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How Fast Can Border Collies Run – Checking Out their Speed!

The Border collies actually need the stimulation of both their physical and mental aspects. Since they have a high level of energy, you must always make sure that they are always in their busy state. Moreover, Border collies are also the smartest dog breeds, and, at the same time, also included in the list of the fast-running dog breed. But, how fast can Border collies run?

In this blog post, we will reveal the top running speed of the Border collie. We will also unravel the factors that may have an impact on their running ability. Other than that, we also have here a little comparison of the other fast-running dog breeds that have the same running speed as that of the Border collies.

Details on How Fast Can Border Collies Run

It is actually a fact that the Border collies are the smartest dog breed in the world. But, when it comes to speed, are they also considered the fastest dog runner? Well, the Border collies are included in the list of top 20 dogs that run fast. But, how fast can Border collies run?

In the list of dogs that run fast, the Border collies land on the 15th spot. Having a speed of 48 kilometers per hour, this speed describes how fast can Border collies run. In terms of miles, the velocity of the Border collies in running is about 30 miles per hour. That generally makes them be one of the fast dog breeds.

Generally, the Border collies have a medium body built and a moderate coating. Their coat is usually double-layered which ranges from rough to smooth. Sometimes, the texture of their coat can be curled. Black and white is the most common color of the Border collie. Yet, they may also come in other patterns. Moreover, in order to satisfy their happiness, the Border collies need high amounts of physical and mental stimulation.

Overview of the Border Collie’s Statistics:

Top Velocity – 30 miles per hour / 48 kilometers per hour

Weight – Male: 14 to 20 kilograms / Female: 12 to 19 kilograms

Height – Male: 48 to 56 centimeters / Female: 46 to 53 centimeters

Factors Affecting How Fast Can Border Collies Run

The speed of running of the Border collie is actually affected by some factors. For us to clearly determine why does this dog breed can able to run that fast, here are the factors that might have a great impact on it.

Their Bloodlines

Historically, they belong to the group of herding dogs in which they can twist and turn as they run at the fast speed of 30 miles per hour. This is due to the reason that they want to achieve their goal of keeping the sheep together. The Landrace Collies are dog breeds that are commonly found on the British island and are the ancestors of the Border collies. Because of their intelligence and obedience, they gain the reputation of being herding dogs in which they are also referred to as sheepdogs.

Generally, for sheepdogs or herding dogs, the speed of the Border collie is highly essential for them. It is actually a factor for them to maintain the flock moving and following in a single direction. As added information, the trials of having the sheepdog were initially introduced during 1876 in London.

Their Functions

how fast can border collies run

The purpose or the task of the Border collie in which they are bred for is a great contributor to their velocity or speed in running. During the early days of the Border collies, their job performance is actually equivalent to the work of two to five herders. Well, they can generally do this because of their fast movements and agility.

In order to properly handle the herd, the Border collies roam and look after the sheep without any effort and being tired. This dog breed also has the ability to quickly follow its handler, especially during agility competitions due to the guidance of voice commands.

Their Features

Generally, the Border collies are a highly trainable and very passionate dog breed. This dog has the ability to change its own pace as they run because of their sharp wittiness. Because of that, the Border collies become matchless at agility competitions. Border collies also do have a high level of stamina and can live up to 12 years.

The Way They Run

Actually, all dogs are potential good runners. Just like the Border collies that can run fast as 30 miles per hour and ranked as the 15th fastest dog runner in the world. Well, one of the things that can determine how fast Border collies run depends on qualities that most potential dog runners share in common.

how fast can border collies run
  • In general, the dog’s feet have the ability to grip and touch the ground. That dog part has nails that the collies may use for traction. That way, the dogs have the ability to turn and make complex gaits. In case the Border collies can run fast, they will create a four-time, asymmetrical gait. Meaning, their running actually follows a feet pattern. This comes in the right front, left front, right hind, and left hind.
  • Dogs, including the Border collies, can make a double-suspension gallop which increases their velocity and distance as they run at their maximum speed. With this, the dog’s body propelled via the air using their four legs while they leave the ground simultaneously.
  • These four-legged creatures have abundant power and urge because of the flexibility of their spine, lengthy loins, and sturdy abdominal muscles.
  • They have chests that are deep enough and leaner body plus proportional long legs. Their cardio is so powerful and their lungs have the capacity to move in a fast phase.
  • Fast-running dogs including the Border collies are timed at a sprint. Meaning, they run via short, quick energy bursts under a velocity that is unmanageable for them over some distance.

