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Do Border Collies Like to Swim? — Splash!

Summer is rolling around! If you own a Border Collie, you might be wondering a few things that will be able to help them cool off in the intense summer heat. One of those questions is, “Do Border Collies like to swim?” That answer depends on your dog. There are Border Collies who love to splash around in the cool water. There are some who do not. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing just how much Border Collies like to swim! In addition, I’ll also be sharing how you can encourage your Border Collie to swim, too.

Is a Border Collie a natural swimmer?

A Border Collie is a dog breed originally bred to be swift and agile on land and water. Training and practice will bring out the best in these dogs. They can learn to be a successful swimmer by adopting a consistent swimming technique and staying relaxed while under water.

Many dog owners believe that Border Collies are excellent swimming dogs. However, even though many Border Collies enjoy swimming, there is no scientific evidence that proves they are inherently faster swimmers than other breeds. In fact, many studies have shown that only about one in ten Border Collies can meet the standard for swimming ability set by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

All Border Collies (or any breed for that matter) can and do swim well. In general, Border Collies are excellent swimmers. They’re smart enough that you can teach them many basic swimming skills in under an hour. Many owners report that their Border Collies can learn to swim faster. However, this only happens when you train them with a lot of patience and understanding. 

I don’t suggest that you force your Border Collie to swim when they are showing signs of discomfort. This will only lead to their fear of water. Training them to get over their fear of water is more difficult than training them to learn how to swim. 

That is why we should use methods that are enjoyable for both you, the pet parent, and your Border Collie. Later on in this article, I’ll be sharing the different ways you can help your Border Collie learn how to swim. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get your Border Collie to love swimming as well!

Do Border Collies Like to Swim

Does a Border Collie like to swim?

Any Border Collie may feel more comfortable at a deeper level than we can reach. That is why some dogs prefer to remain in the water longer than others, depending on their own level of excitement. Some Border Collies are more comfortable being fully submerged in water than others. 

However, no matter how well suited a Border Collie is for the pool or water if the water is too deep for him or her then they won’t enjoy it as much. They won’t enjoy it as much unless they have confidence in themselves to swim. Interest, training, personal circumstances, and environment all play roles in determining how long a Border Collie can remain in the water.

It will take time and patience as well as a lot of swim lessons before your Border Collie becomes proficient at it.

Do Border Collies like to swim? It all depends on how far they are willing to venture into the water. I do not recommend letting your Border Collie swim more than a few feet from you.

Do not let your Border Collie swim in the ocean unless it is supervised at all times and wearing a life jacket. Are Border Collies good swimmers? It depends on the dog. Some Border Collies do very well in the water, while others struggle. 

Whether or not your pup looks like he belongs in the water depends entirely on you. Give him plenty of attention when he’s swimming. In addition, give him plenty of playtime before and after he’s been in the water. Eventually, he will learn readily that swimming is fun.

Some border collies enjoy swimming and others don’t. However, all are happy for the opportunity to run and play around the house or river when they’re being well cared for.

Benefits of your Border Collie swimming

There are physical benefits such as exercise and companionship. However, there are also mental and spiritual benefits, such as love and healing. A border collie swims well especially when you give them lots of time and encouragement. 

When you truly enjoy something, it will be a powerful influence in your life. No matter what aspect of your life you’re currently working on, if you’re having fun there is a good chance it will continue and maybe even accelerate. 

That’s why I truly believe the Border Collie is one of the most perfect dog breeds. They are truly gifted swimmers and they can really enjoy the water. There are many different benefits that a border collie can enjoy from swimming. 

Your Border Collie will be able to stay in shape when they swim regularly. Swimming is known to be a great kind of exercise for both humans and your Border Collie. It strengthens the muscles, tones up the body, enhances your balance and coordination and helps them stay active. These benefits make swimming for Border Collies one of the best forms of exercise for any dog age, weight and activity.

