schedule bathing the Border Collie once every three or four months.

In addition to bathing, brushing the BC’s coat is also crucial. The Border Collies are moderate shedders. With that, brushing them regularly and frequently is a must as it is highly beneficial to their hair. 

Brushing the Border Collie’s coat helps them in many ways. First, it disperses the natural oils on their coats. Aside from that, brushing takes off the superfluous dead hair of the BC. As a result, the BC will achieve a healthy-looking fur. 

Make it a habit to thoroughly brush the coat of the Border Collie for once on alternating days. Do this on your BC for up to 20 minutes. If you want to have a fluffy Border Collie, then practice brushing its coat often but less.

How to Have a Fluffier Border Collie

Based on the above, genetics is the main factor for a Border Collie to have a fluffy coat. If this is the case, this is something that is definitely unchangeable. However, there are still some ways that you can do to make the BC’s coat healthy and fluffy. 

Here are some methods for maintaining the healthiest coat that you can give to your Border Collie.

Well-balanced Diet

The first thing that we can have control of in connection to the skin and coat health of the BC are its food and nutrition. 

brown border collie eating dog food

An essential food to give for the Border Collie is something that contains premium ingredients and uses fresh and natural products. High carbohydrates diets and foods with any artificial contents are a no-no. 

Even if the BC may digest those foodstuffs, there is a high possibility that it may not work well for them. The signs and symptoms of it include distress, diarrhea and vomiting after the dog eats, and even after a formal food introduction. This may result in the inability of the BC to digest the needed essential vitamins.

Fish Oil Supplement

Omega 3s from good fats is highly essential in the diet of the Border Collie. However, their diet may be insufficient for the level of healthy fats.

Remember that these fats are vital for their skin and coat health. Giving the BC a simple fish oil supplement is one best way of improving their skin and coat as it may increase the level of Omega 3. However, it is still good to consult with the veterinarian first before incorporating this into the BC’s diet.

Proper Grooming

As was aforementioned, bathing the Border Collie too much will result in an unclean and less fluffy coat. That’s why it is better to bathe the Border Collie once every 3 to 4 months.

Brown white border collie taking a bath

Use only the best dog shampoo for Border Collie that contains all-natural ingredients. It will help to get your dog rid of the harsh chemicals included in an ordinary dog shampoo. 

Moreover, increasing the times you brush the BC’s coat may also be good. Doing this will maintain the cleanliness of their coat for a long period even without bathing. Invest around 10-15 minutes of your time in brushing the BC for twice a week basis

It is also helpful if you use an undercoat rake and slicker brush. These are good for use for both types of BC’s coat.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

It would be possible that the Border Collies may experience mild anxiety. The BC are a sensitive dog breed and various things may make them anxious. For instance, leaving them alone most of the time with the unfamiliar sounds outside may frighten them. 

As fur parents, it is essential to give your BC the least stressful life, even if there are circumstances that are highly uncontrollable. Check on the following tips to avoid your BC from being anxious and keep their coat fluffier and healthy looking:

  • Maintain the quietness and serenity of the house
  • Avoid leaving the BC alone for a longer time
  • Use veterinarian-approved scent diffuser
  • Utilize calming essential oils

Excellent care of the BC would be the result of providing them their essential needs. 

Physical & Mental Stimulation

Exercise, just like in humans, is also essential in the health of the Border Collie. This dog breed needs to engage in both physical and mental activities. 

Border collie on physical stimulation


Participating in such exercises, the BC will have a healthy cardiovascular system and an active metabolism. Their body will also perform well and maintain better blood circulation that will give them a healthy skin and coat. 

Aside from that, cognitive activities must also go in conjunction to physical workout. If you want to engage your BC and make them satisfied then it is better to exercise their mind as well. To provide them enough mental stimulation, make sure that the Border Collie is having fun with puzzle toys, have proper training, constant interaction, and enough socialization. 

Moreover, allowing the BC to go for 1-2 hours of moderate to intense physical activity daily may reduce their level of anxiety and make them happy.

Important Things to Remember in Taking Care of the Border Collie’s Coat

Clipping the topcoat is already a hobby of most fur parents. For them, doing this is helpful in showing the dog’s undercoat that is quite softer and fluffier. However, this grooming practice must be avoided.

Another important thing to keep in mind is not to shave a Border Collie. Trimming their coat is not advisable not unless if the reason is somewhat medically related.

What if I insisted to do so? Well, the Border Collie’s ability to stabilise their body temperature will be affected. They may also be more prone to sunburn or they will shed even more. Basically, shaving the Border Collie may not help but it may wreak havoc to their coat, disrupting its natural process of becoming fluffier.

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