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How to Take Care of a Border Collie – A Comprehensive Guide!

Once you decide to own a dog and bring them home, you are already giving yourself a great sense of responsibility. This responsibility highly involves checking after your dog, such as the Border collie, and ensuring the best for them in all aspects of their lives. Along with that, proper ways on how to take care of a Border collie cover their physical, mental, and social state.

In this blog post, we will try to discover different ways on how to take care of a Border collie properly. We are very fortunate to have the collies as a new part of our family because they are a really smart and highly trainable breed. If this is your first time to own a Border collie, then you are on the right track. Just stay with us and keep reading until the end.  

How to Take Care of a Border Collie: Providing their Needs

One best way on how to take care of a Border collie is generally to provide to them what they really need. Like any other dog breed, their necessities are really essential for them as they grow. So, in order to properly follow the right way on how to take care of a Border collie, check below their primary requirements.

1.       Provide the basic necessities of a Border collie

Actually, owning a Border collie needs you to consider the basic essentials that they highly need. Before bringing home a new Border collie, make sure that you have all the following requirements ready.

*Dog Leash

The best leash for a Border collie should have an appropriate length that is highly suitable for them. Aside from that, it must provide extreme comfort for both you and your collie. Basically, this means that the length of the leash is sufficiently long so that the dog may get the freedom to move that it needs.

Yet, it should be somehow short to properly control your dog. Remember, a Border collie is generally an energetic dog breed. Moreover, you should also consider not opting for a retractable dog leash. This type of leash may make your dog pull.

*Dog Collar

Well, one way on how to take care of a Border collie is to have them wear a Border collie collar that basically bears all the necessary identification details like the name and address.

*Dog Food

Basically, dog food is essential for all dog breed. This means that you also need to purchase a food and water bowl made from stainless steel material for your Border collie.  

*Dog Toys

How to take care of a Border collie also requires entertaining them in all form. One way of doing this is to give them indestructible dog toys. Why indestructible? Keep in mind that the Border collie can chew on toys vigorously so you need to give them this kind of toys as it is highly durable compared to squeaky or stuffed toys.

2.       How to take care of a Border collie in terms of grooming

Generally, a Border collie is a dog breed that has long and beautiful fur. Because of this, they really require maintenance. So, what is the proper way on how to take care of a Border collie when grooming is concerned?

Basically, you need to brush them on a once a week schedule regularly. Aside from that, taking care of a collie also requires their bathing every 4 to 8 weeks. This will usually help to maintain the health and cleanliness of the collie’s coat.

Consider buying grooming tools as well. Purchase hairbrush, comb, and nail clippers for your collie. Along with this, cut their nails every 4 to 6 weeks time.

*Other things to consider when grooming a Border collie:
  • Flush the eyes to eliminate the presence of foreign matter, if there is any. Moreover, keep it moist most of the time.
  • Maintain the dryness and cleanliness of the collie’s ear.
  • Ensure that the pads on their paws are kept soft and pliable. That way, you will avoid your collie’s paws to get dried and cracked.

3.       Give lots of exercising activities

how to take care a border collie

Since the Border collie is an energetic dog, it ultimately requires even one hour of daily exercise. Basically, allow them to have a daily walk as it is highly needed. Moreover, let them run freely especially if your yard is big enough for that activity. Doing that is one way on how to take care of a Border collie properly.

4.       How to take care of a Border collie – let them have quality vet care

How to take care of a Border collie and other dog breeds primarily requires the assistance and the knowledge of the veterinarian. Though it is expensive it is the best way to take care of and save their health. The following are the activities that highly require the presence of the vet.

  • Veterinary consultations
  • Puppy vaccinations
  • Annual veterinarian checkups as they grow
  • Medical conditions of the Border collies that need consultation – eye or corneal disorders and hip dysplasia
  • Spaying or neutering the Border collie

5.       Let your Border collie be implanted with a microchip

A canine’s microchip is a minute device that usually keeps the necessary contact details of your Border collie. This is generally helpful the moment your collie escapes or get lost. Basically, the microchip works by scanning it in the shelter or by another veterinarian. Once they did, your contact details will be displayed and they get in touch with you to reunite you with your lost Border collie.

Keep in mind that the Border collie is very intelligent and has a great sense of agility. Because of that, they have a higher chance to escape. And implanting a microchip is highly advantageous during this kind of situation.

However, doing so also entails some drawbacks which include the following:

  • Though inexpensive, it can only be implanted by the veterinarian
  • Implanting microchips can only be done in conjunction with another procedure such as spaying or neutering. This is not only a smart way on how to take care of a Border collie but it is also a preventive measure in putting your dog on another discomfort.