Swimming is good for Border Collies because it helps the body maintain a healthy weight and keeps the joints sound. Exercise can help reduce the symptoms of being overweight or obese. It will improve circulation and control pressure from joints and muscles. Lastly, it even helps prevent some types of cancer.

Another benefit for your Border Collie is that they get to unlock a survival skill. Swimming isn’t only a fun social activity. Being able to swim in water means that your Border Collie will be able to swim to safety whenever he or she needs it. 

Why doesn’t my Border Collie like swimming?

Have you ever wondered, “Do Border Collies like to swim?” Well, there are a lot of follow-up questions to that. Why some Border Collies love swimming and some don’t? Have you ever wondered why some dogs are scared to death of the water? Border Collies (and other breeds) are incredible swimmers. They can get as far as their large bodies will carry them, and sometimes even farther! 

Some Border Collies are bored or intimidated by water. They won’t try swimming very far or at all—even when offered a chance. You may think this is because these dogs are too small or weak to get into the water. There’s probably some truth to that. However, there are also some larger breeds that simply don’t enjoy swimming very much. In fact, they may not be interested even if offered the opportunity.

There are many reasons why your Border Collie may not be interested in swimming. Perhaps he doesn’t want to get wet. A dog who grows up not knowing how to swim will not accept the idea of being exposed to water now and then. A swim lesson may not be in the cards for your Border Collie due to his age or other physical restrictions. If these reasons aren’t good enough, consider other options for activities you can do with him at home that may offer more enjoyment.


If your Border Collie has never before been allowed outside then they may be too afraid of the water to go in for a swim. It is normal for dogs to fear water and seek shelter under something. They may even hide behind a pole when they are worried.

Your Border Collie does not have experience in swimming and will experience an element of excitement and discomfort. For this reason, a calm, confident swimmer is more easily learned than one who jumps and bounds about the pool.

They need time to get used to the water before going for a swim. To help you with this, teach your Border Collie to enter the water slowly and gradually. Gradually increase the length of time your dog spends in the water before taking him for a swim.

Why does my Border Collie not like swimming? It could be that he doesn’t know how to swim. Many dogs learn how to swim gradually, while others need specific swimming lessons before they’re comfortable enough at the water’s edge to venture out on their own. There are several reasons why your dog may not be able to enjoy the water. Some Border Collies are afraid of the water or frustrated by what they perceive as a lack of opportunities for entertainment in the water. 

They’re Being Stubborn

Although you may have tried for a long time to get your Border Collie to learn how to swim, there are many reasons why your dog will never learn how to swim. Maybe they aren’t interested. Maybe they are too small, or they haven’t grown out of their stubbornness yet. Whatever the reason, there is no point continuing to try and force your dog to learn. You need to find a different way to get your dog to swim.

If your Border Collie is jumping up and down in the swimming pool without any encouragement, there is a good chance he is learning how to swim incorrectly. It takes time for dogs to learn how to swim — usually several attempts at practicing before they become proficient. It is not just about teaching your Border Collie how to swim, but also making sure that he has plenty of opportunities to practice swimming in the safe environment of a pool.

Do Border Collies Like to Swim

They Like Land Better

Do Border Collies like to swim? The answer is that they might not like swimming because they like being on the land. Land and sea are two of the most popular places for Border Collies to play. Swimming requires skill and strength as well as balance and coordination, all of which takes time and practice to learn. Land is generally more inviting than water. 

They Don’t Like Getting Wet

Why doesn’t my Border Collie like swimming? You might think this is because your dog is lazy or uncoordinated. In fact, being wet puts stress on the Border Collie’s joints and other body parts, making it less able to function properly. 

If you want to keep your Border Collie happy and healthy, it is very important to understand why your dog doesn’t like swimming and how you can prevent him or her from getting wet. Border Collies just don’t like being wet. Set up a schedule so that he has a specific amount of time each day to play in the water. If he doesn’t get enough playtime, he might become bored and annoyed.