How fast can Border collies run? Well, it actually depends on his stamina. If he has great stamina to keep the speed over time, the Border collie can easily and speedily make a mile. This is actually achievable for them with just five or six minutes, or it can be even to a lesser extent.

How Fast can Border Collies Run: Comparing them with Other Fast-Running Dog Breed

how fast can border collies run

Aside from the Border collies, there are also other dog breeds that can also run at the speed of 30 miles per hour. This is actually the same speed that Border collies can able to run. So, let’s have a sneak peek of those dog breeds that can also run as fast as the Border collies.

Great Dane

This dog breed generally has the same running speed as that of the Border collies. And, for them to run at the top speed of 30 miles per hour is actually surprising. Why? Actually, among the other fast-running dog breed, Great Dane is basically the heaviest. Great Dane is really a large dog breed that has a height of about 28 to 31 inches tall.

The body built of Great Dane is normally square in structure and naturally boasts for its floppy, triangular ears. Historically, there was a practice of cropping the ears of the Great Danes. It was during the time when this dog breed was used for hunting. That said ears cropping has the goal of reducing the occurrence of injuries during their hunting session.

German Shepherd

Since the Border collie is the smartest dog breed, German Shepherds ranked on the third spot on dog’s intelligence. However, in terms of the fast-running dogs, German Shepherds and Border collies share the same running speed of 30 miles per hour. They have a double coat with a close feature and usually dense. The undercoat is actually thick in consistency.

Their body construction is usually in medium to large size and they are considered working dogs. The service of the German Shepherds is very popular within police forces all over the world. Originally, this dog breed comes from the European Continental Shepherd Dog which was tasked to herd sheep.

Standard Poodle

Previously, we have the German Shepherd, now we have the Poodle. Our list of the top 3 smartest dog breed is already complete. Border collie being on the top spot next is the Poodle, and the third one is the German Shepherd. These three smartest dogs generally share a similar running velocity of 30 miles per hour. Basically, the Standard Poodle can grow as tall as 15 to 24 inches. And anything that falls under 15 inches is already known as the Miniature Poodle.

In terms of their physical appearance, the Poodle has a distinct coat that has the ability to shed minimally. Unlike the other dog breeds, their coat does not come in double layers. Its texture usually ranges from coarse to soft. Generally, their slim body is a great factor for this dog breed to excel in a number of dog sports including agility.


Although the running speed of the Dobermann is not exactly as 30 miles per hour as that of the Border collie, this dog breed can run speedily at a velocity of 32 miles per hour. A little bit closer to that of the Border collie and still considered a fast-running dog breed.

Because of the muscular and intimidating body stance of the male Dobermann, they were originally bred as guard dogs. The Dobermann is a dog breed having a medium to a large body built. At around 25 to 28 inches, the Dobermann can grow as tall as that. And their weight basically falls from 32 to 45 kg.


Just like the Dobermann, the Weimaraner’s top speed is not exactly the same as that of the Border collie. Generally, they can run as fast as 35 miles per hour with bodyweight from 25 to 40 kg. Moreover, they can also stand as tall as 22 to 28 inches. This dog breed actually belongs to the group of hunting dogs full of energy. Their endurance and stamina are generally worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: If you are a type of person with an active lifestyle, having a Border collie around is actually a good companion in the long run. They generally boast for their high level of energy and that they usually require an enormous amount of exercise. Being an active dog breed with extreme stamina, the Border collies have the capability of running at a fair velocity.


A: There are dog breeds that are already satisfied with a one to three miles walk. However, for Border collies that usually love to cover the ground, walking until 10 miles or more is a good idea. However, puppies, should not go walking for greater than a mile or so until they are fully grown.


A: Well, flaunting your Border collie as you walk down the park is actually tempting. However, it is really essential to closely monitor this dog breed to weigh down the things that they are doing. This is most likely important for Border collie puppies. Too much exercise can be damaging to their health in the long run. They may have the possibility to attack the dog’s bone and joints that will eventually troublesome in the latter part of their lives.

Final Words

If you are asking how fast Border collies can run, well, they basically fall on the number 15th spot fast-running dog breed. At the top speed of 30 miles per hour or 48 kilometers per hour, the Border collies share the same running velocity with Great Dane, German Shepherd, and Standard Poodle. Meanwhile, compared to Dobermann and Weimaraner, their top speed is quite faster than the Border collies at around 2 to 5 miles per hour.

Moreover, the running speed of the Border collie may be accounted to several factors. These generally include the history, their functions, features, and the way they run. With that, the Border collies may successfully roam around as fast as they can.

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