6.       Feeding them with quality dog food

Another good way on how to take care of a Border collie is to feed them with good quality dog food that they truly deserve. Because of their energetic nature, high-quality dog food is a necessity for them. Remember not to give them cheap dog foods as it may be a contributing factor for some health-related issues such as dental problems, obesity, and kidney disease.

Generally, the Border collie only has an average rate of metabolism. And because of their high activity level, they actually need foods with higher calories to maintain their health. In a day of their active lifestyle, which usually involves a long time of playing of engaging in dog sports, about 900 to 1,000 calories is needed by this dog breed per day.

Meanwhile, senior or less active collies only have a caloric requirement of 700 calories per day. And working collies require 1,400 calories in a single day. Here are some of the helpful tips on how to take care of a Border collie in terms of feeding them:

how to take care a border collie
  • Avoid feeding your collies with foods that contain grain by-products on their ingredient list. So, wheat, corn, and cornmeal should be on the lookout.
  • The best way on how to take care of a Border collie when it comes to feeding is to give dog food having meat as the first ingredient.
  • Strictly follow the serving instructions stated on the food package so you will be guided according to the proper amount of food that you will have to feed to your Border collie.

How to Take Care of a Border Collie: Training them

Aside from giving the basic needs of your Border collie, training them is another way on how to take care of a collie. Actually, training the collie may involve you as the trainer or you can ask for professional help.

1.       Consider training your collie by yourself

Training is generally an essential need of all dogs including the Border collies. It is actually better to start training your dog at an early age in their canine’s life. At the start, you can teach your Border collie pups the basic training concepts. Basically, do this through positive reinforcement. Moreover, advanced obedience training is generally ideal when the collies reach the age of four months.

You can also consider reading books and do some research to expand your education about training a Border collie properly. Another option for you to consider is joining groups such as Obedience Training Group or Agility Training Group. It would also be of big help if you talk and ask opinions of other Border collie’s owner.

*Basic House Training

Generally, simple house training your dog involves basic concepts like housebreaking or peeping and pooping in and outside the house. Moreover, other simple concepts that can be included in the house training include sleeping inside their own crate and not biting or jumping over visitors. Through this, you can generally properly perform how to take care of a Border collie.

*Trick Training

Trick training is another way on how to take care of a Border collie when training is concerned. Do not worry as this dog breed has high intelligence and that they can able to learn quickly. So, training them is not really a problem.

Basically, at around 3 to 6 months, you can begin teaching your collies how to follow basic commands like sitting or lying down. Moreover, as they reach the age of 6 months, escalate the training by giving medium tricks such as fetching or rollover.

*Crate Training

Crate training is actually a way on how to take care of a Border collie especially during its early stage. To make this training successful, consider the benefits of the natural instincts of your collie as a den animal. Basically, lots of dogs including the Border collies, find their den as a nesting haven where they can do their activities such as eating, sleeping, and hiding from dangers.

Moreover, another benefit of crate training your collie is to let them learn their limitations as a pet. Aside from that, limiting the use of crate training to just a few hours is also an important thing to remember on how to take care of a Border collie. This will generally help to prevent over-enthusiastic dog behavior.

How to take care of a Border collie in terms of crate training actually involves some basic requirements such as crating them inside a big crate that is highly suitable for them. Typically, the size of the crate for them should have a measurement of 36 in x 30 in or 91 cm x 76 cm.

2.        How to take care of a Border collie – let them to be trained by a pro

Actually, you can learn obedience training from some expert groups. Since this kind of training is very essential for energetic dogs like the collies, letting them be trained by a professional trainer is crucial. Keep in mind that a professional trainer will start teaching your Border collie with obedience training which you can eventually continue giving at home.

Moreover, due to the extreme intelligence of the collies, they have the ability to respond well to most training techniques. One example of this is clicker training. Additionally, the Border collies have the ability to think about problems alone on their own.

Final Words

How to take care of a Border collie generally requires a specific kind of treatment. Since there are no two dogs that are perfectly the same, Border collie is also a distinct dog breed that is really smart and witty. Because of those characteristics of the collie, taking care of them through proper training could never be a problem as they are a fast learner and easily trainable.

Aside from that, taking care of them must also focus on their basic needs, feeding, and grooming requirements. Likewise, being an energetic dog breed also necessitates them for an active lifestyle and a high amount of exercise. Giving the collies the proper care that they need would basically make them healthier and happier pooch.

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