Border Collies are often afraid of water and may try to stay out of the water if possible. There are many reasons your dog might not enjoy swimming: clumsiness when getting in or out of the pool, being upset by the thought of having to go in the water again soon, or just not liking the idea of being anywhere near water at all. With age, some dogs learn to enjoy water more but others still reflexively stay out of the water when around waves or other sudden water changes.

How do I teach my Border Collie how to swim?

It’s really important that you teach your Border Collie how to swim. This will help prevent problems such as hip dysplasia and osteoporosis in future and it’s fun. Your dog will learn how to use the pool and it will also teach him about the world around him – including things that are beneath the surface of the water.

Can I teach my Border Collie how to swim? Yes, you can teach your dog to swim. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a poodle, dog, or any other breed. Once they become accustomed to a specific water depth and have had opportunities for exercise in a supervised environment, swimming will become second nature for them. Teach your dog to swim. It will take some time spent in a pool and plenty of opportunities to practice over a period of several months. 

Swimming should be a natural skill, similar to how we learn to talk or eat. One of the most difficult things for any owner is to teach their Border Collie how to swim. The best way to do this is to use a meet and greet or a demonstration. Teach your dog how to stand, walk, and sit. Then begin swimming. 

Your goal should be to teach your Border Collie enough skills so that when he goes for a swim he does it without incident. Keep in mind though that most dogs age out of their swim training sooner rather than later.

Being swim-trained should not be an add-on option to your regular routine. It should be a core element. That responsibility falls on you first and foremost, and that begins with ensuring that you are providing the proper environment for your Border Collie to learn how to swim properly.

Should I let my Border Collie swim? 

Border Collies are able to be good guardians and keepers of the people around them. In such a situation it is important to be able to trust your dogs with potentially sensitive items. There have been many dog drownings in recent years which has led some to recommend against letting dogs attend water fun and other swimming activities. It is also a great idea to teach your dog not to go near the edge of the pool unless they know how to swim.

Why should you let your Border Collie swim? Dogs are curious and interested in everything. Swimming is one of those things that may interest your Border Collie. Dogs should never be allowed to go near the deep end of the pool or lake unless they have been trained to know how to swim. 

Let your Border Collie (or any dog) swim in water. It is a great way to get them used to swim, particularly if you are going out for a trip to the lake in the summer. It isn’t necessary for them to learn how to swim. Have them experience it so that they will get used to going in the water without a life jacket can be exciting to them. 

Border Collies can be taught to swim. It is rarely if ever harmful to let your dog near the pool or lake unless they don’t know how to swim. One of the main reasons many dogs learn to swim is because they find it fun.

How Long should I let my Border Collie swim?

Short swims are fine for Border Collies that don’t mind getting wet and swamped by more enthusiastic swimmers. Long swims will give them more benefits but may also mean more trouble as they get more used to moving along the water’s edge and begin to struggle to stay afloat when the current starts to pull them away.

Border Collies are amazing swimmers. They use their ears to sense the water pressure and therefore can find their way back to the surface more easily than we can. If you have a dog that goes for long swims (more than a few miles), you should allow them to take as much water as they need without disrupting their training or causing unnecessary worry to others.

Do you let your Border Collie go for a swim? The difference here is whether you allow water toys and/or are comfortable with letting them stay in the water for extended periods of time. When it comes to your dog, these two things are very important together because allowing your dog to swim means he/she will likely get more enjoyment from the experience and it will be less likely to cause harm. If you want your dog to stay active and play in the water, it’s best to make sure he has a lot of freedom in the water. 

Do Border Collies Like to Swim

Final Words

Do Border Collies like to swim? That answer depends entirely on your dog! If you train them how to swim at a younger age, they will eventually fall in love with swimming. In fact, if you’re a swimmer, you might be able to encourage them to love swimming just as much as you do! Just make sure that your dog is ready to swim along with you. Otherwise, they’ll develop an irrational fear of water!

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